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Monday, 3 December 2012

Early Christmas Joy for Andre.

 Not available in red this year.
The JimmyG2 Column
 'I've got AVB's Xmas list here Santa. Siggy's dropped it off at the Grotto on his way home.
  1.  4th on Xmas day.
  2.  No new major injuries.
  3. Stabiliser wheels for Gareth.
  4. Chocolates for Moussa and Jan.
  5. Slippers for Brad.
  6.  Clean sheets for Hugo.
'Hmm thats pretty modest. Slip a few of those free gifts in Rudolf'.

The elves are busy filling sacks and stockings. It's busier than Amazon on Cyber Monday. Santa has been a closet Spurs fan since 1988 when Gudni Bergsson, his next door neighbour in Reykjavic, signed for Spurs. Not many people know that. Santa hums 'I'm dreaming of a Lilywhite Xmas' as he checks the list.

And that was why AVB got all his Xmas presents early and wrong footed me completely, not for the first time. But seriously, who'd be a Spurs blogger? We lose four out of five Premiership games and drop down to eighth. I quickly locate my Doomsday Spectacles, which to be fair I always keep handy and we win three games in seven days and bounce back to 4th. 'Santa Claus is coming to White Hart Lane' can be heard in the background

We score 8 goals and concede only 2 and keep a clean sheet against Fulham with Lloris now firmly established in goal. Since Adebayor's sending off and three match ban we are unbeaten in four including a clean sheet and draw against Lazio in the Europa League. Cue Elvis Presley's 'Blue Christmas'.

Defoe has scored four and doesn't appear to notice that AVB has sent him out to play on his own with only the improving Dempsey to protect him from the big boys. Sigurdson made a more promising appearance and set up Defoe for the second against Fulham with a stylish turn and cut back. Strains of 'I believe in Father Xmas'.

Naughton played well at right back; Dembele took another step on the road to recovery and Sandro doubled his Spurs goal tally with a speculative drive from distance to brighten up what had been until then a tedious stalemate enhanced only by the magic of that man Berbatov. Listen is that 'Silent Night, at The Emirates'.

Of course there were minor setbacks. I mean Santa can't make it too obvious. Bale was harshly booked for diving and went off with a hamstring injury. Dawson who has clearly got on the wrong side of the elves in some way also stretched something or other. Reports suggest that neither will be out of action for more than a couple of weeks. 'O Come O Come Emmanuel'

Parker is rumoured to be back on the training ground and might be available before Xmas to give Sandro a break. Benny too is not far off which will enable Vertonghen to take up his favoured position alongside Caulker with Gallas as back up for the time being. Welcome our very own 'Christmas Carroll'.

Things are looking increasingly rose tinted by the day. A draw in our home fixture against Panathinaikos on Thursday ensures our progress in the Europa and we've been drawn at home to Coventry in the next round of the F.A.Cup. Santa you really are spoiling us. We seem to be 'Playing in a Winter Wonderland'.

The Press pack is now focused on Arsene Wenger, Rafa Benitez and of course on Harry who has started to believe his own hype and has taken on the task of saving QPR from relegation. Good luck with that Harry. He asked for the England job last year but Santa wanted him to stay at White Hart Lane. Well you can't always get everything right. So now 'All we want for Xmas is two top, top players'.

Most importantly AVB is no longer on the radar and is off the 'three matches to save his job watch' for the foreseeable future. So thanks for all that Santa. Early delivery of all our wish list and a few of your own. Xmas comes early to Andre and Tottenham. What about ' The Twelve points of Xmas' Santa?

Jimmy's Video Spot..
The dive that never was: the goals: the assists and Sandro's solo.


Anonymous said...

where can you get this sweatshirt

Anonymous said...

sorry t shirt

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon. £11.99
Or just put it on your Xmas wish list and stick it up the chimney.

Anonymous said...

great article, jim. and what a great x'mas surprise.

what's changed, really? AVB read the riot act after the Emirates meltdown?

most important: is bale leaving? damn now that would be a New Year suck story.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Ho Ho Ho. Festive fun, Jimmy.

Yes, it is looking much brighter, must be the sun reflecting off the snow or Rudolph's nose or at least the nightclub's sign.

Gudni Bergsson, there's a name to conjure with.

I only saw the highlights I must admit, but good counter attacks for more goals when leading is the way to go.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Lovely stuff, Jimmy.

In the spirit of things, I may even stretch to putting up a single length of tinsel.

Just the one, mind. I'm not made of money.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy, was at the match with my young boys in the Hammersmith end, my little fella (8) giving it plenty of COYS to upset the locals with us !

Really felt for the first time that we seemed to be in comfortable control pretty much most of the match not just the 2nd half, and so happy for our MegaStar Sandro getting the goal to break the deadlock, it seemed that this was the only way to make progress...

Of course if Dempsey had put away his sitter after 5 mins it might have been over a lot earlier and our GD a whole lot better !

Will at the Lane Thursday night so just hoping we see Carroll, Falque, Townsend and few choice others get a good run out with "break glass in case of emergency" super Subs on the Bench just in case !!

Finally just to mention that I always look forward to your weekly missive, one of the more eloquent in the SPURS Blogs and all the better for it...

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 7:22
No chance of Bale leaving until the summer.Lets worry about that when it happens.

IKnowAlan Gilzean.
As we've agreed before spurs look so much better on the front foot.

Who framed ruel fox
Good to see you out and about. Are you on parole or what?
'Not made of money? Not what I heard.

Last Anon.
Tthankyou. Indoctrinate them early before Man Utd get hold of them.
Bring us luck on Thursday. not that we need it obviously

Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy G2,

I seem to have done...unfortunately my Bro in Law went "dog & dick" on me so I was Billy no mates in the Upper East Block H despite trying to give the bloody ticket away !

Surprised to see such a strong side put out but despite the amount of possession in the 1st half we had little to show for it and clearly we lacked inventive midfield nous...Carroll did his best Bless him but he hasn't the incisive vision thing yet, let's hope eh ?!

Thankfully Duece had a really good game and his pass to Abe was sublime...

As usual, being SPURS and wanting to offer our opponents a chance to make a match of it we let them back into the game and eased off the gas after the break (why the hell is that ? Need the Psychos to look at that...) and it was only fitting that Sandro the Magnificent would again make the play that rightfully led to Deuce stamping his claim to being for me MOM ( & I never thought I'd ever say that based on previous performances...) by getting the 2d goal despite what the stats say.

Despite the lousy weather and that I got back to the other side of Oxford by around 1am it was a pleasing performance, really shaping up to be a very interesting season.

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