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Monday, 23 July 2012

Levy or Modric: Who's the Dirty rat?

Who are you calling a 'Dirty Rat?'

 The JimmyG2 Column

So it's back to business as usual this week. That is, no business as usual. The difference this year is that we have prudently banked a new manager and a couple of decent , very decent, players. None of the 'dead wood' has been cleared and the Olympics and pre-season games are complicating some of the issues.

Depressingly we seem to be having a re-run of the Modric saga which can only end in tears for all concerned. Daniel is not going to get anywhere near his £40 million and we are not going to keep a player who doesn't want to stay. Modric can go if the price is right but a ridiculous valuation is just not playing the game.

Clearly none of us know the full background story but I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Levy has once again ratted, if you'll pardon the pun, on a so-called 'gentleman's agreement'. So the question arises who is the 'dirty rat' here. On top of that the theory that Modric should put his career on hold because Levy's wife is ill is pure emotional blackmail and nauseating rubbish.

The broad outlines of the deal are clear and if our CEO can't handle it for the moment for whatever reason then he needs to step away and nominate someone else to conduct the matter. Even Mickey Mouse had Minnie and Pluto as backup.

If we can get Moutino in as a replacement and make £5/10 million on the deal let's get it done early and move on. And here I speak as Honorary Vice Chairman of the Kent Pub Modric Appreciation Society. Modric is widely described by fed up Spurs fans as a 'rodent faced refusenik' but lovers of the genus 'rattus rattus' will know that if you corner a rat it will be desperate to escape and may do something reckless.

It's all very unseemly and we seem to be putting ourselves beyond the pale for the sake of Daniel Levy's ego and reputation. Hanging out for an extra £5 million until the new season begins makes no sense in either economic or football terms. Real Madrid won't hang around for ever and have the money for other options and it would be to our advantage if Modric went abroad and soon.

Player power seems to have gone far beyond what is reasonable and sensible but it's pay back for the dominance of clubs over players for many years through the 50's and 60 's when footballers were held in virtual wage slavery. Even after Johnny Haynes became the first £100 per week player with the lifting of the £20 per week things moived slowly for a couple of decades.

In 1984 the average First Division wage was £25.000 per year, about three times the average national wage. In 2010 it was over a million pounds, 46 times more and the average national wage had gone up by a factor of three.

 Bankers and Financial Services are not included in these statistics for obvious reasons. These are basic wages and take no account of all the other add-ons and bonuses by which players can inflate their earnings

Sustainable clearly not but after Bosman opened the flood gates we can only hope that the new fair play rules can stem the tide. In the meantime Modric can more than double his wages whatever Spurs can offer him and after four years of loyal service even after last year's Chelsea fandango we should not begrudge him his promotion to the top ranks. He has graced WHL and will surely grace the Bernabeu.

But enough of this descent into the weird and wonderful order of rodentia. The lads are out in the USA with a squad of 24 with twice as many goalkeepers as strikers. Adebayor has been seen in America but is still officially a Man.City player. Defoe and Harry Kane are entrusted with putting the ball in the net. Let's hope our fortunes are 'Reborn in the USA'.

The squad includes Huddlestone, Dawson, Vertonghen, Sigurdsson, Jenas, Bentley, Carroll and Livermore but no Parker (injured, no return date according to Physio Room ) or Sandro (Olympics). Modric is missing obviously so the midfield set up should be an interesting puzzle for AVB to sort out.

The game against Liverpool on Saturday may give us a better indication of our situation than the games against LA Galaxy in the early hours of Wednesday morning and the New York Red Bulls next Tuesday.
If I ever sort out how to sign up for the free Spurs TV offer to members I may even watch them. But the official web-site is defeating me so far even with my special code password.

The return Big Tom Huddlestone as opposed to Little Tom Carroll may well save us £20 million or so in the transfer market and don't be surprised to see Jenas emerge as a leading squad player. He may not have fulfilled his promise but he is good enough for a disciplined role as midfield back up if he stays fit.

I hope Gomes gets a chance before he is sold and in that department Lloris I'm told is more or less 'done'. So that's another haggle fest for our distracted Chairman. But as my correspondants repeatedly tell me what we really need is another top quality striker, two if the Adebayor deal falls through and the thought of the Modric money must be burning a virtual hole in AVB's pocket.

Pause for thought.
  As Lily Tomlin, American actress and comedian once said. 'Even if you win the rat race, you're still a rat.

Video Spot:
Here's another taster to get you in the mood. I don't know what the fan at the end is on but I'll have some of whatever he's having. Again thanks to the Spurs Community video thread. Such nice people. Live link on the right hand side. Well worth a look.


Anonymous said...

