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Monday, 5 November 2012

The (Boo) Boys are Back in Town

Ignore them Andres
 At least we've got away advantage for the next two games.
The JimmyG2 Column
Guess who just got back today?
Those wild Eyed (Boo) boys that've been away
Haven't changed, Haven't much to say
But man I still think them cats are crazy.

The Boo Boys are back in Town.
(With apologies to Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy(edit)

The Boo Boys are back in town and as someone once said in another context, 'If they had a brain cell between them they would be dangerous. Have we got 2 points in eight games? No we've got 17 from 10. Are we struggling in the relegation zone? No we're sharing fourth place. Booing is not clever, it's not funny but most importantly it's counter productive.

Perhaps they are just climbing on the 'AVB out' bandwagon generated by the press. If they think that paying their entrance fee gives them the right to undermine the confidence of a manager and a team that are only slowlytrying to find the Tottenham Way then they are sadly misguided.

Perhaps it's just as well that the next two difficult games are away from home. The fact that our home record is inferior is a clear sign to the boo boys to shut up. I watched the Liverpool/Newcastle game yesterday Now there's a team in trouble. But the home crowd gave unrelenting backing to them and lifted the team throughout the game.

When the team isn't lifting the crowd perhaps it's the crowd's turn to lift the team.

If this is not the Chinese Year of Transition then it should be. AVB has been dealt a poor hand by Levy and injuries although I can't deny that he hasn't played his cards as well as he might. But you can't make a silk purse out of a cow's bum and ten games in is too soon to be making the kind of judgements that the 'Boo Boys' have made.

This is a demonstrably a poorer team than we have had in recent years. Friedel and Gallas are, these days, accidents waiting to happen whatever sterling service they have done in the past. Both were culpable for the Watson winning goal on Saturday. Walker seems to have peaked at a remarkably early age. Booing won't help him either.

Sigurdsson and especially Dempsey might well not be good enough and neither of them is Van Der Vaart.  Dembele when fit looks a decent player but he is no Modric. With four of our first choice midfielders, Parker, Dembele, Livermore and now Sandro injured AVB's options are even more limited.

We have able replacements in goal and at centre half and the sooner Vertonghen joins Caulker in the middle the better. Karl Naughton could play at right back or until Benny returns in place of Vertonghen on the left. None of this explains away the Wigan result, but it's not even the first time that we have lost to Wigan at home recently.

They are a well organised team playing under a bright young manager who was ironically deemed not good enough for Spurs by the terrace and internet experts.  On Saturday Wigan were a collection of average players whose whole was greater than the sum of its parts: Spurs were a collection of quite good players whose whole was less than the sum of its parts.

Nobody played well and apart from Vertonghen who got a difficult volley on the turn on target and Bale we hardly threatened. The loss of Sandro early on disrupted an already unimpressive midfield, Huddlestone struggled to find enough movement ahead of him to make positive passes and he was closed down well in any case.

Sigurdsson flitted about like a Halloween sprite and Dempsey seemed ineffective wherever he was supposed to be playing. Bale and Lennon promised much and delivered little. Carroll came on and was neat and tidy but doesn't look like a game changer at the moment.

The change that irked the Boo Boys was not leaving Defoe on when Adebayor made his appearance. But Defoe had hardly touched the ball in the first hour let alone make any significant passes.Whether he or Dempsey should have been subbed is the Head Coach's call to make.

So Andres, face down the Boo Boys and stop looking over your shoulder for the ghosts of West London. Get the team and the tactics sorted, stick to your guns and your systems and principles. Stop trying to keep everybody happy and make good use of this year of transition to sort out the team and the club. That's why you were appointed.

Remember you can't please all of the people all of the time and the Boo Boys are the last group that you should be trying to appease. The main problem is that nobody can deny that we are not playing well, whatever our position in the Premiership.

 The manager and the players are too inhibited by the fear of failure and the fans reaction to relax. Unless they do then the result will continue to be the stilted, disjointed performance we saw against Wigan. Let's have some good football to cheer and let the results take care of themselves. You can't boo while you're cheering.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
  Every time I feature a Spurs player on here they fail to perform so let's have some music instead.
Thin Lizzy, live, in 1983. More together than our boys and enjoying it too. 
Phil with his poor attempt at a Huddlestone Afro with 'The Boys are back in Town'.


Anonymous said...

