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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Arrivals and departures.

Relax, it's not that Crouch that's returning

The JimmyG2 Column

 Can it possibly be only three weeks since Harry left? It seems a lot longer. It must be that time warp that Spurs fans exist in separated by several centuries from the one in which Daniel Levy seems to operate. Everything in Levyland seems to happen in ultra slow motion, deals take years to complete and are overtaken by melting glaciers. In the meantime fans die foaming at the mouth from a forced fed diet of ITK.

But in Spurs time this appointment of our new 'Coach' rather than a 'Manager' moved at the speed of light. We will now proceed to DL's preferred structure with a DOF or something, possibly Sherwood so the wires hum to me, which was put on hold when Harry held all the aces (2 from eight)on his appointment. 

Putting  the Head Coach in first with his DOF to cover the areas delegated by the top man  makes good sense and Harry was probably wrong to reject it. The problem comes when  the Head Coach is sackedbut some flexibility should be built into the system when appointing the DOF or Technical Director or Head Coach Support Operative or whatever name he is given.

Anyway it is only three weeks and we have a new 'manager', some Portuguese guy who did a few months at Chelsea until he was mugged one dark night by the notorious Terry gang. Now just where did this appointment spring from?  Who knew? Who saw that coming?  My dog had the story but I ignored him

Straight down to work and the first signing completed within 24 hrs of Gylfi known only by his first name because no-one can spell Siggi...Sigurs..Saggy...Sogiss.. Is that two ss's and one g or two gg's and one s? Anyway smart work by the new boss. I'm warming to him already. If he gets Vertonghen by the end of the week he will already have established his status as a legend.

Young, progressive, a tactical football philosopher, hates Chelsea. What's not to like? Players are clearly lining up to join as opposed to walking out of the door. Perhaps Modric would have stayed but we've already blown his contribution to the transfer kitty. Estimated between £40 and £100 million by those knowledgeable sports journalists.

He and Daniel will speak more or less the same language which was part of the problem with Harry. You can take the man out of W.Ham but you cant take the W Ham out of the man. AVB as he is cryptically known will have learned his lesson at Chelsea and be desperate to succeed at Spurs.

He will have the full backing of Levy unlike Abramovich at Chelsea who, when the kitchen over heated, sacked the Head Chef and kept the waiters. Levy has been here before with the sacking of Jol and the hiring and firing of Juande Ramos but his reputation stands or falls with that of Andres Villas Boas. Neither of them can withstand another disaster

Papers are full of the likely impact of a Portuguese coach because, and whisper it softly, they speak Portuguese in Brazil. So there is a block booking on Brazil Airways for eager recruits to the Tottenham project as it has not yet been called

Gomes will be back as number one choice in goal; Sandro will be captain; and Leandro, Damiao, and Oscar the 'boy wonder' will be packing their suitcases. Leandro Damiao has been the go for so long I now think of him as two players. Perhaps they are Siamese twins, which would give the FA a problem when counting team and squad numbers.

Anyway expect Samba soccer if not instant success. Mid-table next season, some quality arrivals, a new approach, an emphasis on youth (sorry Brad,Willy and Ryan) and a new era. I'm excited already, though to be fair I would have been excited if Coco the Clown had been appointed. Let's just hope that he hasn't been.

He will need time and support especially when times are hard. Let's not just sing when we're winning. The Press already have an anti AVB agenda partly in support of Harry but mainly because it's a good story if 'Crouching Andres' fails again.

We need to maintain a solid front against the barrage of hostility which will be generated if things start badly. Harry will snipe in a mock supportive way from the sidelines predicting a top four finish with the 'excellent squad I left him' but ignore all these outsiders.

That doesn't mean that the 'Musings ' will not criticise when appropriate but hopefully in a positive way. We're sure gonna try our best and let's hope everyone else does too.

Video Spot. 
It's OK he's signed. Let's hope he can show the same passion and involvement at Spurs and that the Chelsea experience hasn't damaged him for ever. He's rumoured to have taken an £11  million hit to come to us and he'll only just cover that in his first three year stretch. Clearly thinking long term.


nicp said...

im getting happy everyday supporting spurs , my family members support arse nal ,man utd, and westham , i was born in stratford but i saw the light !! anyway the family members are moaning about there clubs and iam walking about like a cheshire cat with me spurs shirt on !!! its party time xx nic kosher p from clacton on sea***

chris gray said...

Looking forward to seeing how Spurs now develop, with some younger players hopefully improving year on year.

Site for new stadium now looks virtually ready, so Spurs could be really motoring when that gets the go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hates Chelsea? thatll do for me!

Anonymous said...