Are you actually modrics agent

Douglas said...

i dont know why Levy doesnt use a basic negotiating tactic of feigning the option to sell to chelsea/english club to get the Madrid price up

Anonymous said...

what kind of p***k are you even asking that!?!? that rodent modric is under contract to our club end of story!!!! Levy is one of the best chairman in the league who we are lucky to have! he has turned us into a club who you could say is one of the top 5 and we are getting stronger so show the guy a bit of respect and stop sucking that little rodents bell end!!!! fans like you are just as big a disgrace as rat boy is!!!

Anonymous said...

The writer has obviously a warped sense of decency. What next from this pillock? the veneration of Modric-Patron Saint of greed How about putting OUR club before the venal Modric and what "supporter" reports on his club's chairman in such a spineless manner? Obviously JimmyG2's overinflated ego comes before the interest of OUR club. Please go and support a club with owners you admire. There's always the Glazers, the Porn Kings or Ashley-right up your lowlife street.

Anonymous said...

Sulky Modric, stick him on the bench until he grows up and joins in with the rest of his team mates. He has a contract til 2016 so let him take responsibility because of his lack of goals last season and his woeful finishing that TH failed to make 3rd place. He might be good but not brilliant

Anonymous said...

Erm, also if figures are to be believed we'd be selling Modric for less than we'd have to pay for Moutinho if we were to go with Real's valuation... Especially after money has gone to Modric's last club...

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I went to my boss and I asked him to double my wages. He said no. Despite the fact I could double my wages elsewhere.

I didn't go to work today.

When I phoned in I told them I wasn't going to work out the notice stated in my contract because I wanted to work for someone else.

Now I'm getting taken to court. WTF??? Surely I'm in the right?

Will you be my lawyer?


Anonymous said...

If Modric wants to go then let him go. Surely we only want players playing for us who want to be there?

Anonymous said...

I'll take him. Fiver? You are the chairman, yeah?

Anonymous said...

Completely gob smacked - lets get this straight.......Spurs looked at a player who had little more than potential - paid top dollar with a £16:8M transfer fee.
here we are a few years later and Potential has turned into a special player - been one of the high lights in our champions league campaign and proved his worth at this years Euros.
That according to Real Madrid equals £27M
Who are they kidding - in a season where Hulk, Morthino are quoted at £30M - Hazard goes for £32M
Levy is spot on to not let the player leave on the cheap - he is worth £35-40 of anyones money.
How can you say over pricing him is unfair in one paragraph and think he is a great player in another.
For me Luka has been advised by rutheless agents - probably R.Madrids and his own...........stuff them - pay up or move on !!!
We are in a healthy enough financial position to let him squirm for a while and still get a replacement in.
Lesson learnt - don't mess with the best chairman in the league - luka is good - but not that good !!!!

Anonymous said...

Dont sign a 6 year contract with a man you know to be as stubborn as a mule and cry about it 2 years later when there's a slight chance you might have to end up honouring it.

Anonymous said...

You state we should aim to sell and get Moutinho + £5/10 million, yet also advocate selling him ASAP.

As things currently stand Moutinho has a buyout clause of £31 million i believe and Madrid dont want to pay over £30 million. Now i'm no mathmetician but accepting those figures puts us at a net loss.

I as a Spurs fan do not begrudge Luka his move, but I do not think we should just sell him on the cheap to Madrid just because it upsets them.

The asking price is not unreasonable, expecially when like for like talent costs around the same, so Real Madrid as one of the richest clubs in the world need to stop being so stingy and pay the damn fee

Anonymous said...

Is your next article going to be about how campbell wasn't such a bad fellow and only joined woolwich because he didn't feel wanted at WHL.

This about modric, his agent and RM playing dirty tricks and trying to con Spurs out of 13 million quid.
Simple as that.

If he's so desperate to leave why doesn't he try convincing RM he's worth the extra money, instead of throwing his toys out of his pram by refusing to do his job, which is playing football for Tottenham Hotspur.

Anonymous said...

Luka's back in training at least.

Anonymous said...

Erm ....... I don't fink most people agree wiv you, Jimmy ..........

Anonymous said...

Go and read the Spurs Official website..Modric returns to training with his tail between his legs.. Now guurn fuck yourself.

MPHComments said...

Please please not Lloris,

Lets keep the Gomes Guy,
Lloris is way overrated, Overrated.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think you are a gooner,pretending to be a Tottenham fan.If you are that passionate about modric,perhaps you could join him,where ever he goes.You vever have a positive thing to say about the club.Go and sit with your pals at the emeriates.Where there is no atmosphere,and its full of haters.Just go on any site where gooners are,and most of their comments are full of stupid hateful meanderings.,Directed not only at Tottenham,But all clubs in general.It must be a gooner thing.Something you have in common with them.