It's Thin Lizzy not Thin Lizzie - Boooooooo

Anonymous said...

The boo boys have been around a long time, and I'm not even sure they're singling out AVB. Has everyone forgotten how they reacted and supported us when we last lost at home to Wigan? Of course then it was taken by Harrys critics that it was a clear sign that the fans had lost patience with Harry.

let's face it, it's not new and Spurs fans have been doing it for years.

JimmyG2 said...

First ANON.
Thanks I'll edit it.
Dad's error. My daughter is called Lizzie. Hooray.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the comment above - Good one! - I can tell youre nor a 'booer'!
Now!......To the fu**ing booooers at White Hart lane - (Sorry for the language on a site htat prides itself on a high standard of english but its how I feel)

You’re all dreaming!! – I don’t understand what people expect from THFC with our size stadium and income?!?!??!!!!?! – We have been harshly robbed of CL football twice, with lasagne-gate and those blue scumbags last year,. That was as far as Levy could go before he had to cut back!!!!

The squad that Harry 'I saved you form relegation' Redknapp MAINLY INHEREITED was a result of big investment in Jol and Ramos!! – He was lucky enough to come in and have it given to him!!!!

Yes,. He signed Gallas and Parker who, I did question, but, have both really proven to be good additions to a young squad, but the rest were already there!..

Now,. They are not – So how can anyone expect AVB to finish top 4 when he’s competing with Le’Arse & Man U in 80K stadiums, and those 2 other sugar daddied cheating teams in blue that should be in administration??!!?! –

He/We cannot!! – It is a hard fact - But it is a FACT!! DEAL WITH IT!!! – At least we don’t throw shed loads of money away like Liverpool do!! –

Yes,. The performances have been under par for a lot of games at home, but I’m afraid that is most likely down to the players not enjoying it!! - Too obvious an explanation? - What does some idiot form B'stoke know? Fair rebuttals,.. But I do know they are human, and I would not enjoy being not booed and undermined by my own SUPPORTERS!!!!! :(

I was at the WBA & Norwich games at home and disgusted by you pr*cks booing!! – F off and support Cheatski or aman shietteh if u want a classless bunch that are likely to win...

Its about more than that to me. Im only 28 but I’m gettin sick of the expectant arrogant nature of a lot of our fans now. –

Another bit of harsh reality for any glory supporters(Youre really at the worng club if u are!)

It will take probably another 18 months at least for AVB to have what he considers his choice of players. So get used to our club having to cut back from the FAILED SEASON UNDER REDKNAPP WITH THE BEST SQUAD WE EVER HAD!! –

Ahh,. that feels better.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Lane on Saturday and the reaction to Defoe's substitution was ridiculous. As you rightly point out, he had done nothing all game and I don't think that Ade plays particularly well with him in any case. Kanoute was the only forward that I can remember being able to play with Defoe, which is why Keane eventually formed a better partnership with Berbatov and Mido. I think that what upsets the crowd is when we appear to be second best to any 50:50 ball, as we were on Saturday. Your comparison with Liverpool is therefore not very appropriate. Liverpool played really well yesterday and put in a great deal of effort, but were caught by a sucker punch (a great goal by the way, not a self inflicted wound like the Wigan goal) and even then nearly forced the win. It doesn't really compare with our team's performance against Wigan. I am not so bothered about booing a poor team performance, however, booing individual players (eg. Jenas and Dempsey) is really unproductive as it just makes them withdraw even further into their shell.

Worse than the booing however is the general atmosphere at the Lane this year. Even the QPR and Villa fans out sung us, not to mention Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

Afraid the atmosphere at WHL is a reaction to what we're watching. Even in the periods where we do get vocal it seems to have almost no effect on the rest of the fans or the team. Afraid what we're being asked to pay for at home so far this season has been dire for most of the time, chuck in AVBs tactics and defensive substitutions and it isn't easy to see why everyone fears we're slipping backwards again. November if we're not careful could easily see us sitting in 9th or 10th. If we are then the booing we got from our own comatose fans will be nothing compared to how bad it will be then.

Cheshuntboy said...

