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Friday, 28 December 2012

Rumours and Denials

 Says here Sarge that we went 'over the top' 
in the second half and got blown to pieces.

The JimmyG2  Column

Thank you Santa, the Villa game certainly made my Xmas. The presents were a bit predictable if the truth be known, the Jamie Oliver mince pies didn't go according to plan and the turkey was just a little on the dry side but all was forgotten after Tottenham's performance at Villa. Five away wins; four spanking strikes; three Bale goals; two decent halves and a victoreee away from home.

There are rumours of disappointed Spurs fans out there; we didn't score early enough to settle the nerves; we could have scored several more; Aston Villa were shell shocked after their trip to West London and were rubbish anyway; we had 16 corners but only three resulted in attempts on goal.

 But that would be a desperate effort to find fault with a very good performance over a full 90 minutes. Lloris didn't touch the ball in the first half hour or make a save until the second half and this was his fourth clean sheet in five games. We are back up to fourth and our away performances are outstanding.

Only Man. Utd have scored more goals or won more matches away from home than Spurs; we are the only side in the Premiership to score in every away game, and best of all, the football is getting better.

AVB is handling his squad with more confidence. Caulker and Dawson saw off the threat of Kenwyne Jones against Stoke and then Vertonghen returned to his favourite position partnered by Gallas against Villa and the result in both cases was a clean sheet. The keeper situation has not only been resolved but Brad has signed an extension to his contract. Rumours of splits and bad feeling were clearly way off beam.

Kyle Naughton replaced Jan at full back and played with more confidence. It was his first time peach of a pass that set up Defoe for the first. After that it was the Gareth Bale half hour and he scored his first Premiership hat trick to go with the one he scored in the Champions' League. Rumours of transfers to Madrid in January put firmly on the back burner at whatever price.

He picked up a loose clearance for a solo run for his first. Lennon danced into the middle following a quick fire exchange with Walker to set him up for his second and Sigurdsson cut the ball back for the third following another shrewd pass from Walker. All four goals came in the last 35 minutes following an hour of domination.

Villa's undoing was their attempt to play more positively in the second half. They had kept a clean sheet until then thanks to two excellent saves by Buzan from Bale, minor tremors which gave a hint of the earthquake to come. They might have been better advised to keep to their defensive strategy, but they popped their heads above the parapet and we picked them off in style.

We broke at speed especially for the second goal and pressed hard from first to last. The high line caught Benteke out on a number of occasions and Spurs in this mood were the last team that Villa needed as visitors when attempting to re-establish their confidence. Mince pies, turkey and presents all just a bad dream. AVB seems to be getting a firmer grip on things.

Got some stick for not contributing enough to the general assault and looked peeved, twice, when Bale didn't pass to him for his solo and intercepted a ball that might have reached him for the last.
But as they both went in he doesn't have much to complain about. I thought he played well apart from looking grumpy. He's a striker; he needs goals.

Everyone says that they will be sterner opponents but I am forgoing my usual 'take a draw now' fall back position. Spurs in this frame of mind can press, attack with speed especially away from home, score and keep a clean sheet. They might just give us the space to perform in.
Spurs 2-0

Where are they now? (New Feature)

(1)Benoit Assou Ekotto.
 Rumoured to be fit now for several days but not in the squad on Saturday. He has denied links to Chelsea as unlikely and premature. I foresee 'Where's Benny?' books for children in the Spurs shop soon. Any sightings in or around the training ground welcomed. Our usual sources are silent.

(2)Wesley Sneijder
We may have inadvertently given credence to the ludicrous rumours of Wesley coming to Spurs from Inter Milan. It has been flatly denied at the highest levels here and in Italy, so forcibly that I am becoming hopeful again. If we believe strongly enough we can fly, we can fly. But try it from a ground floor window first and don't order your Sneijder shirts just yet. Don't forget the 'j' when you do.

Reasons to be cheerful (Old feature)
Scotty's back  so the boy Sandro can have a rest. Win, win.

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
Not that he's coming, but just in case he does, here's 4 minutes of Wesley, the Modern Playmaker.
Good to watch even if by any chance he doesn't make it to Spurs. Davids, Van der Vaart, Wesley. Logical progression and we could certainly do with a playmaker, dead ball ace, and goalscorer from midfield. Come on Daniel do the right thing.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Yes, I thought it a little strange how far Spurs fans and a good many others were bending over backwards to pour cold water on a fine performance and victory.

Everyone finds it hard to get through teams who park the charabang and easier when they come on to you, not just us. Also, there seem to be a good many defenders back for the first goal but our right back playing at left back slides in a beaut of a defence splitting pass and our top scorer cooly and expertly pokes it home.

I do think AVB in England is one of those fellas that people find hard to praise whern things go right but easy to pillory when they don't. He's said to be arogant, dogmatic and cold etc, but he seems a real sweetie to me.

Happy New Year Jimmy

JimmyG2 said...

HNY to you and yours, friend.
Him and Freund look positively over-heated rather than cold to me when we score.
We need a bit of luck with injuries and decisions in the New Year to help our challenge for TOP THREE.

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