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Monday, 2 July 2012

Done deals

  Have you seen this man? And who the heck is he?

 The JimmyG2 Column,

'What's the point of a blog if you are going to tell us that nothing has happened'. You may well ask and it is certainly a good question and it definitely is a question that needs answering. But friends that is the art of the Blogger. Any fool can write a blog when events tumble and jostle with one another to make the front page.

Key players leaving, transfer requests tendered; exciting arrivals pictured on the pitch at WHL, in the shirt, next to the manager (Oops) sorry the Chairman, complete with scarf; new International managers, takeovers by Americans; stadium announcements; Naming Rights, the whole business.

None of this has happened as you all rightly pointed out But to weave a magical web out of nothing is a gift granted to few people, your current host included. But practice makes perfect so I'll press on. I daren't check but I think I wrote this column last year and the year before that.

I was going to blag this last week. That's a typo but it's a pretty good indication of the blogging world so I'll leave it in. Anyway I put it off in the hope that I would have exciting Spurs related revelations to er.. reveal. Then I thought ' publish and be damned ' and you might be first with the news that hasn't quite happened. That doesn't seem to have worked either.

A week ago the appointment of Andras Villas Boas was widely predicted to be imminent. July 1st was the suggested even promised,date. Unfortunately that was a nice rounded date but it was a Sunday. It is now Monday July 2nd and it hasn't happened. I would have noticed if it had.

AVB is considered fair game by the gentlemen of the press during the extended honeymoon now to be enjoyed by Roy Hodgeson until at least our next game. A queue of players is apparently forming to walk out of WHL the moment AVB's appointment is announced. Bentley and Jenas are at the head of the queue followed by Corluka and Krancjar.

They would have been first but have already left. None of the players were regulars under Harry so they are picking on the wrong guy. No mention is made of Van Der Vaart, Walker, Sandro, Ekotto, Friedel, Kaboul, Ledley or any of our regular first team squad. Modric tried to leave a year ago before AVB had even arrived at Chelsea.

Obviously Sports Writers are not regarded by themselves or others as Proper Journalists and exempt from considerations of truth and honesty so everyone and anyone can be lied to and lied about But was ever thus and if you are prone to believe the stuff you read about our boys then don't read it in the first place.

The signing of Vertonghen was also 'done' some weeks ago but apparently finalisation has hit a snag. They are haggling whether he gets the peg nearest the showers currently enjoyed by Modric. Everything else has been agreed including fee, wages, image rights, and all the other minor stumbling points. He won't sign until Modric goes because otherwise that peg is unavailable.

His agent rejects the proviso that this be preceded by the words 'in the event of Luka leaving' as being 'disrespectful'. They don't earn millions for nothing these guys. Modric being shorter offered to take the bottom hook in the meantime but that too was rejected.

If the deal takes much longer he will be entitled to a testimonial before he even plays his first game. Negotiations over which may prolong his signing even further..

Gylfi Sigurdsson was the subject of our video spot last week as that was another 'done deal'. The moment he reviewed his undoubted talents on the 'Musings' he had second thoughts and is thinking of going to Liverpool under his ex Swansea boss Rodgers. OK I promise no more videos of prospective signings.

The departure of Modric has been widely reported to both Man.Utd and Real Madrid including the lodging of a transfer request within days. That was two weeks ago but weeks are composed of days after all. He has been seen at both Barajas and Manchester airports heavily disguised as a tourist. He may get away with that in Madrid but Manchester I think not.

Something I can definitely report is that the 'boring Spain' label has been put back in the draw following their comprehensive defeat of Italy. They played exactly as they always do but took the precaution of closing down Pirlo.

In the adrenaline induced atmosphere they played at a higher tempo and took all their chances. Achieving for the first time ever three Championship wins in a row finally convinced the World's press that they might just be the best team ever. Adios aburrida Espana.  Hola mejor del Mundo.

So that wasn't hard was it? A web of nothingness. Why do we fall for this every year at Spurs?
It's like waiting for a cancelled train. I bet the moment I press the 'publish' button Villas Boas and Vertonghen will appear at a joint Press Conference.

Go on Jimmy, I dare you.

Video spot.
5 minutes of pure Spanish joy. I've spared you the English commentary. An object lesson in staying onside and timing the pass. Three of the four goalscorers play in the Premiership but that is about as close as we can come from claiming any shared joy or credit. Manager makes two substitutions and both score within minutes of coming on. How lucky is that?

Too late, UEFA have scotched that one. Try Andres Iniesta for size. Player of the tournament. His signature move looks easy enough but don't try this at home without medical help at hand. Stanley Mathews only had one trick but it worked every time.


Anonymous said...

fuck levy

Anonymous said...

what a complete waste of an article mate

Anonymous said...

Twat fag arse biscuit eater

Anonymous said...

