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Monday, 8 October 2012

AVB rides his luck.

 AVB is getting the hang of this handling the press thingy.
 Three ears  for Andres.

The JimmyG2 Column

It's widely known that when Napoleon was asked if he preferred courageous generals or brilliant generals, he replied neither, he preferred lucky generals. It was certainly applied to Harry who claimed to be illiterate, innumerate and a technophobe. What else other than his experience did he have?

Harry's luck eventually ran out but has he handed down his lucky rabbit's foot to 70 page dossier man Andres Villas Boas. However you can't depend on luck to survive and prosper. As R.E.Shay observed. 'Depend on the rabbit's foot if you want but remember it didn't work for the rabbit'.

Take Sunday where we had a comfortable victory over Villa to make it four in a row. It turned out to be comfortable but AVB took a risk in dropping Friedel and putting in Lloris. And at one crucial moment it could have all blown up in his face. Cue tabloid slavering and cocking their legs on their favourite tree. Their 'arbre de jour' as Hugo would put it.

Lloris threw the ball out quickly in the direction of Bale. The pass was intercepted and crossed to Benteke who with time and space put his header the wrong side of the post. That would have made it 1-0 to Villa and all hell would have been let loose on AVB for dropping good old Brad.

It might have damaged the Spurs career of Lloris and set back Spurs at a crucial time in the game. But it went wide and Hugo held his hands up to acknowledge the error and and AVB and Hugo
breathed a sigh of relief and got on with winning the game.

Where we come to lucky moment numero deux. Within minutes Defoe had shot wide again but it clipped the heel of Caulker and went into the corner of the net. Defoe on the verge of his 200th league goal was generous in awarding it to Caulker for his first Spurs strike.

So two lucky moments to set us on our way to that comfortable win. Two lucky moments for three lucky people; AVB, Caulker and Lloris. We rode our luck last week against United too in the second half where Rooney's free kick hit the post and the usually deadly Van Persie missed an easy chance.

Now I am in the 'it all evens itself out over the season' camp so I'm not too bothered that Lady Luck is wearing a Tottenham thong at the moment. She's an unreliable mistress and you have to enjoy her favours when you can. The Villa game could have drifted out in deadlock or worse if Benteke's header had gone in as it really should.

But games are composed of such moments and we should have been at least 2-0 up in the opening minutes as Bale, Defoe and Vertonghen all missed chances. It was another game of two halves but this week we came alive in the second half and played crisper, quicker football.

Lennon got on the scoresheet with a nicely taken goal and Dempsey did his best not to make it 3-0 with a header that should have gone in. Bale was unlucky with a shot deflected onto the post by Buzan. Adabeyor replaced Defoe and in a ten minute walk on demonstrated that he understands that he is part of a team and why he will be first choice as soon as he is fully fit.

The decision to drop trusty and reliable Brad seemed curious. Lloris is clearly the future but AVB had skilfully laid out the ground for retaining Friedel as the Premiership keeper. Then he turned the tables on him, Lloris and the press without warning at the swish of a cape.

So perhaps the wrong-footing of the press played a part. AVB hinted that he needed to preserve Hugo's credibility with the French manager and to get the French press of his back. He speaks several languages so he probably reads it every morning.  Perhaps he just likes not doing what people expect him to do. It keeps the team on their toes as well.

Now luck is a useful add-on to hard work but it is not a substitute as many people have said. ( The harder I work, the luckier I get. Sam Goldwyn. ) It is arguable that no-one achieves great success without it and AVB deserves a bit of breathing space after his baptism of fire at the hands of the press in his first few months at Tottenham.

We remain in fifth; a goal away from top four; four wins on the trot; 2 points per game average; the press silenced and Adebayor is back. He's a lucky boy that Andres.

Jimmy's Video Spot A fitting tribute to our speedy wingers.
 The editing is a bit irritating but you get the drift. Aaron's luck seems to be changing too. Good luck for England.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant article...shame about the video:-))

Cheshuntboy said...

I've said on other sites that AVB will be judged purely on results, and even doubters (not 'haters') like me can't argue with four consecutive wins, but he certainly has had the rub of the green so far (even from Chris Foy - or is it Hoy?), and long may it continue. Two other points: Bale's dive was totally disgraceful, and certainly should have been penalised, and Lloris seemed a bit 'girly' (reminded me of the injury-prone and now vanished Craig Gordon), but perhaps I'm just showing my intolerant and generally unpleasant nature, for a change.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Spurs are definitely getting there, a few ups and downs to come no doubt. Chelsea is a must not lose game for many reasons, because it is a crap club, top of the league and the psychological stuff around AVB and last year's semi, CL and general animosity and humiliations at their unworthy hands.

I'll remain patient even if we lose 0-2 to them but the media will have a field day. Oh sod 'em. Stick it up yer punter again fellas.

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Anon
We don't charge any extra for the video. Actually it gets better with more viewings.
Has a rhythm to it not obvious at first.

Clever and lucky is a pretty deadly combination.
'I'm just showing my intolerant and generally unpleasant nature, for a change'.
I couldn't possibly comment, but your welcome to Musings anyway.

That's fighting talk pardner. Chelsea are playing well at the moment.Might just take a draw if offered. No?

elwehbi said...

Great post!

I'll take whatever luck we are offered. I'm sure the greatest of champions would acknowledge that Lady Luck had a contributing hand in their successes. Let's ride the wave for as long as it lasts, but when the dust settles AVB better have a plan.

In regards to Chelsea, they are in fine form at the moment. Their players work tirelessly off the ball and are creating chances. Spurs will need to be sharp and prepared. I'm not so sure I see us winning that one though.

Anonymous said...

The chelsea results have been flattering to deceive. According to my mate who is a chelsea season ticket holder, he can't believe where they are, based on the performances. This is a great chance for us to take 3 points. let's hope we get 90 mins of our old trafford first half football.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Yes Jimmy, I would likely take a draw. We'll see better where we are perhaps after the Chelsea game, though it'll be a good test for them too.

JimmyG2 said...

Emcouraging comments by last anon poster perhaps it's on after all.
But I watched them last week against Norwich and they played some good football. Torres will want careful watching.

Ed Moloney said...

I see 'Arry's mates in the bottom-feeding print media are job seeking for him:
sort of sad, in a way.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I'll say this for Lloris, it was lovely to see a Tottenham goalkeeper wear a plain green top (well as plain as they can be these days)in a home league match.

Friedal's done well. He's made some good saves this year but none I wouldn't expect Lloris to make and is still reluctant/slow off his line.

I was surprised too, but I guess AVB may simply see Lloris as the better keeper and likely better suited to how he wants to play. I think it is likely the right decision or at least I understand it. Which I know will be of great comfort to AVB!

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