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Monday, 20 August 2012

AVB turns a blind eye

Problems? I see no problems.

The JimmyG2 Column

The positivity generated by our loss on Saturday is almost overwhelming. Not so much waves as a Tsunami of hopeful expectancy such as we rarely see after a defeat. New manager, new Tottenham, new spirit amongst the fans. No more Mr. Moody Fickle guy.

 Had we won, which we should have done, fans would have had us as serious contenders for the Premiership title, a Gold medal and the Champions' league next year. We imposed ourselves impressively until at least half time and 2-0 would have been a fair reflection of the game at that stage.

Alan Pardew clearly watching a different match when he wasn't assaulting the officials said that he thought they 'just shaded it'. Well they did in the sense that they won 2-1. Even with a better second half showing they didn't deserve to win but then goals win matches and near misses don't.

We fought back to 1-1 after a Ba special from a defensive error by Kyle Walker compounded by Gallas failing to close Ba down . Then we gifted them the game with some poor defending by Lennon and Van Der Vaart who contrived to bring down Ben Arfa in the area. I make the guilty party Lennon but there's no prizes involved so let's not argue over the details.

Friedel looking increasingly his age didn't get close to either goal and looked decidedly awkward when, clearly under orders, came past the penalty spot to punch away ahigh cross.. Shades of the Octopus.

The absence of Modric left, unsurprisingly, a large Modric shaped hole in the conjuring up of the magic department and his absence and that of Van Der Vaart at the start left us short of ideas. Our lack of competative edge of which no doubt Andres has been warned has been replaced by its opposite; too much heart and not enough head.

We have plenty of pulsing red blood these days even if the King of Hearts himself is currently laid up for several weeks nursing his Achilles. Two yellow cards for fouls on the half way line indicate commendable zeal but more than a little deficit in the grey cell area. Ben Arfa bought both of these cards and the penalty later.

I'm not sure where the Modric replacement is going to come from although rumours about Pjanic are more promising than some. All the names in the ITK frame so far are on the rugged side and lack Luka's artistry: Meirelles, M'Villa, Moutinho the last of whom is favourite will cost almost as much as we are getting for Modders. Moutinho is favourite for the job as he is Portugeuse both press and ITK agree. Simple folk.

I would have played Van Der Vaart ahead of Sigurdsson and brought him on when the Dutchman faded and not the other way round. We can only assume that Van Der Vaart and Vertonghen were deemed too knackered by their International exertions to make the opening eleven.  The centre of defence was fine but Benny's ditziness seem to work its way across to Walker.

So we lost a game we aught to have won but chances at either end were a rarity. Jermaine Defoe gave an excellent imitation of himself, hitting the post and scoring a goal and doing very little else. This is presumably not the sort of contribution that AVB is looking for. If and when Adebayor stops fannying around and re-signs then things up front might improve. Ade and Llorente will do nicely.

Much satisfaction taken then, work in progress, promising performance, good basis to build on, and so on which considering that we actually lost is a surprising reaction. Lose at home to West Brom who beat a sorry looking Liverpool side,  and tempers might become a little more frayed, on the forums and in the boardroom. Or it might make us even more ecstatic in our current mood.

My belief is that this is a long term project and that it might take most of this season to build and train a squad to benefit from the progressive thoughts of AVB. Starting the process is not helped by the failure to get the squad settled before the season begins, for the second year running.

But we're three points off the top and clear of the relgation zone. You can't beat the old 'uns, Ask Brad, oh sorry.  Whoever thought that allowing the transfer window to overlap the start of the season was a good idea is an idiot.

But my target of 13 points from the first six games remains and we are only doing half as badly so far as last year when we lost our first two and still came fourth. Leaving aside Ben Arfa I made Lennon the MOM, he made the Defoe goal and set up Bale header with a delightful cross to the far post.
 Early days but the boys are certainly playing for the manager, and their places of course. With a replacement for Modric and a couple of strikers we are almost good to go. As Admiral Lord Nelson once found,  it sometimes pays to ignore what's staring you in the face.

Video spot
Indulge me with a transfer rumour for once. Not that we're getting desperate. Have a look at Miralem Pjanic. He's young, he's gifted, he's almost Croatian, and he would  cost less than half the Modric fee. But why would Roma sell him? Headline writers like him, 'Panjic buy' and all that.



Northern Spur said...

excellent (and highly entertaining)analysis that captured my mood exactly.

Anonymous said...

We can't afford to have an experimental season. If we do then we can say goodbye to Bale next summer.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I am among those buoyed by Sat evening. I'd go VDV over Sigi too. While we didn't create a welter of chances we did create some v good ones first half, including the Sigi one wrongly called offside. I liked the way we set up.

I am also looking at a longer term reward though I rate our rivals less highly than many so top 4 or Europa league place very gettable once we have another forward at least.

Anonymous said...

Refreshingly good and accurate point of view. It's like the old days, fasten your seatbelt and try and enjoy the ride of uncertainty!!! P.s. this lack of champs league football is proving really difficult to find players who are willing to come to us who are defo better than we already have? Id be surprised if there are too many more signings.


Anonymous said...

Every point is priceless as was proven last season, one more goal against norwich or villa and arsenal would be in the europa and facing financial ruin. So i cannot for the life of me understand why we have started the season with an incomplete squad!?!?! Surely the idea of a pre-season is to bed everyone in nicely and hit the ground running?