You've all gone nuts! Were finally sitting at the top table by having a traditional manager system with a manager who knows the club and its traditions, guiding us to 4th again (whilst playing the best football in the league)finishing 2 places above Chelsea for the first time in DECADES - and you lot cant wait to get rid of him, plus his experienced signing who are far better than what we had - and replace them with Chelsea's worst manager since Ian Porterfield and a player little old Hoffenheim loaned to SWANSEA CITY! Hardly grounds for optimism!

DaveYid said...

I LOLd at the Coco the Clown comment.
Great piece.

I'm chuffed that AVB is our new manager.
It has a sort of epic hollywood style storyline feel to it. You know, some guy formerly disgraced by his old employer; goes somewhere new after finding no future there; and hopefully, if the script is to be followed, come back to haunt his former master :)

Anonymous said...

Great article! Gimme a big swollen heart!! Coys! P.s to nic, u can't chose ur family but u can chose ur team! Wel done son ;) Yidooooooooooo
P.p.s to the other comment. Harry was grtting stale, i dont call pienaar and saha better replacements than what we had, we need a better tactician at the helm not pie and mash!! Avb wil be the nxt wenger, i can see the title this year or the next. Get behind ur team and a avb, forget harry!!

Evilmidget said...

'Arry's old boys are better than what we had? Saha better than Defoe? Really? Nelsen better than anyone? Friedel was a great signing. 'Arry's vision wasn't large enough - tactically he was attrocious and rumours 'ave it 'e wanted to jump to chelski *hooooc - pffft*. Give the hopefully just as special as the special one a go

Chris said...

Lets face it Arry was a gonna when he thought he had the England job, he wasn't gutted about leaving Spurs then was he ? And he is a one trick pony, a very good trick and a very good pony, but when the going got tough he didn't have another trick and the pony went lame.
We need a more intelligent tactician at the helm this is modern football and Arry as he said himself, can't even write a letter.....but you have have to hand it to him, he's the only man I know whose dog has a bank account !! Come AVB, I wish you would hold on our young Mexican wizard and use him as his skill deserves, Arry didn't know what to do with him and that is the difference between having old skool and modern.

Ed Moloney said...

Test of the pudding will be money available for transfers

Ed Moloney said...

Just a thought: how much more destructive would the gooners' current difficulties have been (RVP leaving, owners squabbling, etc)'if 'Arry had sent on Defoe as a sub in the Villa match and Spurs had won, thus denying Arsenal a CL place?

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I'm optimistic.

JimmyG2 said...

In the main the 'ayes' have it. General optimism all round.

Anon 11:07
You seem to be the odd one out on here but that doesn't mean you are wrong. I agree with 'evil midget'. His signings were poor towards the end and I'm totally with Ed Moloney on the Aston Villa game.

Agree with most of that especially about the waste of young Gio.

But folks it's all about opinions, we will have to wait and see.
If Harry talked as much nonsense on the training ground as he did in press interviews then I fear we had reached the end of the road with him.

Anon 11:15.
Steady on. Let's not talk 'titles' just yet.
Top four usually does it.

I like it.'The return of AVB'

TMWNN said...

There was never a chance of Coco the clown becoming manager as we'd already sacked him.

Ed Moloney said...

This from the ESPN soccer site, twenty minutes or so ago:

Ajax manager Frank de Boer has left Tottenham Hotspur target Jan Vertonghen out of his squad for a pre-season fixture because "his head is in London".

Vertonghen captained Ajax to the Eredivisie title last season.

Vertonghen has been linked with a transfer to White Hart Lane all summer, and it seems the deal is now on the verge of completion.

The switch has been held up of late, with the Belgium international in dispute with Ajax over receiving a cut of the transfer fee.

Vertonghen's agent said recently he was aiming to enter talks with Ajax in a bid to end the impasse - and it seems he has pushed the saga towards a resolution, with De Boer omitting Vertonghen from the exhibition contest against FC Emmen.

"Jan has his head in London, so we sent him home," De Boer told Telesport. "He is only waiting on a few minor details before he gets the green light."

Spurs are expected to pay £9 million to bring the centre-back to White Hart Lane, where he will link up with new boss Andre Villas-Boas.

Vertonghen would join Gylfi Sigurdsson in boosting the ranks of new Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas.

JimmyG2 said...

'If he gets Vertonghen by the end of the week he will already have established his status as a legend'
And he did!

We 8 Arsenal said...

I feel good ....................I can see us challenging for the title .. I don't know why but hey COYS

Ed Moloney said...

Still need a couple of ace strikers before we can say that. But it is doable. Never under 'Arry, though!

Ed Moloney said...

Jimmy must be on a plane again. So stand by for disasterous news!

JimmyG2 said...

Travelling everywhere on a bike and by boat at the moment, and it seems to be working.
Not going anywhere until end of August so we should be ok for the start of the season.

Waiting for everything to settle down before I post again.
Do I not like that AVB so far.

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