JimmyG2 said...

My position is this:
I don't want Modric to leave but accept that he is going.
He is not worth £40 million and we are going to have to compromise.
Moutino is not worth the buyout price and they will have to compromise.
A deal is edging closer and it is in our interests to minimise the effect on the team to do these deals sooner rather than later.

None of us know the actual behind the scenes truth but I do not believe that the case is completely black and white although I accept that he is behaving badly.

This does not make me any less a devoted fan than some of you.

More detail replies later.

As far as poularity is concerned I plead the Millwall position.

Anonymous said...

Decent effort in bringing some ballance to the saga. Nevertheless: There's not a sentence about his old club and his comrads in Croatia. Reading As/Marca and croatian newspapers (Google translate is a gift)gives me the feeling that agent and bad advisors back home has been giving Modric some bad advice - also when he signed his present contract. Maby his agent is trying to make up by forcing a move. Levy may have his faults, but there's no reason at all for giving in in this transfer. The chairman is protecting his assets. Nothing more - nothing less. You say: "Hanging out for an extra £5 million until the new season begins makes no sense in either economic or football terms." Maybe not - but it might open the door for other teams to press the price for the likes of Bale, Walker and Sandro if Spurs fail to qualify for the CL summer.

MPHComments said...

Modders will put in a transfer request,
I am guesting on Wednesday. (I know his cleaning lady).
This is a 10% saving for us

Madrid will immediately up the transfer amount to £34M.
Levy will ask for £35m.
Madrid will say ok,

Madrid will show the rest of the world, the Transfer season does not really kick off until Real Madrid hit their summer target.They always get their man.

Levy will give AVB 35M in the Kitty.

and Modders will spend a year bench warming in Madrid, and will be sold Inter or Roma next year for 20M.

And we will all giggle what the fuss was about, Modders will giggle, Spurs will giggle, Real Madrid will sell 2 million more jerseys in eastern europe and will giggle.

Everyones a winner.

cookiebun said...

Have to say Jimmy G2 that your attitude around our Chairman really stinks to high heaven. This is the man who organised the new stadium plans, new (world standard) training centre, financed the purchase of this wonderful first team squad, sacked the one Rat we had as a Manager and now he has to be regarded as nauseating and accused of emotional blackmail and being an ego maniac. Well let me tell you, you are the ego maniac, who writes your columns and tells all your views as though they mean anything. Why should Daniel Levy be rubbished by you for looking after his sick wife and why should he have someone looking after the Modric contract at this moment in time when it has 4 years to run. He told Real Madrid how much he wanted for the player and they came back with an offer 33% less. He said 'go away' and thats where we stand. Do you think Modric has been hard done by, well if you do your deluded. He signed a six year contract and verbal arrangements are not legal. Signed contracts are. Thats the thing about 'back seat drivers', they have an emotional interest, where Daniel Levy has a financial interest. He put his money where his mouth is. You just put your mouth there.

Anonymous said...


Levy is a fantastic chairman.

I remember writing an article in 2008 saying how Top 4 wasn't really good enough for Spurs.

All the young (<25) Spurs fans thought it was ridiculous, top half of the table is a good season, we'll never be as good as ars@nal, blah, blah, blah.

The attitude made me sick. Luckily for those supporters, we have a chairman who thinks the same way about Tottenham as I do. He won't stop until the title is won and the we become the first London club to win the UCL in style.

Frankly, a lot of Spurs fans don't deserve Mr Levy, and if their own vision of Spurs realised, we'd still be on a par with the likes of Fulham.

The idea that someone who wants out is in any way comparable to our chairman is scandalous.

And btw you really need to sort your 'Comment as:...' out. Too many 'anonymous'...what the hell is 'TypePAD'?

Anonymous said...


Video's good fun though, thanks for that :)

Mike B. said...

I was all about letting Modric go this summer. He's under contract, I know, but he was a champ last season for the most part and I wanted the best for him this summer. That is until his recent stunt. Whether Levy is playing games or not is beside the point. Luka's actions were petulant and childish and I expected more from him. A contract has to mean something otherwise it means nothing. I say bench him until he's ready to give us his all t season and shop him around next summer for less.

Anonymous said...

Scenario! Modic go's to Madrid for 29m.
Moutinho comes to us for 31m, all done and dusted
within the next 5 days. Or Modric to RM for 34m.
Moutinho to us for 31m but the deals ain't done
until the 11th hour!

Taking everything into account, I know which
scenario I think has more value!

Anonymous said...

Unless Levy shows the footballing world we are not a club to be treated lightly, like he did with Berbatov, every decent player will be bid for at a price bearing no relation to the players value to us as a team.
Modric maybe overrated by others but he is very important to the midfield at Spurs and to replace him adequately would cost the kind of money Levy is asking for.
Levy is trying to keep Spurs as a slowly improving club, it is not possible unless you can replace like with like quality wise.

