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Monday, 24 September 2012

Premature Announcement Revealed.

Like Mark Twain the reports of AVB's death have been much exaggerated.

The JimmyG2 Column

As Harold Wilson once remarked, 'A week is a long time in politics. AVB might agree and add that it seems longer in football. There we were before the Reading game on the doomed Star ship Oblivion heading for a crash landing on Planet Catastrophe. AVB was toast and Tottenham available for organ transplants.

Meanwhile on the wide open spaces of the Premiership Savannah the vultures were gathering to discuss amongst themselves whose bones and entrails they were going to rummage among first. But vultures feed on carrion and sadly for them the Tottenham wildebeest herd were far from dead.

Now I like a metaphor as much as the next man, and similarly a simile, but the problem with this one, invented by the media not me, is that the vultures were not just waiting for their meat to drop dead they were actively stalking their pray and attempting to deliver the 'coup de grace' themselves. Unlikely if you know your vultures but not if know your average football hack.

 All this reminds me of the Uncle Remus Brer rabbit story in which Brer Fox pretends to be dead to try to catch Brer Rabbit. The wily rabbit sits by the bed, just out of reach and keeps saying that if Brer Fox were really dead he would raise one leg in the air and shout 'Pooh' like real dead folks always do.

Eventually Brer Fox does falls for it and  raises one leg and shouts 'Pooh'. Brer Rabbit exits pronto through the window. Like Brer Fox Tottenham have raised a leg and shouted 'Pooh' to their critics, scattered the vultures and with AVB escape to fight another day.

So after a hectic 10 days Tottenham emerge almost unscathed: we're up to 8th place, a point behind Premiership Champions Man. City; two points off the Champions' League places; a creditable performance against unbeaten Italian league leaders Lazio; our first home and away wins in the bag and several new and young players blooded if not established.

The performance against Reading was encouraging; the first half performance against QPR verging on dire but like all the 'top, top' teams we fought back to win and AVB got a grip at half time and earned his corn once again. If winning when not playing well is the mark of a good team then Spurs were outstanding against QPR.

Vertonghen was out of sight as MOM whether at centre half or left back. and his Ledleyesque tackle on Hoillet puts him well on the road to 'Legend 'status after only a handful of games. Caulker looks ready to perform at this level and I hope that Gallas gives way gracefully very soon.

When Kaboul is fit perhaps he and Caulker could take the central positions and Vertonghen could replace Benny at left back. Benny is very likable but a bit of disaster waiting to happen. Vertonghen's performance on Sunday gave a new dimension to the role.

Hugo will have to wait because Friedel made two fine saves to keep us in contention or it could have been the velour drapes for us by halftime In fact AVB has declared that even if Brad has a poor game it might not herald Hugo's Premiership debut.

There are plenty of games coming up in all competitions to keep them both happy. Not however the French press who will continue to stir the pot and fan the Gallic flames of hurt pride.. Perhaps Willy G. the black hole in our back four will retire in sympathy.

Against Lazio we had three goals disallowed: one definitely offside; one very marginally offside; and what would have been Caulker's inaugural goal ruled out for no good reason that I could see. Lloris kept our first and only clean sheet of the season in a game that was tactical rather than exciting and our Thursday Night European journey began well.

So the vultures hop off dejectedly in search of other prey and we can take stock. In midweek AVB has another chance to look at our squad options against Carlisle before the real chance to measure our progress against Man. Utd.. Dawson should get a game, Sandro should be rested for Livermore, and Bale or Lennon for Townsend who has impressed in every walk on cameo so far.

Two of the the three teams in the relegation zone at this stage are QPR and Reading, the two teams we have beaten. I'm not sure whether we beat them because they're in the drop zone or they are in the drop zone because we beat them. The other is, no don't laugh, Liverpool. Is that a flock of hungry vultures I can see on the horizon flapping lazily towards them?

Jimmy's video spot.
Two for the price of one here with Man of the Moment Jan Vertonghen, legend in the making, talking against the backdrop of the new training ground.


Ed Moloney said...

I hate to see a piece with "no comments" at the bottom. So here's a comment.

Anonymous said...

With the way Walker is playing, I would prefer Kaboul at right back, Vert and Caulker in the middle and Ekotto at left back..

Anonymous said...

We direly need a strong reserve LB and it was a pity that Levy was too stingy to pay for that MU youth LB who signed for a non UK side to avoid the fee. Perhaps we will get him when his ? 2 yr contract is up and he has some experience. In the meantime give me Naughton any time over Rose as he has no delusions of grandeur and even when pushed adapts rather than dives in and has improved with each match.

Verto at LB would be a criminal waste except as stopgap.

alwyn said...

Great 2nd half effort and lovely result.

one question: where's Scott Parker? pls oh pls don't tell me AVB plans on selling him?

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Given the three first team left backs are injured or out on loan (who I agree looks a better full back than Rose, even on the left - at least on Broadway's form last season) and our strength at centre back, Vertonghen might fill in there.

But he's far too good to stay at left back imo. I hope we'll really start to see him coming out like a latter day Beckenbauer/Scirea, he's class.

Parker's been out injured, and indeed still is, I believe.

I think it is time to unleash Huddlestone in midfield.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Naughton over Rose I meant.

steve said...

Vert - superb at centre back but the way he linked with bale from left back gives us another dimension to our play. While we're short of left backs I'd leave him there.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an AVB hater and I really think he can do well but as the article says, the two teams we've beaten are in the bottom 3. We played well against Reading and a good half against QPR but we're no where near the finished article yet.
I'm hoping the players will really raise their game against Man U (like most teams do) otherwise this good little run might come to an abrupt end

Anonymous said...

At leasty AVB,altered things,on saturday,and it worked in our favour.Harry would have left it to the dying stages,and we would all be moaning about it.So credit were its due.The only thing that worries me,is Huddleston coming on late on,yes he is a nice technical player,But slow as,and quite often gets caught with the ball.Even coming on as a sub,that is to me a very worrying factor.

JimmyG2 said...

Until Kaboul is fit our options are limited.(Steve)
Jury is still out on AVB but those that don't hate him are starting to warm to him.

Agree with the Huddlestone lovers (IKnowAlanGilzean) but until he's match fit he will only play a bit part.
Unless he plays more he won't get match fit.
though. (Anon 00:06)
AVB would rather sell his chidren than the currently injured Parker so keen are all Spurs fans except me on him.(Alwyn)

Ed Moloney.
Give it time Ed give it time.

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