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Friday, 7 December 2012

Spurs master plan takes shape.

Hang on to that thought Andre
 until we actually get somewhere.
 The JimmyG2 Column
You know when two kids are having a race in the street and the big kid  dashes off into the distance and the little one moans and says 'It's not fair. Wait for me'. So the big kid waits for the little one to catch up and then runs off again laughing? Well that's Tottenham that is against Panathinaikos.

It could be an innate sense of fairness deep in the Spurs psyche, or sympathy for the Greeks in particular what with the economic crisis and all, or happy memories of lazy holidays on the Greek islands,  or just shopping up Green Lane. Whatever it was we sprinted ahead, allowed them to catch up and then ran away laughing.

We eventually got through to the next round of the Europa with no more than the usual Tottenham alarms. In the end it was easy enough with plenty of positives and just the odd semi-negative. Adebayor and goal machine Defoe both scored well taken goals. I'm not sure that you could describe them as having played well together but they ploughed their own furrows and played well separately.

Lennon set up Defoe with a fine run and Dempsey once again got into the assist charts with a well timed through ball to Ade. He is improving with each game and small print in the Bill of Sale from Fulham looks as if it won't require legal intervention. He will not be credited with the goal because his strong header after a good run across the area to meet a free kick by Walker hit the bar and rebounded off the keeper into the goal. So make that one assist and just a moral goal to Clint.

Only needing a draw we set off at a very slow and casual pace and nearly lulled ourselves into a false sense of security after Ade had put us ahead on half an hour.  Then Naughton lost his winger and Zeca equalised with a header soon after half time. They were busier than us for a time but we stirred ourselves and left them behind in the end. At 1-1 there was just the one heart stopping moment when Toche  prodded just wide.

Let it be said that in his defence Naughton is not a left back. He played well at Fulham at right back where he had the support of Lennon who fulfils his defensive duties commendably. He often waves Walker away with a cheery, 'I've got this, Kyle' signal. Not so on the other wing where Bale, and last night Dempsey gave Naughton little support. He dwelt almost disastrously on the ball a couple of times and completely lost his man for the goal.

But how well did Assou Ekotto perform when asked to play at right back? Not very. Naughton is probably not as good as Rose who has been playing well for Sunderland but that doesn't make him the disaster that many Spurs fans claim. He could be a useful back up to Walker who has been inconsistent this season though he is returning to form in the past few games.

That's the semi negative. One positive is another decent performance from Tom Carroll who was busy, composed and efficient once again. His tackling is bordering on woeful and he sometimes overdoes the attempted killer ball but when he is confidently making himself available and recycling the ball quickly he is impressive and he certainly never hides.

All the usually sound players were.. well sound; Sandro, Caulker, Vertonghen especially. Caulker glides about without making any distinct impression but he does what he's required to do calmly  and that's probably a good thing. Lennon made several good runs and was chopped down at least twice for his trouble.

I read somewhere that we are the only English team to progress to the next stages of the European competitions unbeaten and if so it is just reward for AVB's serious approach to the by some.

You know what they say about class and form. This certainly applies to Adabeyor who put in a better shift than on his last Europa run out and who makes the game look deceptively easy at times. Perhaps too easy for his own reputation. Lazy and relaxed are definitely not the same thing.

So back to Premiership reality on Sunday at Everton where I might be expected stick with my, 'Take a draw now' philosophy against teams in or around us in the league. But the team is beginning to play better, is on a bit of a roll, four wins in four. With Lloris in goal, Defoe up front and Sandro and Dembele in midfield we have nothing to fear and I think we will win it 2-1.

Is everybody happy? Probably not. This is Spurs after all. All the bits of the master plan are not quite assembled yet but it's slowly taking shape. We are still fighting on all fronts and getting key players close to return. We seem to be heading in the right direction and who knows where we might end up.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
A lovely piece by an American fan on his personal tour of The Lane. Real tears and everything. Six minutes of pure emotion that only proper football fans can appreciate, Tottenham fans in particular obviously.


Anonymous said...

Good observation. Adebayor's goal was smoothly taken, and it is nice to see things taking shape. Naughton was atrocious, but like you I will give him a pass because he was definitely out of his depth on the left side.
Carroll I thought was OK, but not much more. It is promising however that he is smoothing out the bores and experimenting with his passing. You can tell he really wants to take up that deep-lying midfielder position, and with time it is a real possibility.

I also saw this video and being an American myself, I will admit my eyes were watery as one of my dreams is to just touch the pitch at WHL. It's a small community of loyal Spurs supporters over here, so I'm always appreciative to see other Americans so passionate for the club I love.

Vic said...

Football is at last rearing its head for keeps in that big ol' country and we need to convert as many as possible of our cousins to the path of truth which is Spurs. Friedel and Dempsey will surely increase our profile.
Shows how that crazy phenomenon which is passion for a football club has no borders.
Things are stirring at the Lane and a win on Sunday could provide immense momentum for a special season.
Good too to see the anti AVB voices have been quelled for a while at least.