Missing from our starting line up: King, Modric, Parker, Van der vaart and Adebeyor, arguably, save for Bale and king running out of steam a bit towards the end, our 5 best players last season last season? obviously one is injured and VDV wasn't deemed fit (or willing) enough to start, but still thats half our best team missing and at least 3 of those should have been adequetely replaced this summer! We have also lost Pienaar, Krancjar, Corluka, Pavlyuchenko, not tree puller uppers but solid enough squad players. yet we have only sigurdsson and vertonghen to show for a summer of activity..

There is trouble in the camp with Huddlefro posting petulent tweets for being left out "respect has to be given to be earned" was swiftly deleted...

Why cant Levy abandon the penny pinching negotiating, sell modric in june, and pay whats required for the players we sure there will be plenty of business in the next 2 weeks for us, but it should have been done by now, i cant help feeling Levy has sold AVB out a little and dare i say it we are going backwards not forwards....?

Anonymous said...

Don't be so worried about hitting the ground running. A good manager inheriting a good squad shouldn't need much time. And having won the tactical battle in the 1st half against an inform Pardew I'm not too worried. Liked the celebration. Managers need time inheriting poor squads or changing strong personnel. Also the level you're challenging at. We expect to be snapping at the leaders, aiming for 4th as ok, any higher will do. I think he can do that. Main point is if a manager is any good, he usually gets the team playing better. 4th, 5th, 4th. I'm liking it... Jurgen the Jerk

Anonymous said...

Please tell me Livermore is not better than Hudds half fit or not and one fragile ankle is still better than Livermore. I hope to god he gets fully fit and show all the doubter what a special talent he possess in a league full of false work rate. This was shown up by this score Everton 1-Utd 0 no wonder they are falling over with cramp this is why Pienaar went back and went faster.When i hear fans saying Hudds is slow i piss myself because if he looked like Fellani he would move a lot more remeber we tired Newcastle never and we lost playing like Avb wants to do requires the work rate Everton showed and that nearly killed them. There is only one way to win a football game in my book two shit hot strikers fast wingers a great passer a wizard and a great keeper with no gaffs Gomes Lennon Huddlestone Modric Bale Defoe Avb would be in my team every week and Gomes would be without the gaffs . This defence lost us a ten point lead Fridegg Walker Gallas Kaboul Ekotto and we have no King and a good player deemed not ready Vertonghan Daws and Hudds where deemed not good enough to play score 2-1 defeat. Lets face facts Avb has learned fuck all and the dressing room is unraveling already Cahill Lampard is Hudds Vertonghan. We have gone from the most exciting to a team squeezing the opposition for 60 mins then getting beat through exhaustion. Our strengths are fast quick breaks not trying to stop the other team playing 11 defenders will knacker and blut your attack Everton will be burnt out by Christmas

Anonymous said...

Still positive. Time, time. Do need to get Modric sorted and asap. Get AVB a full squad to work with. Ade surely got to get sorted soon. After all, if not, what is he going to do this season? Watch Citeh from the stands?

JimmyG2 said...

Cheers all.
Let the positivity continue.It makes a refreshing change.
Let's see what the reaction is next week if we don't get some points on the board.

Two signings would do before this window runs out.A Modric replacement and Ade or another striker.

Ed Moloney said...

I have an idea. Why don't we pass the hat around and buy Jimmy a spell checker for his PC?

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Molony
I chell speck everything young man, in English not in US of A mode.
What's the problem?
You've gone from my Xmas card list as of now.

Ed Moloney said...

If you have been following AVB's lunchtime press conference today (thurs) then you will know that Spurs are not going for an extra striker. Ade is it, along with JD. Nothing more. Nada. Unless you want to count Harry Kane as a striker, and who in their right mind would do that? That together with the clearing out of excess baggage and the endless haggling over Modric and Verthongen suggests that everyone has misread Levy. Far from him and the miserly Joe Lewis wanting to spend to make us a contending side, it is just the same old, same old Levy and Lewis depressing, niggardly, penny-pinching, Scrooge-like double act of yore. It is not RVP who should be complaining about the short-sighted financial policy of his former club but the entire Spurs dressing room. Forget it, the season is over before it has begun. The only thing that can save Spurs now is that they do so bad that Levy and Lewis decide to cut their losses and sell off to someone who wants to win something and be remembered for more than making money. God curse them!!

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Moloney.
Calm down, calm down.
AVB speaks with forked tongue. We will sign another striker and retain Defoe.
I'm more worried over the delay in letting Modric go and having the time to buy a replacement of similar quality.
I'm also worried about the increasing volume on the sale of VDV.

Ed Moloney said...

I am trying not to count the number of times you wrote the words "worried", jimmy. but if he is using a forked tongue then he is not very politically astute. imagine you are internacional and you hear that! but i have long held the view i expressed above on levy and lewis. for a few moments i thought that maybe the hiring of AVB presaged a new era but alas i believe i was mistaken. same old, same old.....
but there is one glittering edge to the dark cloud. you have finally managed to spell my surname correctly! hang on a moment while i pick myself up from the floor.

JimmyG2 said...

Just a lucky guess friend.
Don't worry about it, that's my job.

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