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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

From Turmoil to Triumph

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The great Alzheimer's test of the last century was,  'Where were you when Kennedy was shot? Well these days I fail that one with ease. Kennedy? Who did he play for?

The updated test for Spurs fans is 'Where were you when Tottenham beat Man. Utd at Old Trafford'. We don't need to go into all that Lineker, 23 years shtick do we? It's etched in blood on all our hearts. At last the sense of outrage at the decisions which have robbed us over the years can be packed away in the box labelled, 'Things best forgotten now that the agony is over'.

I must admit that my relief and excitement was tinged with a touch of anger at the final whistle. However did let this situation go on for so long. A whole generation of fans smarting under the insult of losing to Man. Utd. But we're over it now.

The future looks  whole lot brighter today and it began for AVB and Spurs on Saturday the 29th September 2012. We got lucky but we surely deserved it.  Vertonghen opened the scoring on 90 secs, miscontrolling the ball twice during a mazy run from left back and benefitting from a deflection. The Football Gods clearly had something different in store for us this time.

Then Bale in a Milanesque flashback ran straight through the Manchester defence following a fine tackle by Sandro, a shrewd pass by Dembele and a diagonal run by Defoe to take Evans on a wild goose chase. He scored in style with his wrong foot and Ferdinand was looking for a taxi to share with Maicon.

The third goal again featured Defoe who turned Ferdinand on the left, obeyed Bale's clear instructions of where to put the ball, his fierce shot followed which was parried into the path of Dempsey and we were 3-1 up. It had all got a bit hectic after the half time hair dryer break. They scored, we scored, then they scored again to make it 3-2. Three goals in three minutes.

We decided to call it a day with half an hour to go. High lines were abandoned, attack was forgotten and we played a training ground game of attack versus defence. At one point Friedel was the furthest man forward and by the end we had four accredited centre halves camped out on the edge of the six yard box. A tactic not for the faint-hearted, playing or watching.

But it worked. Van Persie missed a couple, but he's new and hadn't read the 'Spurs at Old Trafford'
script. Evra missed one and Rooney hit the post from a free-kick with Friedel beaten. We out muscled them in the first half and they never quite recovered. Ferdinand wished he'd stayed back in the hotel with Evra.

Fortune favoured the brave and we were brave to go at them from the start and braver still to defend a narrow lead in the second. Whether this was tactical or accidental as they came at us I'm not sure. Neither full back dropped square for the ball from Friedel and he consistently, or persistently, kicked long to no-one for 45 minutes.

However, I repeat, it worked; we got away with it. Thus were the history books updated, record books torn up and legends born. AVB, Spurs and the fans have been given a real boost to their confidence and moved from 'turmoil' to triumph. Some turmoil.

In an earlier blog my early season hope was for 13 points from the first six games and that this would put us in line for a top four challenge. Well we got 11 and are 5th. So what about the next six? This includes Chelsea at home, Man.City and Arsenal away but also Aston Villa and Wigan at home and Southampton away.

So I am hopeful of getting 12 points, three wins and three draws. This is to ignore the euphoria generated by beating United away after which you could argue that we are more or less unbeatable, but I won't. However it should put us in the top four.

So for the moment the AVB hate campaign in the Press is on hold but don't be fooled into thinking it has gone away for ever. Relax Andres for now the fans and the players have got your back

Here is my Graphic of the Day (New Feature)

League progress
League Progress 2012/13
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Unbeaten in 7 in all games and three wins in the Premiership on the bounce.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
With no sense of irony Sir Alex bemoans their bad luck and the fact that there should have been enough added time to allow them to get the equaliser and the winner. The rules obviously need changing here. You've got me convinced Sir Alex declare the match null and void and award it to Man. Utd. 
The words 'Bad' and 'Loser' in that order, come to mind.


galvin was god said...

Interesting that SAF made no reference to fergie time in his ESPN interview straight after the game, only deciding to subsequently, once prompted by his dementia nurse. revisions of decisions have made him the object of derision for some time now

JimmyG2 said...

No,nor in his interview with MUTV.
Could he be kicked upstairs before AVB is sacked?
Might they even try to steal AVB to replace him?

Anonymous said...

Just a cover up for his choice of an awful starting team. Clever man, hardly any mention of this, it's all about "Sour grapes". As I said clever man distracts all the bad press he should have got from his selection.

alwyn said...

a glorious result. i'm still in disbelief.

we have a record of scoring early against Man U, so when the 90sec goal i decided i couldn't bear to watch anymore.

then i heard the moans from the Man U fans and - in what's probably the inspirational turning point for us - Bale showed why some Spanish club once had a hard on for him.

i must, say, though that we simply could've been far better in the 2nd half. the only time i see Man U back-pedalling (like we did after Kagawa's goal) is when they play Barca.

what's stopping the lads from taking the game to Man U and trying for 4 or 5-2?

still, COYS. frickin' awesome match.

Ossie Villa said...

I certainly will remember where I was when victory was sensed in the air...I was feeding the kids in GBK Burger just off Putney High St after their joint Birthday treat to an EPL game (the 8 yr old is SPURS the 10 yr old is POOL) that is easy to get to and nicer for the kids, that being Fulham v. Man City, when we overheard a Dad on the other table tell his kids SPURS were up 2 - 0 at 1/2 time !

I told him I wish I hadn't heard that....on the drive back the little fella playing on the I phone told me it ended 2 - 3 as I couldn't bear to check myself, having been disappointed doing that so often...nearly drove into back of an truck on the M40 such was the adrenaline.

So happy for AvB (he's the man for me...) but even happier for our tremendous travelling fans who deserve that more than ever this season showing the WHL crowd what a shower they are (I was at the QPR game and agreed with the QPR fans that it is indeed a frigging Library these days) really getting behind our boys.

One thing that stood out for me was for the first time ever Defoe was doing some great running off the ball and taking key defenders with him as well as making at long flipping last incisive passes to other players instead of doing his own thing, could this be AvB influence ?! If it is Defoe could really turn into a very valuable player for us.

Read a very interesting article in the Gruadian today on Zola (one of my absolute favs, wonderful Ambassador for the game) who is at Watford now explaining how long it takes for players to adapt to new systems and stick to them for the WHOLE match as opposed to 45 and 60 minutes which is what he is experiencing with his squad at the moment.

For SPURS this whole year is about steady transformation from a side that fell about 2/3rds through last season, greater glory will come, I feel it.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I know it's wrong, and I'm super proud of the first half performance and the refusal to buckle in the second half and indeed the win, but the more the week goes on the more disquiet I feel about the Alamo tactics in the last 30 mins.

Anyhow, let's not leave it so long to do it again. I can sort of understand not winning there for so long, even though there have been opportunities, though usually beatings and weird refereeing, as they've been a very strong side since the early 90s and well, we mostly haven't. It's the failure to win at shitty old Chelsea for so long that irks me.

Ed Moloney said...

Sunday was great, but not as good as this:

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Anon.
Good point.

All you can say is it worked. We've gone the other track and been beaten.

Ossie Villa
Yes 2-0 up for Spurs against Man Utd is a very dangerous position. Good article on Zola.

Chelsea's turn next. Believe. Last 30 minutes was not an easy watch and we might not get away with it again.

Ed Moloney.
You've had to dig deep to find that one.
Mmmm Jimmy Greaves my favourite player of all time. As my name implies.

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