Anonymous said...

I agree Caroll was OK but not much more, he needs to add another dimension to his game and become more offensive at times and not just a distributor. Sandro is immense and he is the future of our midfield. I thin when we can field: Lloris, Walker, Kaboul, Vert, Bae, Sandro, Parker, Lennon, Djemble, Bale, Defoe, we will one hell of a team, with Ade, Dempsey, Sig, Daws, Caulker, Friedel. The rest like Naughton, Carrol, Falque, Townsend, are just a little bit behind the rest I feel just now, but a really good squad when all fit.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Australia. I watch every Spurs match on TV down here. I believe in AVB & I too can see the plan unfolding, especially as players return to fitness - Parker, BAE & Kaboul.
Unlike HR, AVB has been using the younger players well. Caulker, Naughton, Carrol etc. I realize at times he's had to use them, with all the injuries. But I get the feeling that the players all feel they can play a part & if they progress, like Caulker, they will be given a real chance in the team.
Hopefully Spurs will at least sign a striker & a playmaker in January. Moutinho & Huntelaar or someone as good. COYS!

Anonymous said...

New signings aside. I'd like to see the best 11 players on the field together. For me, they are:- Lloris, Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, BAE, Sandro, Dembele. Bale, Dempsy/Adebayor, Lennon & Defoe. In whatever system AVB wants.
Bench: Friedel, Naughton, Caulker, Parker, Huddlestone, Sigurdsson, Dempsey/Adebayor.
That's mt top 17 until we sign others.

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous Anonymous best 11. We will be in good shape with Caulker on the bench to come in any time for Kaboul and Vert. Naughton on the bench for Walker if needed (please not on the left), Vert can go LB for BAE if required with Caulker and Kamboul in the middle. Super strong back 5.

Midfield is rich with Hudd, Parker, Carroll and Siggy and Dempsey on the bench. AVB will need to have the wisdom of Solomon backing his rotation policy.

If Ade and JD stay fit for the rest of the season we could score enough.

It almost makes me think we can make top 4 even if Levy blows the transfer market again in January. The key is getting the first 11 and the rest all fit at the same time and for the rest of the season. Lets win the Europa and FA Cups and finish in Top 4 with this squad. Not a bad year that would be!

SPURSG said...

Been supporting Spurs since their FA Cup more than 30 yrs ago, wonder when I will be visiting the club for a game before the new stadium comes into place. Love from Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I echo what Anonymous in Australia posted. I'm in India & watch every Spurs match on TV. Those telecast by ESPN/STAR from the EPL, & by other channels for the European matches. Been a Spurs fan for the last 45 years, & have followed them through newspapers earlier, then BBC radio live commentaries, & now through TV. And I do believe that there's a 'perfect revolution' gathering storm with AVB... COYS!

JimmyG2 said...

Welcome all to the International edition of spurs Musings: India Ssingapore, America, Australia. Love it.
( sorry,Capitals on r,s and t not working)
Ttom Carroll
Yes he needs to add more to his game. His short passing is good but he tends to pass too quickly at times before the play has had time to develop. (Parker has the same fault)
Needs to add Dembele, Modric type movement with the ball too.
But for his age he has an awareness and enough qualities to make it.

Best Eleven.
We haven't seen our best team out yet and we need another striker ,two is not enough.

top Four. The first rule of top four is never to mention top four.

Anonymous said...

Im from mordor, the names sauron. I too followed spurs all my life, first from atop a flying wraith then on bbc fivelive online. Now i just use my all seeing eye and for european games i have one of them orb things peregrin took knicked off saruman. AVB will be given time to fulfill his destiny however having just got off the phone from galadriel, chelsea scum, she said rafas getting fired during xmas...geesh galadriel i could have told u without using that mirror of yours. Over and...COYS saurons out yo yo yo

Anonymous said...

It's worth considering we''ve thrown a new coach, playing style, training regime and largely new first team together this year. The continuity from last season is pretty low. Yes we're prone to a wobble every game and the odd terrible performance but we're in a decent spot in the league and improving at a good rate. Dempsey in particular has impressed me. Also fancy a cheeky win at Everton, 2-1 COYS

JimmyG2 said...

Ambassador from Middle Earth welcome.
Benitez out at Xmas. You read it here first.

Anon 12:22
Ttransition and consolidation are the names of the game. 2-1 spurs, I read that somewhere....

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I was a little concerned how much we lost our way for 15-20 in the second half but am generally buoyed by the last 5 games and 17 mins at the Emirates.

I thought Carroll had periods where he was very good and others where he struggled to make an impact in Thursday, as is to be expected. Every time I see him play, I'm a little more certain he's going to have a decent career, I hope it's with us and a very fine career.

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