Sorry, but you've obviously got your Levy-issue rose-tinted specs on again. First, we're not joint fourth, we're FIFTH, and that is a pretty important difference these days. Second, Martinez was not snubbed 'by the terrace' but by Levy, because he couldn't resist what he saw as a bargain in AVB - Abramovitch paid Porto £13 million and Levy could have him for nothing - a no-brainer to that penny-pincher, and who cares that he screwed-up at Chelsea? Same with Adebayor - what did City pay for him? Twenty-something million, and he could have him for five? Who cares that he does sweet FA once he's got a contract (and everyone bar Levy knows it)? We'll do nothing beyond our perennial 'flatter to deceive' so long as Levy's in charge, and I would feel sorry for AVB except that he'll get millions out of the club when the inevitable happens!

Anonymous said...

The game was the biggest load of tripe I have seen at the Lane for years.
Wigan won because when they moved for the return ball none of our team moved with them, they all stand and watch whether its attacking or defending. AVB sets them up too far back and therefore they are in a defensive line-up and the biggest joke of all is they do not defend as a team so this system will always allow the other team the chance to score.

Gee said...

Anon 16.33: Well said!
It is beyond comprehension to me how anybody thinks booing is going to help. The worst performance in WHL on Saturday was from large sections of the crowd. In the first five minutes of the game there was clear impatience being voiced. Why? Because Spurs were knocking the ball around at the back in order to pull Wigan towards them and try to create space in behind. How many of the crowd saw that? Some did, yes, but a large number started shouting daft stuff which reached the pitch and produced fear. By the last ten minutes the fear was so great that we were just pumping the ball forward Allardyce-like in the forlorn hope of getting something.
Here's an illustration of the negativity from SOME of our support: Last week someone put up a video of a load of Defoe goals on the net. It was a great video, really exciting, thunderous goals. What was the guy's point in putting it up? Because, he said, he wanted to make the point that Defoe simply belts the ball and hopes! God almighty, what club has a fan who shows everyone his top goalscorer scoring wonderful goals just so he can criticise him?
It wouldn't happen anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

The plain facts are that we should have been 2-0 or 3-0 down at half time, but kept it at nil-nil down to Friedel making two great saves.

Not good against an average side, and:

- no shots at their goal

-ineffective midfield Huddlestone and Sandro did not work together and gave no protection to our back four.

- light weight Sigurdsson who looks like a waste of money.

- The team lumped the ball up to Defoe, who is clearly too short to win the ball in the air.

The half time booing was because of all of those facts.

The booing at the Defoe sub was because of AVB should have taken of the ineffective Dempsey.

Unless there are radical changes in team selection, getting our injured players back to fitness, and tactics, I no not expect a top four finish this season.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 16:39
Feel free to vent.

Anon 16:46
It's a vicious circle really. Team plays badly fans boo, team plays worse, fans boo louder....

I am not apaid up Levy man, I said he dealt AVB a bad hand.
No good telling you to 'keep the faith' then.

Anonymous said...

You have a right to boo but keep it till the final whistle then boo all you want. While the game is in progress get behind the team or get lost....

JimmyG2 said...

Telling testimony sir.

Anon 1951.
Agree about Dempsey

Ed Moloney said...

if you think we have got problems, have a look in the direction of woolwich. we have difficulties but a future. they have difficulties and only a past. who would you rather be? such games are depressing but they will pass. it is the future that matters.

Ed Moloney said...

incidentally, i wish huddlestone would get rid of that stupid hairstyle. and AVB is, alarmingly, reverting to chelski styles: crouching and the silly half coat, both visible during the wigan match.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...


JimmyG2 said...

Ed Moloney.
I take no comfort or interest in Arsenal's plight.
Would you deny Andres his comfort blankets?
He'll be rocking from side to side and sucking his thumb if this continues.

At least you didn't boo.

Ed Moloney said...

excuse me, a spurs man who takes no comfort in the gooners' woes?!?!? which planet did you come from jimmy?
ref AVB's habits, I was trying to suggest or at least ask if there was a connection between poor performances, crowd vitriol and crouching. that's all.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Heh heh. No, I'm very much against the booing of Spurs. But my, it was lousy on Saturday.

Ed Moloney said...

like tonight when the gooners lost a two goal lead and now have to go to greece to get a result, that cheers me up enormously almost enough to make up for the wigan game, but not quite. and i don't know of a spurs fan who wouldn't feel the same. joy at gooners' setbacks is as much being a spurs fans as the reverse would be for gooner folk. call it childish if you wish jimmy, so i am a kid.

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