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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Spurs back to stay.

Didn't Daniel audition for Father Xmas this year? 
Red doesn't suit him and he's got his own costume for Scrooge.
The JimmyG2 Column
 Have we got our Spurs back at last? Not quite, but I think I heard the team bus scrunching up the gravel drive and the doorbell ring. Possibly the best 97 minutes continuous play so far this season and a third clean sheet courtesy once again of Monsieur Hugo who, as Michu will confirm, is certainly punching well above his weight.

Of course this may only have been a courtesy call and there may be no plans for a long term stay. The visits of have been fleeting at best this season though they are always warmly welcomed and encouraged to make longer and more frequent bookings.

In the past they have been known to take up an almost permanent residence. But there have been indications of late that they might be considering moving back in. So whether they just dropped for afternoon tea and Welsh Rarebit in the Palm Court or are considering taking up the Lillywhite Suite which is always on reserve for them remains to be seen

That's apart for a few idiot 'boo-boys' of course who have the attention span of a new born and demand instant gratification for their every whim. 'I want my nappy changing. When do I want it? Now!'.  Which bit of 'transitional' and rebuilding under a new Head Coach do they not understand? None of it probably.

Our injury problems are well documented and the departure of Van Der Vaart and Modric essentially ripped the creative heart from the team. Our progress has not just been good 'considering', it has been good, full stop. If we were to start playing some consistently proper football then everything is possible.

Swansea in fact are our sort of team. Civilised and urbane they try to play the right way. They had very limited ambitions which they completely achieved . They would have been thankful for a point and were sent away empty handed after a classy, instinctive finish by Jan Vertonghen from a set piece. They seemed thankful that they didn't get thrashed. But we don't do thrashed these days.

Apart from Defoe who when he doesn't score can be a liability this was a decent team performance.The back four, including Naughton played well, Dembele and Sandro were solid, Adebayor was lively but not in places that could really do damage to Swansea's packed defence. He tried though which was good to see.

Lennon was extremely busy but mainly doing nothing, isn't it just a crime? We'd like to be unhappy but......Sorry just remembered one of my favourite Bing Crosby songs from a 1949 Hollywood film. So indulge me why don't you.

Townsend, an Aaron clone, fizzed like a fire cracker and drew three fouls in as many minutes. The first of these produced the free kick, well delivered by Walker which produced the goal. Dempsey reverted to his former ordinariness and Siggy sparkled briefly and looks ready for a start in his place.

They hardly laid a glove on us all game The closest  they came was a cheeky 50 yarder by Michu which landed on the roof of the net. We harried and closed them down before their passing game could wear us all out and apart from the first ten minutes we controlled the match.

Enthusiasts of 'deja vu' thought we were seeing a re-run of an old Spurs favourite the 'Dominate But Fail to Score Saga' but we had commissioned a new ending. Last week we gave a new twist to the 'Last Ten Minute Rocky Horror Show' where we take the lead and then lose two goals in extra time. But we are hoping to put that one firmly in our back catalogue.

So it's on to Xmas and Stoke at The Lane which completes our third six game unit. I was hoping for 12 points from this batch and just a point against Stoke would top this prediction. Fourth at Xmas was my other requast to Santa and this might just be nestling in our stocking on Xmas morning.So far all this without Benny, Scotty and The Bull.

Our next six which takes us up to February sees us at home to Reading and Manchester Utd. and away to Aston Villa, Sunderland, QPR and Norwich. Another dozen points shouldn't be beyond us and a continuing presence in or around the Champions' League places looks distinctly possible.

Next Transfer window.
Looking distinctly opaque at the moment.You can never get a window cleaner when you want one. We need another striker and a creative midfielder. To be honest I'm not certain that we will get either given price inflation in January and our Chairman's pathological fear of being over charged.

Why would top class players leave their clubs if they are still in the Champions' League? Being in fourth during the window might tempt somebody. Dzeko or Ballotelli anyone?

Last Transfer Window.
Looking pretty damn good. Lloris, Vertonghen and Dembele all top class and cheap.
Siggy might just turn out to be the dark horse and Caulker's clearly a tempting bet for the long term.. Dempsey I'm not convinced yet but look forward to being proved wrong.

AVB might have over achieved and given Daniel an excuse to keep his wallet firmly in the safe.
You didn't think he carried his wallet around with him did you? What in Tottenham?

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
Just a bit of Xmas nonsense from Spurs Official Site showing some team and Xmas spirit in N17 which is heart warming to see. But then I'm a sucker for this sort of stuff  and should really know better by now.
Lets's pretend it's not all about the money. After all it is The Season of Goodwill.

Merry Xmas to both our readers.


Jimmy said...

Christ, you read the first two paragraphs and it's so corny and non-informative that it just isn't worth it to carry on reading. Too 'smart arsed'.

JimmyG2 said...

As the man said 'you can't please all of the people all of the time and some of the people you can't please any of the time.

Anonymous said...

agreed, the author is far too up himself and smug. To call that last sunday our best performance of the season is really worrying. We were pretty poor throughout in my opinion. but this is by the usual "ignore the facts and keep the dellusion going" kind of spurs fan that is becoming all too common.

Anonymous said...

Man u was the best we played so far

Anonymous said...

Man u was the best we played, FOR 45 MINUTES. Then we got pegged back, and Manure were unlucky not to win.

Against Swansea we maintained a game plan for 90 minutes.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

"Busy Doing Nothing" - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?

Marvellous. The brilliant William Bendix too.

I thought we were good to very good on Sunday and it's the best 90 mins I've seen from us this season.

Keep up the good stuff Spurs and JimmyG2.

john woods said...

I too thought we were excellent on Sunday. Solid, kept the ball down, variation, used both sides, Swansea had actually been forced to park the bus, I don't think it was intentional, hence only the 1 goal, all in all a good job well done I thought. Stoke will be a harder test as they will intentionally park the bus then try to run us over with it.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 14:31
Exactly, that was my point, Thankyou sir.

JimmyG2 said...

john woods
'Park the bus and run us over with it'
Like it.

Tthat's the very one.

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