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Monday, 27 August 2012

Levy Takes the Blame.

Don't shoot the Messenger.
I know just how you feel Julian.

The mutterings have started, but 'He That Is Without Sin Among You, Let Him cast the first Stone'.  The Bible is such a comfort in times of stress and frustration. So go on then get casting, not me obviously, sinless at my age? If only. Who is brave enough to have a go at our disappointing start? Where, if anywhere, does the blame lie?

Firstly don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger and a fan. But the new era hasn't exactly lit up the N17 sky so far. Two games where we aught to have gone in at half time a couple of goals up have produced one point. It must be somebody's fault.

Up first Mr. Andres Villas Boas, late of Chelsea. Young, dynamic, excellent Portuguese credentials, enviable record apart from a blip in West London, talking good sense with a smile on his face. Arguably sold down the river by the Russian who got cold feet when the 'project' stalled.

Now nobody has mentioned the word 'project' at Tottenham but it's on the tip of everyone's minds. Ours has just about limped over the starting line. There have been a few debatable decisions so far; defensive starting line-up at home and substitutions yesterday seemed odd.

The decision to sell Dawson and keep Gallas defies all logic unless you are an accountant in love with your abacus. So perhaps the puppeteer is in charge once again here. But it is obviously much too soon to start questioning the manager's methods even if I just have.

He and the squad are going to have to be given time to bed in. I would accept a finish outside the top four this season as long as there are signs that we are laying the foundations for a new era which the sacking of Harry and the appointment of AVB would suggest.

But for the second season running we have begun without a settled or complete squad. Come on down Daniel Levy who is a serial offender in going to the office without his trousers on. Spend the money Daniel, it's not yours, it's called 'investment'.

£50 million is required which now that Modric has gone at around £32 million with the money already raised on sales and with several cash cows yet to be milked, even allowing for incomers won't even mean breaking into a new £20 note. Moutinho and Llorente or Damiao or someone of their ilks would be fine. The new man should have been given support before the season began, not three games in.

But as they say 'Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose'. Or in Spurs speak, 'same old, same old'. Those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it. Actually my prediction of 13 points from the first six games is bang on track. We just have to win the next four games.

The players seem to be playing for the manager and so far most of the fans, even those who think that Harry has been harshly treated, are giving the new man the benefit of their doubt. We made two early signings and it looked as if Daniel had broken the habits of a lifetime.

But starting the season with just Defoe and Harry Kane in the striking department was asking for trouble and our inability to take advantage of good build up play has so far cost us 5 points which might be crucial at the end of the season. All very predictable really.

Against W. Brom Vertonghen was impressive especially bringing the ball out from the back and apart from a couple of iffy moments looks as if he will be fine. Bale and Lennon had a good first half; Adebayor has clearly spent the summer in a deckchair; Benny scored from a deflected long ranger and Defoe scored but was offside. 'Plus ca change etc'.

Bale alone supplied several crosses, if not begging, at least politely requesting, to be put into the net but when these offers were refused he seemed to lose interest and from then on just wandered about. Sigurdsson looked a little lost and we could have started with him and VDV and kept one of our tame rottweilers on the leash for the start.

 Defoe was ineffective again and taking him off might have been a kindness. The decision to take off Van Der Vaart was odd because once he's gone, without Modric, the engine room was firing on all cylinders with Livermore and Sandro but the central computer was in sleep mode and the ship went into reverse after going round in circles for half an hour.

 In the second half we disintegrated and W.Brom sensing blood poured forward. In the last 15 minutes when an equaliser looked imminent we lost all shape and even the ability to clear the ball from our area. Friedel was a spectator; the right back went walkerabout; we blocked two on the line and  were fortunate not to lose.

So mutterings only so far and Daniel Levy in the frame for the blame game. If it's not perfect it can be improved and to suggest so is not to want anybody's head on a block or their softer parts in a firm grip.

 Another five days Mr.L and if we haven't acquired a striker and a suitable Modric replacement the mutterings could get louder. If they get too loud I might have to change the title to 'Spurs Mutterings'.
Meanwhile me and Julian are off down the pub to commiserate with each other. Oh wait. He's texted to cancel, holed up in Ecuador apparently.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Right name two famous Belgians after Hercules Poirot. Well we might have two ourselves if this latest ITK rumour goes through: Vertonghen and Moussa Dembele. We used to collect Croatians but we've traded them in for Belgians. Might work. Tribute made by a fan when he joined Fulham.


THFC4EVER said...

Thats one greedy mother

Anonymous said...

