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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Heat turned up another notch on AVB.

The North London Derby. 
Think about some thing else Andre.
It works for me.

The JimmyG2 Column.

So here we are again on the verge of yet another 'must win' game. I notice that Ex-Arsenal defender Nigel Winterburn is saying the same. The only difference was that he thought it was a must win game for Arsenal. Looks as if one team is going to be disappointed. Unless it's a draw of course and then both teams will be disappointed

Now this 'must win' malarkey is just a journalistic method of hyping up a single game to make it seem like 'Gunfight at the OK Corall'. We lost to Chelsea and nobody died. Now that would have been a satisfying win for all sorts of reasons including settling personal scores for our Andre but with less than a dozen games on the clock no game is a 'must win'.

Once again the NLD is being talked up in these terms. Most 'must win' games are actually, 'better if we didn't lose' games. There is a case for saying that games against your traditional rivals, for geographical or historical reasons, include bragging rights which make them more important but that's not the same thing.

Whether he or the players will feel the heat more than for the Chelsea game is open to doubt.It's not exactly a local derby for most of the boys. But you know what they say about  being unable to stand the heat Andre. Keep calm and carry on squatting friend, I'm right behind you.

Arsenal are not doing well at the moment but if they were to win they would overtake us in the Premiership. A good stimulus to try to win it. A win would keep us clear and keep us in touch with the leaders including Chelsea who are down to third. As it's the first game of the weekend we would be just 4 points behind. Not bad considering all the doom and gloom amongst Spurs fans

It would also help us regain our confidence and  keep our manager's head above the rising flood waters after a poor week in the Premiership. It would fend off the inevitable Doom Sayers; the Bayers for AVB's blood, the 'Bring Back Harry' trolls; the 'It's all Levy's fault' for not signing a fit replacement for Modric, or any comparable replacement whatsoever for Van Der Vaart,; for selling Berbatov, Carrick, Kevin- Prince Boateng and Jimmy Greaves to West Ham in the 70's

The chronology seems to have gone a little haywire here but it's the same gravy just a different roast. 'Must win' clearly breaks down then into different categories. This upcoming game is a, 'Wouldn't it be really nice for everyone concerned and for all sorts of reasons, if we could go to The Emirates, catch The Gunners at a low moment and get three valuable points on the board' sort of game.

'Must win' games usually take place at the end of the season against fellow relegation rivals in the proverbial 'six pointer'. This is not a position we have been in for several years and even if we are not firing on all cylinders at the moment nobody has mentioned the 'R' word. Not within range of my hearing anyway.

Now as you know I never make predictions, not in advance anyway. Both teams are missing players, Dembele is definately out for us, the eighth game he's missed. Both teams are struggling a bit, them slightly more than us. They have home advantage. We have Willy Gallas itching to beat his former team-mates but it didn't work against Chelsea.
So it looks like 2-2 then, to the satisfaction of nobody.

Talking Point of the Day (1) (New Feature)
The boy Caulker. Done well on his debut for England. He was playing against one of the best strikers in Europe.  He looked fairly comfortable all considered, scored a goal on debut and kept  Ibrahimovic down to one goal until subbed for Shawcross on 74 minutes.
Within  3 minutes Zlatan had scored again and 15 minutes later had added another two,  the last of which was one of the finest goals I have ever seen. At least Steven could watch and admire it from the bench.
Now all that could have been just a coincidence obviously but let's not take our rose tinted bi-focals off just yet.
He's a Yid (Oops!) and I quite like the boy.He's composed and his first thought is usually positive.
Will he ever be as good as Ledley (the King) King. Well he's only 20 so let's give him a chance.

Talking Point of the Day (2) 
 Should Hugo Lloris be our No 1 keeper?
Without one smidgen of a scintilla of a shadow of a doubt. That's an unqualified 'Yes' then.

The above two players could be Spurs stalwarts for years to come unless Hugo gets pissed off by Xmas and signs for Arsenal. Remember you read it here first, unless you've already read it somewhere else. That Arsene Wenger knows a good French player when he sees one.
  1. Trivial Pursuits helpline (Yet another new feature)
England debut scorers: Which players in the last 10 years scored in their debut game?
Your starter for (10) Steven Caulker.
David Nugent (2005). Shaun Wright-Phillips (2004), Francis Jeffers (2003) and Kieran Richardson (2004) are the most recent England debut scores. Welcome to a not very exalted company Steven.
Jimmy Greaves and Alan Shearer did so as well  so not too bad over all. 
In fact JimmyG1, my hero, scored on his debut at every level, I think.

Jimmy's Video Spot:

'Stiffen the sinews; Summon up the blood'.
Nothing like a bit of Henry V to get us in the mood for the NLD.
May the best team win unless it's them and then a lucky o.g.. to clinch it for us will do or even a dodgy penalty decision. Not that we'll need either of course.

With thanks to HotspurFC1950 and those nice people over at Spurs Community.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I won't be disappointed with a draw, but think we'll win.

Arsenal, Lazio, West Ham, Liverpool. Exciting week or two coming up.

Ed Moloney said...

'R' word, 'R' word, 'R' word - there you are jimmy. mentioning what everyone else but you is thinking. that is where we are heading. choice of goalkeeper is the litmus test. if he goes once agian for the ignorant american hoofer, that's it. he can't whack it and it's time to look elesewhere before it really, really is 'R' word time!

Ed Moloney said...

i mean, you're the manager of a first class football team and week in and week out you see your goalkeeper kicking the ball upfield to the opposition who keep attacking you in waves. and you are losing games; the last match was won by a goal which came straight from one of those stupid hoofs upfield. yet week after week you choose him in preference to a goalie who tries to get the ball to his own side. would you give a job like spurs manager to someone like that? or would you ask him is there something wrong with his eyesight, can he not see what the rest of the world does? in the name of god!!!!!!!!!

JimmyG2 said...

For 'exciting' read 'testing and difficult'.
I am the official spokesman for the 'Take a draw faction'

Ed Moloney.
There is no danger of relegation man, we are much too good to go down! Doh!
A current poll on Spurs Community is showing that 93% of Spurs fans want Lloris. Friedel is running 1 vote ahead of Gomes on 3%

AVB hallo, hallo. is there anybody there?

Cheshuntboy said...

Talk about getting in your excuses in advance! It's not really THAT important (sez u) so it doesn't matter much when we lose - you haven't said it quite that bluntly, but that seems to be the gist of the article. What do a few minor defeats against the likes of Chelsea, City (and Arsenal) matter, so long as we're not nasty to AVB, who needs to get his confidence back after those horrid Chelsea players wanted to play football instead of chess. So game after game will be lost, along with yet another wasted season, as AVB and Levy continue building castles in the sand while other clubs win things.

Anonymous said...

interesting article

Ed Moloney said...

cheshuntboy - if it all does go pear-shaped, which i sincerely hope & trust it will not, let us all make sure that the blame goes to the person really responsible, not AVB but daniel 'not in my den' levy. ok? and if it happens let's also talk about fan power this time instead of grumbling on the sidelines. time for a revolution, build the barricades, fill the wine bottles with petrol and stuff rags in their necks!

JimmyG2 said...

Don't be fooled by my uber-cool, laid back, hippy exterior. I would love it, love it, if we beat them tomorrow.
But at this stage of the season it is not a 'must win' game.

Ed Moloney.
No Molotov Cocktails on my blog friend. You'll get me and Greg arrested.
Fans have 'diddly squat' power I'm afraid. Fasten your seat belts, keep your hands inside the car, don't stand up and try to enjoy the ride.

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