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Monday, 28 January 2013

Problems remain for AVB despite Holtby boost.

The Harder they come, the harder they fall.
 One and all.
The JimmyG2 column

 Ah! The magic of the FA cup. A chance for the little guys to step up, earn some cash and glory and strut their stuff on the bigger stage. And how some of them took their chances with Norwich, QPR, Liverpool and Spurs all falling to non Premiership rivals and Chelsea in need of a replay.

 But we can't be distracted from problems closer to home by spending our season laughing at Liverpool.

Spurs were dreadful and played like the passengers on a luxury liner struck down by one of those mystery viral illnesses. It only last week we dined in style at the Captain's table. There was no hint of the iceberg on the horizon that was to spoil our expected unruffled progress into the next round.

It could all have been part of AVB's cunning, positively Redknappesque plan, to force Daniel Levy into buying us a new striker or two and another creative midfielder. With five days to go and counting down this was a pretty desperate throw of the dice Andre but who knows it might just work.

But on today's showing we certainly need something. Defoe who has only scored one in seven anyway was given more time to recover from an injury which is rumoured to be worse than originally announced. The not so young Obika  now 22 who has been around the club for several years eventually came on to demonstrate the extant of our currently limited resources.

With Adebayor away for at least a month then the need for a striker becomes ever more desperate. A £15 million 'swoop' for Negredo from Sevilla is the latest speculation.  He has a better than a 1/2 scoring record at Club and International level recently but may take time to settle.

 But time is the one thing we don't have at this stage of the season. Defoe may recover, Adebayor may return quickly, Negredo may arrive and settle down faster than I fear. At the moment the problems are mounting but when do we admit to a crisis that only money can solve.

Dempsey, despite scoring a glancing header after a rare cameo of magic from Bale, showed that he is not a natural holding centre forward. Obika had a chance of glory to level things late on, put through a fine chip by Benny, but once again a resolute Leed's defence got there first.

Parker, very much a sub Sandro understudy these days, showed some spirit and willingness but had little creative impact. In fact ex- Spur Michael Brown, now 36, offered Parker a glimpse of his future as a purely destructive force in midfield as he picked up his 9th yellow card.

Huddlestone. a mere shadow of his former self, in football terms anyway, was ineffective. I hope he has a get out clause in his 'no haircut until I score' contract. Neither Lennon nor Sigurdsson created much. Bale bucked himself up in the second half and the arrival of Dembele signalled some sort of revival but it was too little, too late.

Moving Benny into midfield was a measure of our desperation as was the substitution of one Kyle for the other with Townsend patiently awaiting his chance on the bench. Leeds were compact and gritty in defence, had limited ambition but took their chances well. Substitute your own word for 'gritty' if you like.

But it was in the central defence and in goal that our weakness was truly exposed. Caulker our great hope for the future and Vertonghen were sloppy in the extreme. A mix-up between Naughton and Caulker allowed Varney a clear run on goal. And Caulker was too easily turned for the second by McCormack.

Friedel, who should have at least presented Varney with a problem to solve by advancing for the first, barely left his goal-line and was easily beaten. Lloris would have been out quickly to force the issue and they obviously work from different coaching manuals. He made two late saves to keep the score respectable but the damage was already done.

The final ignominy was the desperate and amateurish sight of Friedel going up for a last minute Spurs corner and the ball being rolled into our net from his own half by my MOM Diouf, bad boy turned elder statesman. Fortunately the whistle for full time had already gone.

At least we could have let Leeds have their due and concede defeat with some semblance of dignity. We were poor all over the pitch and need to clear our heads quickly for Norwich on Wednesday. Leeds were certainly United and Tottenham were definitely not.

 Bale for his second half performance and Parker for his effort were not so much our best players as our least worse.

At least I have the consolation of being abroad and do not have to face the over the garden fence de-brief and inquest with  Ken my next door neighbour: a lifetime Leed's supporter.  But I expect he'll be lurking close behind the net curtains on my return.

I'm trying desperately to remember how cockily I crowed when the draw was announced. I seem to have forgotten the actual words but I shouldn't think he has and isn't likely to do so for some years. I might have to move.

