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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

AVB picks out the positives.

Young Mr. Grace writes AVB's scripts
 'Your all doing very well'

 The JimmyG2 Column

It certainly seems as if AVB has drawn serious lessons from his Chelsea experience. Everyone is doing 'very well ' as young Mr. Grace on 'Are you being served' used to say. Don't remember it? Before your time? In all honesty you haven't missed much. But he  went around praising everyone just before he sacked them or cut their bonuses.

And so it could be at Spurs. Everyone is to be given a chance, even David Bentley. In fact he's had two which is beyond fair. True, playing him on the left wing was like tying his boot laces together but he can't say he hasn't had pitch time. Even Gomes got a full game last night but Red Bull failed to get a shot on goal and he might demand a re-trial.

If Gio ever gets back from banging them in for Mexico he too will be looked at and all Harry's player notes have been shredded. Jenas has had a couple of games and has taken the precaution of wearing bright yellow boots to make sure that everyone realises he is on the pitch. I would think that one through a bit more JJ. I think he will be kept on but not David Bentley. You read it here first.

Telling everyone they are bloody marvellous might work with a class of recalcitrant 7yr olds but he could be advised to be a little more critical of professionals on £50,000 a week and more. However it's early days and there is plenty of time for brutal honesty as the opening game at Newcastle gets closer.

Unfortunately pre-season is going pretty well. I make that unbeaten in five and last night's second half performance was not only a big leap forward in quality but secured a fine piece of silverware for the trophy cabinet. So 'that's all good then' as they say.

I say 'unfortunately' because my rule of thumb based on past experience is that the better the pre-season the worse our opening games results turn out. Two from eight and the arrival of Saint Harry followed a pretty good pre-season under Juande  Ramos.

More Positives:
Andres Villas-Boas. Seems to have won the minds if not the hearts of everyone at the club and most of the fans. But then it doesn't pay to tweet ' The new man's a prize prick' and hope to get into the squad. I worked with a guy once who stood up at every staff meeting and announced that in his opinion the boss was doing ' a damn fine job'. Not surprisingly he got promoted ahead of me.

Gylfi Sigurdsson. Clearly a classy footballer and has made a couple, scored a couple and missed a couple. Signed early and making hay while Van Der Vaart's sun is obscured by injuries. 

Jan Vertonghen. Another early signing and with the retirement of the King is going to be a major asset when he settles. Playing very cautiously at the moment but with Kaboul will be a strong centre of defence. We haven't seen much of his goal scoring talents yet.

Modric. He's still with us but see negatives. Could he stay? Nope me neither.

Carroll, Smith, Townsend and Kane look likely to play a part this year. Haven't seen Falque and Rose and Caulker are at the Olympics. Kane is our first, and only, choice striker at the moment and shows maturity for a nineteen yr. old. Happy to see him in the squad and I hope Caulker is kept close by too.

Piennar. Gone back to Everton and we made £2 million or so on the deal. Genius. He played one good game for us at Milan but otherwise never looked the player he does at Everton.

Some Negatives.

High line tactics. This depends on closing down from the front and pressing in the midfield, fast defenders, and a keeper on the alert to play sweeper. Not all of the available staff can fulfil these functions. AVB may have to compromise on this. Friedel doesn't do sweeping and Dawson and Gallas don't do speed. Vertonghen was caught out last night and conceded the penalty and he's relatively quick.

Even Daniel knows he's not worth £40 million but that won't stop him trying. We seem to be edging closer to a deal with Real Madrid. If they had a player (a) that we wanted and (b) who would come us, the deal would have been done by now. Last word was that we had rejected £38 million. Obviously Dan Levy knows what he's doing. Obviously. Let's just pray that Jose Mourinho's in on the deal. We need the money for a striker or three.

Still dragging on. Been 'close' or even 'done' for several weeks now but the financial gap seems to be narrowing. If he doesn't sign we need two top class strikers at least. But then we've needed them since Berbatov left and Sandra retired.

Video spot.
All the thrills and spills from the Red Bulls game. Spurs finally got it together for the final 45 minutes of their tour. We speeded up the play and moved the ball more quickly. We gave up the high line with Gallas and Dawson at the back. Bale who was wasted at centre forward in the first half gave  way to Kane who gave us more focus and Gareth played deeper to good effect.
 He and Sigurdsson ran the show and the goal by Gylfi is worth the entrance money on its own.

The commentary demonstrates George Bernard Shaw's view that we are two countries separated by a common language.


Anonymous said...

Great read as always Jimmy. Standard

We need to grab that Luka cash and run!! THudd is lookin more like the player who ran our midfield the year we got 4th so Luka can suk one imho, we'll be fine without him. any-who...