Sid said...

Levy has agreed that Modric can leave but at levy´s price not Modric price, Levy is entitled to price the player that who´s contract is owned by the club, Levy is not selling the player he is selling the contract.

Anonymous said...

We are blessed to have Levy, he has made us both a top team in Premier League, and a profitable football club which is more important to ensure the club as a going concern. Why should we have to compromise just because Real Madrid come knocking. If Andy Carroll was sold for 35m, then our asking price is not way off, not to mention valuation of other players such as Hazard 32m ( a player you although has a lot of natural skill, has still to prove himself in a top league, no disrespect to french league, but its still a long way off EPL and La Liga, and Serie A, even Bundesliga. Daniel levy should stick to his guns, thats what makes us profitable and ensure long term success.

JimmyG2 said...

Various Posters.(STRATTY cookieburn etc)
Levy does not put his money where his mouth is; he puts our money where his mouth is and gets paid a million pounds a year to do it.

We are ten years behind Arsenal in terms of the Stadium, which I pass often to my shame and have no inclination to join them

People who think that people who criticise Spurs are gooners are very sad people indeed.

If you want banal sycophantic dross read the OS. If you want thought provokjing polemic welcome aboard.

Nowhere have I said that Levy is a bad Chairman but simply that he has handled the Modric affair badly.

Although I would point out that we have had 4/5 transfer windows and still haven't bought a decent striker.Or any striker.

Modric is on a long contract and even if he puts in a transfer request we can refuse it.
Everybody knows that.

When you're in a hole stop digging Jimmy.
Thanks for the passion of your responses.I love the club and have been a supporter for over 60yrs. Managers, CEO's and players come and go but Spurs go marching on, hopefully with style and dignity.

cookiebun said...

So you do a concluding piece and have your say and put us all down for having nothing but passion. Well, first of all Jimmy, Levy has put his money where his mouth is, he's a 'bought in' director of Enic and not an employee. Secondly, it seems as though Mr Modric has paid heed to Mr Levy's discipline measures and R Madrid better take note. This shit of 'you've been a supporter for over 60 years is as nauseating as your dig at Levy yesterday for having a sick wife. Chairmen may come and go, but so will fans. You started off by slagging off a chairman who was playing the contract rules by the book and pow woying to a player who had ignored his contract responsibilities and went on strike. You look a right plonker today Sir.

JimmyG2 said...

Don't understand your point about Levy.
It's not his money and he is handsomely paid.
I admire the passion shown which sometimes spilt over into abuse.
All this macho stuff is demeaning posturing and is completely uneccessary.
Modric is in the wrong no doubt.
Fans don't come and go either.
I didn't criticise Levy for having a sick wife but for many commentators, mostly fans, for using it as a stick to beat Modric with.
If you want the last word be my guest.

Ed Moloney said...

As Jimmy said, it is really "our" money that is at stake here, the fans' money, paid at turnstiles to watch Spurs. Without it Modric, Levy et al would have nothing to argue about. As it is, these sort of debates are a little pathetic, like peasants taking sides in arguments between kings. When the battle is over they are still peasants and the kings remain on their thrones! Fans make these battles possible but as long as they remain content to foot the bill without demanding a say in the outcome, then all they will be able to do is to have futile if entertaining spats on sites like this. Itvis about time that fan power was felt in English football. Have a look on Google at how the Green Bay Packers football team is run and ask, wouldn't it be nice if Spurs was like that?

Ed Moloney said...

Here is a good link to the Green Bay Packers' version of fan power:

Ed Moloney said...

Modric update:

Ed Moloney said...

Is there any life out there?

JimmyG2 said...

Sorry been away. Not a lot to be fair.
The whole things got out of hand and the genie can't be replaced in the bottle. Unless a club explodes and burns and then rises phoenix like out of the ashes.
Fair play will stop future excesses but will do little to level the playing field.
The ensuing discussion on the Packers is very interesting.
As the 'Irishman said, 'The way to Dublin?. I wouldn't start from here in the first place'
Sell Modric for £35 million and move on. It's all too depressing to consider really.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to all participants - knowledgable well thought out banter and analysis.
Bottom line is DL is going to disrupt the beginning of our season again, courtesy of his battle of wills with Luka and his uncompromising stance on the fee aka unreasonable greed. We will end up again with a disgruntled Modric and not one decent striker - history repeating itself. Feel sorry for our new leader AVB - he certainly doesn't need this as an introduction to the club. Come on Daniel - bury your pride, let Luka go and move the Mighty Spuds forward

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