I don't think we'll be getting any more strikers in now. We should have gone for some Tier 2 strikers like Ba or Kone but those ships have sailed. Damiao and Llorente are out of our league and unless DL can magic a deal of less than £20m for Damiao, the best we are likely to get is MAYBE two of; Moutinho, Isco, Dembele and Lloris...Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm pretty sure Jen-ass was on the bench and featured to remind other clubs he exists, in an attempt to sell him.

Anonymous said...

We have bids in for another goalkeeper when we have three already (and dont say they wont last a season before a replacement is needed!)A defensive midfielder in M'Vila who is just a bit more prolific than Row Z Zokora. (3 in 110 appearences in a dodgy league). Oh so what do we do with the excellent Sandro and Parker? Livermore is 90% more Vinny Jones than Messi so always best as back up. No cover for Benny?
No creative goalscoring midfielder? Then what to do with the guy that looks a footballer but patently isn't? JJ looks like he is going to get games under a manager that looks like a manager but.... A word of advice 'Arry. Hang in there mate as by Christmas, with Levy having resigned and the 'project' faltering big time, the new management will be calling you back for another rescue!
Oh and BTW Oneday Ramos had a better CV than AVB who inherited a team that had won the Portuguese championship 7 out of 8 seasons with different managers. As I said before he looks like a modern manager but then JJ looks like a modern footballer. The Emperors new clothes and there are many wallies who have been taken in by it all.

Anonymous said...

"A word of advice 'Arry. Hang in there mate as by Christmas, with Levy having resigned"?????Obviously a deep thinker and strategist!!! Please tell us why Lvey might resign and why Lewis would pressurise him. Why will Lewis break up a partnership which has enriched him with more than £2billion? Who would Lewis trust and bring in? Having followed Lewis for a couple of decades,I have obviously not grasped his methods so await the great enlightenment. Of course the comment could have been a knee jerk rant without contemplation of how the real world works.

Anonymous said...

You want enlightenment then look at the team's success in the last 20 years or so. A knee jerk rant? A bit of fun my friend but with a sense of real worry that here we go again. It may mean nothing to you but Harry has the best record of points per goal of all of the 6 previous managers (1.74ppg), with Park the Bus Jol coming in second (1.50). But here I digress of course because I am talking football and the modern supporter is far more interested in the bank balances of the owners! C'mon you Lewis-Levy partnership!! Haha BTW...

You'll never pass Kyle Walker said...

'Of course the comment could have been a knee jerk rant without contemplation of how the real world works' Since when was football in the real world??????

Anonymous said...

What has shocked me more than our results is the control freak who anither control freak installed. This is what he did told Modric to train with the kids told Dawson his plans for the club including him has Captain Watched Hudds working his way back from Harry's Needles or should i say the medical staff to get him through games. The outcome was it nearly finished his carrear for good and it still might. The few mins he played he nip the ball strode forward and unleashed a thunderbolt the keeper parried away the second bit of Hudds magic a magic chip over the defence only for the maurading Gallas the wrong man got on the end of it and fluffed it. The last time we would see him was a 40 yard pass across field to Rose to set up a chance. Now the control freak has sent him to feed Crouch and Stoke Marauders some of the best passing in Europe a rare gift in the new riddle with second half energy drugs football. My fans keep saying he is slow but i would bet a 50 pound that he is one of the fastses at the club and run the 100 metres at school weight under Jol never helped his speed. So big Tom learned to maneuver a ball all over the pitch with the accuracy of a missile and if you look closely you will see he strokes the ball at the bottom with back spin so when it reaches Lennon or Bale in space it stops dead. All my fellow fans have forgotten this and are peddling the line both Dawson and Tom are to slow for the modern game i no is not real and Pienaar is a fine example why some teams look mean lean and starving except of energy they have got of to a fast start this season by training early and if you believe that then Lance Armstrong is not guilty. I live in the north west and i knew West Brom under ex Liverpool staff in charge would come at Spurs in the second half and i also no if teams stayed on the pitch we would be unbeaten after two games the games that are changed and won in the second half is staggering and if AVB does not wise up and tell his team to save the attacks tll the second half and pace our game better we will get knocked out or draw after 70 mins or failing that join in like Chelsea have because these teams have players and staff from a team who taught me the secret to there high tempo and famous comebacks. These teams are Newcastle but the player has left this season Chelsea have two Barca have one Madrid has three a good luck at Evertons players faces and you will see massive weight loss and soon they will suffer mini burn outs and defeats big Tom can beat the cheats with his long passing behind saturated defenses and also hit Benny style shots we need him in for Livermore

Charlie Upthenose said...

Fack me I want some of what you are on but in English!!!

Anonymous said...

We have more points now than we had this time last season. Waiting for quality players is always going to happen when we do not have the lure champs lg football. We have to wait and pick up the dregs of what thoses teams dont want right now!! Thats the reality!!

