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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

AVB wriggles off the three game hook.

Not even these two and Harry as 'Deep Throat' 
could lay a finger on Andres for the moment..

The JimmyG2 Column

The Football desk of your average daily paper.
The Chief reporter and an eager young newshound in conference.

Morning Chief. What shall I do with the Tottenham files? Bin 'em?

'No. Better keep them another week. You know what Spurs are like. Just when they think they're out of the woods a bloody great tree falls right on their heads. Happens every week'.

'Well they looked in pretty good nick on Sunday against Reading'

Exactly, Reading. They've got a hectic week ahead and the Villas Boas 'three games to save job' headline could easily be back on'.

'What shall I do in the meantime Chief, switch to Rogers at Liverpool?'

'Tricky one that son with it being Hillsborough Report week. Better lay off them for a few days. We don't want to get the labelled 'insensitive' now do we.'

'I've put the Tottenham game report on your desk Chief under the headline 'Spurs tear Reading apart'.  Is that a bit too positive do you think?'

Bloody hell boy , you can't go from 'Levy gamble on AVB comes unstuck' to that. Be positively negative like I showed you. Go with ' Defoe fails to secure match ball'.

OK Chief , I'll file the Spurs stuff under ' Accidents waiting to happen' and we will just have to keep our fingers crossed.'

Good. In the meantime do some background research on Rogers and Liverpool. Check Wikipedia, if all else fails make it up. Most of Wiki is invented anyway.  Those Americans are as quick on the trigger as the Russians and David Levy. By October even Lawrenson might be predicting them to lose.

He already has this week Boss. How about, 'Gerrard to retire if Liverpool relegated' as an opener.?

' Nice. Or ' Carroll confident West Ham to finish above Liverpool' You know, subtle stuff, nothing too obvious and then we can go with the 'Rogers, three games to save job' next week

I'm on it Chief. Any mileage in digging up some sour grapes from Harry? You know 70 page dossiers and stuff.?

No let it lie for the moment. AVB seems to have got the media side under control; he's being dignified; the team's playing well; Bale's scored for the first time since January; they're in the top half of the table; all his team selections paid off and even the substitutions worked a treat. But he's only got a stay of execution, not a pardon.

' Gotcha. gGve him a bit of rope eh Chief and we might get an invitation to the funeral.'

Don't start pressing the suit yet boy. It's a long season and AVB has missed the bullet for now. We've plenty of other fish to fry so we don't need to put all our eggs in one basket'.

'That's beautiful style Boss. They don't call you the Headline Hitman for nothing. Actually I quite like Spurs'. 

'Don't get involved in all that hope and despair stuff my lad. Leave that for the Bloggers. They love all that shit'.

'You mean I can't have a favourite team?

Nope. You need a clear and clinical eye if your gonna dish the dirt to all and sundry.  Equal prejudice all round it's the basis of our  integrity. Apart from Sir Alex and Paul Scholes of course.

Seems a bit mean Chief. Am I hard enough for this job?

'I've told you before boy, it's not personal. It's business.. Rogers, AVB, Hughes, Mancini, Di Matteo. I don't care who it is .Someones gotta fall. As long as it's not our circulation. Remember you're only three poor headlines away from the sack in this job'.

OK Boss I'm on my way. 'Lazio, Lazio, Lazio'. Might tell us something when we see the team for Thursday. Did you see him go mad after the goals and then turn round and indicate that everyone should keep calm. I could get to like him'.

' Concentrate boy. You'll never make a sports' reporter if you have favourites. It didn't do Redknapp any good did it? That's apart from Sir Alex of course. Bring me the Liverpool stuff by Friday and we'll review our options'. We'll think about Mancini after the Real Madrid game. Look at the motto on my desk. 'The bigger they come the harder they fall'. Look and learn boy. Look and learn'.

MOM against Reading : Vertonghen, although Sandro had a good game at last, and Lennon, and of course Defoe. ( scored 2 missed 3 but only offside once)

Tottenham starting eleven for Thursday:
Lloris/ Naughton, Dawson,Coulker, Vertonghen/ Livermore, Jenas,Huddlestone/ Dempsey Adebayor, Townsend.

He wouldn't play virtually a second eleven just to prove a point, would he? No probably not. Vertonghen as DM perhaps with Walker at right back. No there's Sunday to think of. Strong team, balanced team, give the squad members a chance? Bale, Sandro, Vertonghen and Defoe on the bench just in case. What do you think?

Jimmy's video and statistics spot.
The Lilywhites are unbeaten at home to Italian sides in Europe (W2 D1).
Lazio have only won two of their last 11 European matches (D3 L6).
The Italians have only won on one of seven trips to England in European competition (D1 L5): 2-1 at Chelsea in the 1999/00 Champions League.(Courtesy Yahoo)
No problem there then.

But here's Spurs in the1984 Final against Anderlecht.
10 minutes of pure nostalgia to get you in the mood.
Even if you've seen it before the tension still gets to you. Apologies for the poor picture quality but the sounds really good. Do you really want to go through all this sort of thing again? Of course you do, starting Thursday.


Anonymous said...

magic !i was 22 in 84' serving with un in lebanon,did'nt see the 2nd leg,did'nt know the result for 3 days after !(no phones,no web,no newspapers)seems unthinkable now !thanks really enjoyed the article too,sad thing is it's probably what goes on in some of these 'papers' on a daily basis !coys

Ed Moloney said...

Actually, Bob Woodward who you feature along with Carl Bernstein in your intro pic, was long considered the hero of the Washington Post's Watergate coverage which helped eject Richard Nixon from the White House in 1974 because he cultivated a high level source known as 'Deep Throat' who fed him great inside info on the cover up. 'Deep Throat's' leaks helped bring Nixon down, without a doubt and Woodward presented 'Deep Throat' as a source motivated by the most noble reasons and his concern for the damage Nixon was doing to America's democratic fabric. In fact, as a recent book called 'Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat' by Max Holland reveals, 'Deep Throat, i.e. Mark Felt who was number two in the FBI was motivated by ambition and the hope that the scandal would discredit & get rid of his boss and he would take over as head of the FBI. Woodward knew all this but realised that presenting Felt in the most favorable light would do his story, and therefore his career no end of good and so he peddled the lie instead. This was the model of 'Deep Throat', that the movie 'All the President's Men' presented to the world and so a myth was born - until it was recently demolished. Nonetheless, Woodward went on to become a multi-millionaire writer and his career took off. All based on a huge lie. Compared to this the low lives in Fleet Street who make up stories about AVB pale. Well, makes a change from writing about ADLADS!!

JimmyG2 said...

It sure does. You're on a hiding to nothing on that one friend as he will go for business reasons when ENIC are good and ready.
On Bernstein, I prefer the myth.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Heh heh, good one Jimmy. Good stuff on Sunday, too. Hold The Back Page indeed. I increasingly feel we are going to stick it up their punters lots more this season!

Interesting stuff from Ed too. Thanks, I did not know that.

Can't get enough of either of our UEFA Cup wins. Great video Jimmy. Great memories.I'd love to win the Europa League even if it means missing out on the CL next season. There I've said it!!!

spur1950 said...

i thought it was 2 games Reading an Qpr,and it wasn't the sun surprise surprise it was the daily crap i know these pr**KS luv redcrapp but are they going to keep it up all season to wear us down??!! still up and running 3 games undefeated lol

Ed Moloney said...

I hope AVB is watching this CL game between Man U and the Turkish team. Rednose reindeer's team is eminently beatable, methinks!

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