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Saturday, 24 November 2012

That's one problem sorted anyway.

Can I put this goalkeeping problem chart away Mr. Boas?
I think we're at stage 8 after Lazio.
 The JimmyG2 Column
 So you would think that the Lazio game has put the great goalkeeping debate to bed at last. Lloris was outstanding, Spurs were very average but got away with a goalless draw putting them on the verge of qualification for the next round of the Europa.

 Another draw against Panathinaikos at The Lane and they are through with Lazio. Unless the Italians get disqualified for racist chanting and Nazi salutes. Don't hold your breaths.

A combination of Lazio's poor finishing and the brilliance, quickness and bravery of notre Hugo resulted in a clean sheet. Another wrongly disallowed goal for Spurs and a general lack of interest in getting into their box ensured that we were also scoreless and not a little clueless. So a fourth draw it was.

Away to a decent team on an an awful pitch provides excuses enough if you want them but nobody could argue that we played with too much desire, Sandro excluded of course, but he doesn't know how to play any other way. The back four looked tentative especially Naughton and surprisingly Caulker.

We maintained the high line in front of Lloris and he supplied the 'sweeping' support but it looked a little risky at times. They were offside nine times and relying on the officials is a doubtful strategy: they certainly got the Bale decision wrong for a start.

On the whole though especially when Lloris is playing I prefer it to the last ditch defense mode where we end up with half the team crammed into the six yard box. I wouldn't put all your money on Friedel not playing against W. Ham because as we know AVB can be a bit quirky and stubborn at times. He apparently vetoed Brad's alleged return to Blackburn so who knows.

Another sign of the times was the selection of Carroll ahead of Huddlestone. The boy did well, always on the move and looking for the ball. It was his through ball that set up Bale but his attempts to re-produce the killer pass went astray as the game progressed and he tried to force the game too much. Not a bad fault in a young player. Anything Hud can do....

Whether this is a permanent change is doubtful. Huddlestone has an increasing number of detractors but again AVB does not make sweeping changes in a hurry and I expect to see Big Tom back in the frame against W. Ham. Naughton was very hesitant and Gallas could play on Sunday with Vertonghen reverting to left back.

Dempsey brought little if anything to the party again and neither did Adebayor who has been lecturing the squad on what a dire situation we might find ourselves quite soon. As this is partly due to his stupidity against Arsenal I think a short period of silence would go down very well.

The re-appearance of Dembele was a hopeful sign and he might get an hour on Sunday. Sigurdsson played better against Lazio too showing both desire and skill and his longer term prospects at Spurs look more promising than Dempsey's. Apart from Bale though we didn't get a shot on target and our build up and passing lacked real quality.

News at home. (New feature)
Harry, (4 points from 12) Redknapp has been installed at QPR, less than 48 hrs after the sacking of Hughes. He will attempt to reprise his Harry Houdini escape routine which he did at Portsmouth and Spurs but which failed at Sunderland.

Signing Defoe could be on the agenda and one or two others. He has an expensive but uneven squad to sort out and I would not put any money on QPR staying up. I would be interested to hear Adel Taarabt's views on his arrival. He is the kind of maverick talent that might prosper under Harry, if he gets the chance.
At least we can be sure that Harry won't be coming back to Spurs any time soon.

News from abroad (New feature)
Two Lazio or possibly Roma 'ultras' have been charged with attempted murder after the attack by anything between 20 and 100 thugs, depending on which paper you read, in a bar before the Lazio game. The most badly injured fan is in a stable condition in hospital. The Italian authorities at football and government level have apologised officially and it remains to be seen if the matter will be followed through properly.

Progress report. points...5th place
!2 games... 17 points... 8th place.
Considering that we have lost four of our last 5 Premiership fixtures our position could have been much worse. I forecast, by which I meant hoped, that we would have 20 or more points by now but looking at the next 6 games I forecast, hope, that we will have another 12 points on the board and that we will be hovering around 6th place.
We have W.Ham, Liverpool, Swansea and Stoke at home, and Fulham and Everton away. If we have much less then the pressure will be building on AVB and the team. But what's new?

Interesting fact that may or may not be highly significant.
If games were 80 minutes long we would be second in the table to West Brom. (Courtesy 'The Guardian). I haven't checked this but it is The Guardian after all.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Highlights of the game. You might not think so from this but we actually had more possession. No sound I'm afraid which is a pity because the Spurs fans were in good voice.


Anonymous said...

You mean failed at Southampton:-))

Anonymous said...

Friedel & Kaboul (b4 his injury ) have been Tottenham's best players in the last 18 months, and although Lloris was excellent against Lazio I fear he will be a bit accident prone between the sticks.

Anonymous said...

Well we have come along way J.G2 since our heady days under media magnet Harry. I expected him to be at our new complex with Jim White at Crimbo but sadly he at formula one QPR with Bondy and Joe. So we will have to suffer media disaster Avbwho is still womt learn you cant play Thursday and win in the premiership without luck and good refsthis is because of supplements confirmed by England's Poland fiasco and drinks tired legs are a thing of the past you will see West Brom and other teams defending with numbers in the box and then attacking with the same players for 95 mins. This means no game is a given and playing the way we do with four at the back and somtimes two when we attack wont win games. When we played Latzio we had seconds to pass and gave the ball away when we tried to attack in numbers we left the back door opened. The new way of playing is defend in numbers and if you lose the ball get back behind and defend to do this you can use Caffeine supplements or ones hidden like Toure and others. So playing our best players in the UFA is not an option has Liverpool have shown by playing kids when possible

Andre5 said...

You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps. Just make the switch to Lloris and be done with. He will only get better with more games anyway.
With Dembele back and hopefully BAE not too far away, I think we will start getting decent results again.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Pleased to see Lloris start again and hope AVB stops messing about with the keepers.

It was somewhat pedestrain vs Lazio but arguably job done. The high line needs a lot more than an excellent keeper-sweeper to work. Not sure we have the midfielders or forwards to press hard enough, early and high up enough to minimise the ball over the top.

We seemed simply to be playing a high offside trap most of the time on Thursday. Parker may be the best suited to this, other than Sandro and maybe both will be needed in the side until Jan/summer.

The fascist ambush on a few mind your own business Spurs fans was shocking yet not so surprising. I've seen games in Rome before and their ultras really are a bunch of violent fascist cowards. Lots of answers required.

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
I said that.

2nd Anon
We'll see but I don't think so.

Fingers crossed.Starting Sunday I hope.

Need to press harder like we did in the first game at Newcastle.

numbo said...

RE: Anonymous 15:07

on the subject of Lloris vs Friedel:

Statistically there is no contest. Friedel has let in at least one goal in every games he has played this season. Lloris has keep a clean sheet in 40-50% of his outings.

just so as you know.

Anonymous said...

We would do far better with a new manager. Someone who has actually played the game for a few years, and knows what it is like to be on the pitch.Rather than one who reads his notebooks and immerses the team in stilted, stifling tactics. For god's sake let the team play football, like we all know they can.

JimmyG2 said...

You know what they say about statistics.
He's young, athletic,,French, good looking, athletic, slim, still got his own hair, quick andbrave. What more do you want.

Anon 2:22
Yor premise is flawed. Mourinho had a short and unsuccessful career as a player.
Booby Charlton was hopeless as a manager.
But our poor football style at the moment is areally big worry.

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