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Monday, 19 November 2012

Not all 5-2 defeats are the same.

Not the way I would have gone Andre
But it's your neck on the block .
The JimmyG2 Column
What are the chances of losing 5-2 to Arsenal for the second match running? 100/1 according to the bookies and some 125 fans, not all Arsenal supporters placed the bet. They had a more profitable afternoon than I did. Adebayor ruined not only the game but my weekend despite what AVB says to the contrary.

But all is not lost. From the wreckage of the latest North London Derby hope arises. It seems apparent that not all 5-2 defeats are the same. Last time I ended frustrated and angry at a two goal lead being given away. We didn't just concede that game, we capitulated and made ourselves look inept andlacking in spirit.

This time at the end I was relieved that it hadn't been worse and curiously proud that we had gone down fighting thanks to Andre's tactical changes at half time; by the inclusion of Lloris at last, and by the inclusion in the starting line-up of both Adebayor and Defoe.

And it seemed to be working. We were ahead and bossing the game. Lennon went close to getting a second, narrowly missing the far post with Szczesny beaten. At that point they hadn't had a look in and this was a proper Tottenham 17 minute cameo playing with style and pace.

But then disaster struck. Adebayor made a reckless challenge and was sent off. Not only was it reckless it was needless on the half way line with Cazorla facing his own goal. Too pumped up after scoring against former team? Who knows what goes through the minds of forwards when they attempt to tackle.

But it changed the game. Previously when we were ahead we have defended deep and increasingly desperately. But this time although a man short we eventually went three at the back, taking off the Kyle brothers and bringing on Dempsey to assist Defoe. Bale scored a fine solo goal and at 4-2 they looked unsure.

And if Bale had passed across the goal instead of trying to find the far post then it could easily have been 4-3 and anything might have happened. Instead we had the irony of seeing Jermain kicking the post in frustration at someone shooting when they should have passed. Pot, kettle friend: pot, kettle.

As someone put it, AVB earned his Spurs yesterday: in his team selection and formation; in his positive reaction to adversity and in his defense of Adabeyor. His assertion that we controlled the game at all times or that it wasn't Ade's fault are clearly ridiculous. But the man is really trying to do and say the right thing and I applaud him for it.

We fell to pieces for the 20 minutes between the sending off and halftime as uber pundit Gary Neville suggests and conceded 3 goals. This was the period when the game was finally lost. AVB clearly froze for a while there and could be seen checking his CV in his notebeook.

 Kyle Naughton was bamboozled by Walcott for the equaliser; Podolski's goal was a lucky deflection off Gallas. I'm not at all sure how Giroud scored the third and it should probably have been cleared. The fourth was a beauty dispatched by Cazorla. Huddlestone was involved in the first three goals, but not in a good way.

 As soon as other players are available I think he will be gone. His negatives out weigh his positives at the moment and Little Tom is snapping at his heels. When the invite to the party says 'Bring a bottle' it implies that the bottle should be full Mr. Huddlestone.

At that stage a slaughter was on the cards and the spirit of the team and the tactical re-organisation prevented that at least. We were understandably well beaten and yet I felt a lot better than I did after the last occasion under Harry who had the benefit of a full complement of players.

Friedel will play against Lazio and Lloris will be established as our Numero Uno at last. I'm not sure whether Brad would have saved any of the five goals, possibly the last one which came through yet another lunge by Dawson but he might not have been out as quickly as Hugo for the several interventions that he made. This resulted from a simple error by Vertonghen who had played well upto then.

Adebayor will also be available to play on Thursday and he owes us at least a hat-trick. Carroll made a decent showing and should start with Livermore unless he gets the nod for Sunday. Sandro lived up to his 'Beast' reputation  and deserves a rest before the next 'must win' game against West Ham.

So something of a turnaround for this Spurs fan. Lose heavily to the old enemy and yet positives are looked for and emerge. Usually, even when we win, I am quick to find a negative or two, because they are always to be found. But it's going to be a long, hard difficult season and AVB is going to need abit of help from all the friends he can muster.

So we certainly lost this particular battle but Harry on MOTD thinks that with the strong squad he left us with we should win the war and finish above Arsenal. He seems to have forgotten that our best two players have left. It's Harry's usual shtick of shaking hands with a smile on his face whilst knifing AVB in the back.

 'Cazorla top top player, he ran the game at the Lane when Villareal came two years ago ' Sigh,  nothing to do with me I'd have signed him on the spot look, shrug. How come he ended up at Arsenal then?

But if this game can bolster support for the Head Coach and bring the players together which is certainly what he is trying to do by refusing to blame Adebayor then who knows it might just work. Adebayor is as guilty as hell and it all smacks a little of desperation but this supporter is prepared to go along with it.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
AVB's theme tune at the moment. One of my particular all time favourites . The original 1968 recording of Joe Cocker and the Greaseband singing 'I get by with a little help from my friends'. Like Spurs, Joe comes and goes over the years but is definitely one of the true originals. Oh go on then Andre, I'll be your friend and give you whatever help I can muster.


Anonymous said...

only the bottom three clubs have conceaded more goals than us..!

Anonymous said...