"If the deal takes much longer he will be entitled to a testimonial before he even plays his first game. Negotiations over which may prolong his signing even further.."

Ha ha GOLD! I'm glad it's not been announced so I could spit cornflakes into my lap over that this morning.

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Anon.
Think I'll give that one a miss thanks. But be my guest.

2nd Anon.
Whatever you do don't cancel your subscription.
Wife and kids to support.

3rd Anon.
Biscuits are fattening. I never touch them.

Anon 09:32
Just goes to prove you can please some of the people some of the time.Thanks.

Ed Moloney said...

"Poised", Jamesie. The word du jour. Spurs are poised to do all sorts of things. Fun, ain't it? Course we could be poised to go into a nosedive as easily as to soar above the heavens. But at least post-'Arry, things are poised and they weren't before.

Anonymous said...

Very good. Bravo!

Ed Moloney said...

To be serious for a moment. This is quite a dramatic situation, if you think about it. Levy's neck is on the line here, nor just AVB's. Will make for a fascinating situation. Can't wait for August. Great fun ahead, great material for writing. But will you rise to the challenge Jamesie?

Anonymous said...

Ive just pumped at work

Kennyid said...

Well, one 'poised' has happened. Let's see what 'poises' happen next.

Kennyid said...

And the next 'poise' is Gylfi

Anonymous said...

i recon modric go vdv stay sign gylfie and vertonghen and maybe demba ba play in goal brad freidle assoue ekotto dawson/kaboul vertonghen, walker,then put bale lw siggurson cm lennon lm then vdv cam with ba and defoe up fron t

TommyHarmer said...

I liked it and I imagine that the twerps who didn't blamed you for nothing happening, and now it HAS, so you can get busy and do another one, eh?

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Molony.
' Rise to the occasion'
Mrs JimmyG2 said 'He never has done yet'
'Steady on Mrs J. What about that time in 1984?

It didn't unsettle him when he sacked Jol, or Ramos. I think this will work out well myself.
You seem to have started something with your 'poised'.

I'm not expecting thanks or anything but it 'woz the Muzings wot done it'.

We were 'poised and then a gentle nudge from
us and over the edge we went.((As I predicted)

I hope you're right about Gylfi but Vertonghen is more crucial.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy G2 you must do the lottery AVB has signed for 3 years beating Siggy and the V man. He has is own peg plush chair shower dirty bitch under his desk and Levey's word money will be provided with transfer funds at 10-45 on the 31 of August for late arrivals. Jimmy G2 i wish i had three wishes to make me feel excited about next season 1 Harry stays out of football and works for Sky so he cant haunt us and he purrs at the way we play saying that's my style. Secondly Avb sucks a throat lozenger before he gives his excuses for another defeat or hopefully his praise for another win. My last wish is Ukad and the FA help Ufa stop Spain from running round like a nest of wasps because three of them where on my wanted list four seasons ago playing for another team whose nick names where the comeback kings and the Duracell Bunnies. They now play for wait for it Jimmy G2 Barcelona Real Madrid Chelsea all have ex bunnies on there books. The other startling fact is this the team won the Champs cup on penalty's and they have a player in the European cup best eleven. The reason i mention this is because if no one believes me then after January when fear and points have desperation attached to them work rate increases twofold and we got a sharp lesson from our arch rivals who have been doing it for a long time under DR Wenger and Dr Rice. I no you will dismiss this but i expect you too because you have not got the information i have and sadly neither has Levey because if he did Harry would still be our manager and i would not be wishing for three wishes. yours in disguise --------

Anonymous said...

If that's not DavSpurs then I'm a Gooner. The boy is drug obsessed. Maybe we should sign Maradona and give him something real to talk about?

Welcome AVB. should be a big improvement to have a young, educated and tactically aware coach. Sure there is a risk, but we need a change of direction and a greater emphasis on youth. COYS

Anonymous said...

Totally thrilled, a brave and ballsy decision by DL...AvB should take full advantage of the new Training Facility, have Sherwood continue his great work with the kids and wean them into the side over the next decade (see I'm thinking long term here...) and sort out our pathetic set piece situation once and for all...

Onwards and upwards my friends, can't wait to see the CL trophy wheeled out a year after we move into our new "stat of the art" Stadia..

To Dare is to Dream....

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 19:23 (davspurs?)
You are always welcome but as I have said before send your evidence to the responsible authorities and keep us updated.

Working on it as we speak. Who would you like? Messi?

Anon 19:57 and 20:36
Absolutely agree. He has a good record on youth development I believe.

The Future's bright

Ed Moloney said...

A thoughtful and encouraging piece here on AVB in Cartilage Free which is worth reading:
What i would like to read is an account of what happened inside Chelski when he was there. I suspect those two thugs Lampard & Terry had a big hand in events but I don't know. Anyone k now?

Ed Moloney said...

Read, savour and enjoy:

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