Peace and Love and
C.O.Y MuthaFuckin SPURS!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you came back at the end and said we dropped the highline. It's up to manager to give instructions. then the players do their bit. They need to adapt to the situation as it unfolds. The high line has it's good points too. The red bull guys were stuffed into their own half for most of this match. Sure we can and will get caught out at the back, no matter what the tactic. A lot of our undoing last year was rednapps fear of losing. Which ended up as a fear of changing anything, even players. Livermore and JJ disappoint me everytime I see them play. Even Hudd caused us a lot of distress giving the ball away. I like AVB, i like the fact the team changed as the game progressed. Under rednapp it was all one way then we hit the skids coz there was no plan B. In our game v LA Gal' our defense was appalling. Vertonghen and Kaboul looked to be playing lb/rb? Again this has changed. So someone somewhere is working on things, quite nicely. Oh we also haven't been giving away silly freekicks around the 18 yard box. One other good point from the highline. Siggy looks good, bales up for it already and I think he did a pretty good job as a number 9. I hope the Luka drama gets sorted as we miss him already. So if he's going we need another to take his place. JJ/Hudd/livermore will surely struggle to get game time when Sandro, Gio and Parker are back. I'd loan livermore out. the back 4 will be interesting. Who'll partner Vertonghen? Surely not Dawson? far too cumbersome. Caulker, gallas..maybe? Kaboul seems favourite. I think it's just a matter of time until caulker gets the nod. He's a good player and would complement Vertonghen very well. Looking forward to a season of change.

Ed Moloney said...

I am not one for predictions, normally, but this is hard to resist. AVB's appointment makes for a Shakespearean storyline. Either he is going to nosedive in the most dramatic way and justify all his critics at Chelski and then be cast into the pit of despair and failure or he is going to confound them and do wonderful things with Spurs. On his back ride a whole cast, led by Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis all the way down to Luka Modric, whose own story, like theirs will be determined by how the AVB story ends. If AVB falls, then Luka was right to go for Real, if not then he will be judged a fool for missing an historic opportunity to be part of a great thing. If he succeeds Levy and Lewis will be judged geniuses. If not they will be morons. Either way, Spurs are in for the most fascinating and definitive season in recent memory. That's my prediction, James. Good night from New York!

Anonymous said...

As an american, I was glad to hear the announcer mispronouncing Huddlestone's name. Thank god Pie-narr wasn't playing.

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon poster.
Thanks. I have great hopes for Tom Huddlestone but he has a way to go to recover his form yet.
I love Luka and he will be hard to replace but we are going to have to face up to it.

2nd. Anon.
Good points and I generally agree. I'm sure AVB is more flexible than he is painted and has to work with the resources he has been given at first.
Fewer free kicks with Parker and Sandro absent. Prefer Bale where he is not so restricted as he was in the first half against Bulls.

Ed Molony
On the other hand mid-table mediocrity next season is a distinct possibility especially if, before we get organised or get in a couple of strikers, we make a poor start.
What's your actual feeling about our prospects.Get off the fence man.

elwehbi said...

Back again!!! Aaaaah... missed this place!

It was great to see AVB being creative when he had little option at the striker position, placing Bale and Sig up front. Ok, it may have not paid off, but this is the type of thing we were missing with Harry. A little dynamic thinking never hurts.


Ed Moloney said...

As Chou en lai replied when asked what he thought was the impact of the French revolution: it's too early to tell, Jimmy!

JimmyG2 said...

Welcome home friend.
If it's not too personal a question where the hell have you been?

Ed Molony.
This is more the Portugeuse Revolution than the French one. and we might be able to tell within a week or two, perhaps even by half time at Newcastle.
No it might take a little while but not a hundred years surely.

Ruskin Road said...

It is near impossible to make any predictions because the team is still in flux. Surely Modric will be gone and surely he will be replaced, along with the addition of a new striker. We have some very nice pieces. It would be great to not wait until the midnight hour to bring in the other pieces.
A new manager installing a new system needs as much time as possible to work with the players who will actually be playing.
Daniel Levy is doing his best but sometimes you have to concede that by waiting for the best deal you are hindering other aspects of the squad that need to be addressed. The Modric matter seems to have become very personal. Many of the Spurs fans are behind Levy but a poor start to the season with the squad as presently constructed will put pressure on everyone, especially AVB.

Ed Moloney said...

Meanwhile, hardly a day goes by without the Gooners signing up someone new and promising. So, just what is Levy's transfer strategy?

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Molony
"Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organisation through its configuration of resources ..."

In relation to DL's transfer strategy Ed I think it's too early to say. Not signing a decent striker for several years could be a cunning plan rather than a strategy to unsettle opposition defences.
It works for Barcelona.

Ed Moloney said...

You mean like the significance of the French revolution?

Ed Moloney said...

There's a whiff of impending disaster in the air which can be detected even here in NYC!

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