Im amazed how avb gets no grief from spurs fans, yet Harry got massive abuse for getting us 4th. Doesnt that seem strange to you??
Will be ineteresting about Lloris, if he drops him now he will have destroyed any self confidence the bloke has left.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm not all 5-2 poundings are the same? Well your lot got fucked over in a different way with the same result? Pffft

Anonymous said...

This was a strange game.
1) we were bossing the game in the first 20 minutes with 11 men
2) we played a full strength Arsenal team, and we had 5 decent players (caulker, ekotto, Kaboul, parker, dembele) missing. getting these guys back would improve us
3) our second half performance and the changes avb made

1) Adebayor - will give him the benefit of the doubt, but really...
2) The capitulation in the 5 minutes before the wistle. We switched off, almost just waiting for half time.
3) Squad strength - Naugton not good enough, and no one who could play a similar role to Ade
4) Defoe - we can do better. Yes he can score, but when you play one striker, and Spurs create lots of chances, you should expect to score. he needs to do more. How we could have done with a Klinsman, or even a Berba !
5) Gallas - don't need to say much more..

Ed Moloney said...

am i alone in thinking the referee was a tad harsh? sure it was a bad foul but it was not the culmination of a pattern of dangerous play, just natural over-exuberance. a yellow and some serious finger-wagging would have sufficed surely? the consequence was that the shape of the game was distorted beyond repair, a result out of kilter with the offence in my view. i see fulham had a similar experience. refs are like cops, never trust nor like 'em!

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon poster.
What are you saying? Drop Gallas and Friedel. If so I agree.

Anon 10:37
You know why. Harry let us down last season and had been here 4yrs. AVB has only just arrived and after 12 games with a depleted squad needs more time.

Gooner Anon.
Tthank you for your input. Did you not read the article?

Anon 10:59
What is known in the trade as 'A game of three halves'

Cheshuntboy said...

Well, you made your excuses for losing prior to the game, and now you're pumped up with pride because AVB showed what a mastermind he is in preventing a 'slaughter'. There really is nothing to be said - the lunatic has taken over the asylum.

I said...

Broadly agree Jimmy. There's definitely something exciting there, as the game at Newcastle, Saturday and first 60 mins vs WBA (perhaps that result needs seeing in a new light given their start to the season) and first half at Man Utd, alongside some slow, ponderous and frankly not very good stuff.

I'd play Lloris Thursday night too, he needs game time. Naughton had done okay earlier in the season, out of position. I think it's fair to say he got done badly on Saturday, though he could have done with more help (though, a tad unfairly, we (I) want Bale to make lung bursting and decisive runs all day and support his full back til he drops...)

I think Naughton is worth a go at right back before deciding he's not going to cut it as Anon 10.59 implies. There's that Smith kid too? Walker needs a rest/time to regroup, has done for a while.

We're gonna go on a good run now, I know it...

Nick said...

Hi JimmyG2, always enjoy your blog (and I'm a Gooner). You aksed what went on in (a striker's) mind? In this instance, you refer to Adebayor. I can tell you wht didn't go in his mind, and that's the team. It's no good - at Premier, professional level - to blame it on the adrenalin or teh abuse he was gettign or anything of that sort. Adebayor has never been a team player. He plays for his own glory and is utterly mercenary when it comes to loyalty i.e. pay him enough, and you'll have his loyalty. Ask Arsenal, ask City!

There was absolutely no excuse for his 2 foot, studs up, late tackle. But if he played with the team in mind, with a desire for Spurs to win and advance, he would never have acted like he did.

I ws glad Adebayor left Arsenal - a disruptive force in the dressing room and lazy striker with a terrible first touch. Gallas now looks though his best days are behind him. Slow to react at times and that cost Tottenham goals on Saturday.

Get rid of both in january and buy some Carzolas. Defoe will do the rest for you.

And I agree with Kompnay, think We'll finish above you - just not sure it will be fourth!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I Said sounds very grand. That should be IKnowAlanGilzean

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Moloney.
It ruined the game but was a fair decision in my view.

No, just trying to find some fruit under the lumpy custard.

IKnowAlan Gilzean.
Why is Adam smith on loan at Millwall in the first place?
Good points about Lloris and Bale.

Gooner Nick.
You're very welcome.
'Buy some Carzolas'. Good advice. Do you know where there are any more? Cheap?
Would you like Gallas back? Cheap?

Nick said...

oooh, just take a look at this!

Ed Moloney said...

isn't carzola a cooking oil of some sort? why would we want that?

Ed Moloney said...

to nick: since when has being unpopular at arsenal been a black mark against anyone? a badge of honor in my view.......

Ed Moloney said...

more for nick. you write: "Adebayor has never been a team player. He plays for his own glory and is utterly mercenary when it comes to loyalty i.e. pay him enough, and you'll have his loyalty. Ask Arsenal, ask City!"
could also ask fabregas, nasri, RVP or 95% of EPL players these days.

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Moloney.
Don't be nasty to our guests Ed.
Musings welcomes all civilised people nomatter who they support.

Can't get any response to your reference.
What's it about?

Ed Moloney said...

see you round jimmy

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