I would have levy in my corner any day. He a persuasive guy! Let him do his thing and thank him with hindsight!!


Ed Moloney said...

Yes, agree James. Mr L and the other L have a few days to pony up. Decency dictates that the pair of them have that as breathing space. Even so, leaving things to the last few minutes guarantees it will be a sellers' market which doesn't make good business sense anywhere least of all in top flight football where wolves roam and sharks swim. I say to them: "Pee or get off the bucket". Otherwise sharp knives will be out.
p.s. second time running J: ought is spelled ought and not aught!

Anonymous said...

Aispur surely you are not buying into statistics, statistics and damn lies? We have one more point than we did last season but by this time last season we had played the eventual winners of the EPL and the runners up!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

The last 20 mins were a worry as we were run over at home by WBA. An underrated West Brom, but still... The first halves of both games so far have been very encouraging. Really not too sure what to make of it all so far, but I remain quietly optimistic.

JimmyG2 said...

We seem to have fingered the guilty party here.You've got four days to come up with the goods, punk.

Last anon. re Aidspur.
My thoughts entirely. Against those two specific teams we are -3 points I think you'll find.

Welcome to the not so silent optimist. Plenty of positivity around but creeping doubts amongst the faithful.

Ed Moloney.
'Aught', permitted variation of 'ought' according to the Oxford concise.

Charlie Upthenose.
With a name like that you are hardly in a position to question the credentials of one of my esteemed contributors.

Ed Moloney said...

Perhaps in Geoffrey Chaucer's day James, but we have moved on since then! I shall ignore charlie cocaine. Someone who refers to his regrettable chemical addiction in his nickname is in no position to comment on anyone's handle!

JimmyG2 said...

You mean Geoff's dead?
Bloody Hell, I must get out more.

Ed Moloney said...

You were probably on one of your airport trips when the news came through.

JimmyG2 said...

Looks like we got one right at last people.
Dembele 'done'.
The curse of Musings video spots lifted.

elwehbi said...

Late to the party.

I think we have done fine over the past 2 matches. The team looked solid for each of the first halves because they predominantly did everything right except for put the ball in the back of the net. I'm sure that becomes frustrating by the second half and form starts to dip. I'm hopeful that with Ade coming back, we could see a positive turn in our fortunes.

BELIEVE people. We're only two games in and we'll need belief throughout the season. AVB has my trust. Let him have yours.


Ed Moloney said...

And another point for consolation if not yet celebration is that the scum of the other part of north London, aka the Gooners, are not exactly breaking delph this season and their players are deserting like rats from a sinking ship. RVP hit them a bad blow. And what a joy it is to see that long drip of water ranting again at the sidelines!

Ed Moloney said...

Okay, very nice. Demeble, dempsey and loris but the key to the door to the golden room was mouthino and L & L wouldn't pay the wages, so they and we are fucked. End of story. Same old, same old.....!

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Moloney
But we've still got JJ so all is not lost.
Still haven't signed a striker who can play the AVB concept.If Ade gets injured we are very 'fucked' indeed.
All motion no notion this year but it might be interesting to watch.
6th place finish and Moutinho and next year.Think long term.

Ed Moloney said...

In the long term, jimmy, we're all dead!

Ed Moloney said...

First half. Indescribably bad!

Ed Moloney said...

Mutter, mutter, mutter.....but what happens when the excuses run out?

Jack Plug said...

Ed you are so right. I have been bangin on about wishful thinking replacing facts and the Emperors new clothes syndrome but getting nothing but flack and 'give him a chance' whining. Why?? Throughout THFC history we have had good players but it has been the manager that gels them together. Redknapp inherited a squad of players and turned them round. MAN MANAGEMENT!!!! AVB has inherited pretty much Redknapps squad and he can't hack it. His success at Porto was with a squad of players that regularly won the Championship. He has no pedigree, no experience except failure at Chelsea..Godsake I hope I am wrong. We are in dire shit and if noone can see it they must still believe JJ is a footballer! I hope Rednapp is still unemployed by Christmas and his white charger is ready in the stable, because we gonna need him!

Ed Moloney said...

Levy must go. If this story carries even a scintilla of truth then he is an idiot to leave things to the last minute, as he always does. That creates a sellers' market and the potential for foul up's, which is what itvseems happened. Why was no homework/preparation done to anticipate these problems? Astounding! No other word for it.

Ed Moloney said...

So not only does the chairman of Spus let a world class player slip through his clumsy finger but the Gooners go and beat L'pool!

Ed Moloney said...

"A Day Late, A Dollar Short" (ADLADS) Levy must go. End of story. Nothing more to be said.

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