Signing a couple of players won't completely solve the problems illustrated by the Leeds cup game. We were lacklustre in performance and second best in attitude on Sunday. Dawson and Livermore might have been better choices for this kind of game which are always disasters waiting to happen.

Fortunately the games come thick and fast from now on and within days we can put this behind us. Cue 'concentrate on the league and the UEFA cup with no petty distractions' chatter. But any loss hurts and for this one we can't blame luck or the ref or anybody but ourselves.

  AVB has some work to do with or without new signings. Levy's love of last minute deals came unstuck in the Summer and could well do so again.

Latest rumour: Signing Now Confirmed
Holtby to Spurs in Jan for 1.5 or 1.75 million pounds or Euros, take your pick. A useful signing but perhaps not fully effective until next season. However it doesn't answer the main question of who's going to convert the chances into goals. But it may help placate AVB for the failure to sign Moutinho.

Jimmy's Video Spots.
 Two for the price of one this week. To compensate for the defeat here is the soundtrack from the brilliant Jimmy Cliff film 'The harder they fall'. A lesson there for all the Premiership teams that came a cropper at the weekend. But the goals and our failings need to be faced. Sorry.

Goals first:

Monday, 21 January 2013

Levy and AVB at odds over signings.

 Manchester Pensioner alleges 'robbery in the snow'
 on Tottenham High Road.
'A Very Sad Case' say police.
The Jimmy G2 Column
 ' Who are ya? Who are ya? Can we play you every week?' Gloaty and triumphalist? Moi? Surely not. Well I would have been if our possession and chances had been converted as they surely would have been if we had a striker of class rather than an hit and miss opportunist whose skills don't quite match his focused dedication to his own statistics.

 One goal in seven from the main man is just not good enough. Fortunately our colonial back up man having spurned decent earlier chances scored in 'Fergy Time' to bring some element of justice to a game which we certainly dominated with anything from 52% (BBC ) to 63% (SKY) possession and 18 shots to 4 on target.

De Gea was responsible for several saves with various bits of his body and for the weak punch to Benny's cross which set up the late equaliser. When the opposition's keeper and their centre halves are their key players and they score from their only chance it's not hard to work out that we deserved at least a point.

Four out of six points from the league leaders and probable Champions is by any calculation a more than decent haul. AVB argued that we drew confidence and strength from the earlier victory at Old Trafford and it is highly likely that we will do the same from this performance for the next crucial 15 (edit) games.

Lennon deservedly got an assist for the equaliser as he had been a threat all game. Now on an injury free run he is playing with more confidence and enjoying playing in Bale's reputational shadow.

 If Bale is double and triple marked as he was on Sunday then there is clearly more space elsewhere. The Urban Spaceman as Lennon is known here at the 'Musings' made hay while the snow fell.

 Sticking pins in the Lennon voodoo doll is clearly not working Patrice. Send it back and just accept the recurring nightmare of Aaron speeding past you. Dembele played increasingly well and set up Dempsey for a couple of chances. Defoe ' ran around a bit' without much success and could be said to be the only poor performer.

Walker lost van Persie for the goal and Lloris beaten at his near post might have done better. Walker seemed to realise the danger of the Cleverley ball to the far post but couldn't think what to do about it. Apart from that I don't remember Hugo making a save apart from a couple of dashes to the edge of the area, probably  more to keep warm than anything else.

Vertonghen was ill but tweeted congratulations to the lads for their performance and so Caulker played alongside Dawson and both gave what we used to call 'stalwart' performances. Probably 'well good' in today's argot but I stand to be corrected on that. Against the League's leading goalscorers this was a very good defensive showing.

Behind for an hour we played better and better. And with Dawson and Parker on the field heads are not likely to drop. Sandro will be missed but not too much if Scotty stays fit. Benny clearly in need of more match tuning made a late appearance for Kyle Naughton who was reliable without being positively good and who has yet to form a creative relationship with Gareth.

We got away with a possible/ probable penalty shout when Caulker tangled legs with Rooney but even on MOTD the experts were divided after several hundred slow motion viewings. 'I've seen them given' as they say.

We deserved a draw at least whatever the Manchester Grump may say about the evident bias of the anti Man. Utd linesman who apparently has form. But then who doesn't in the wonderful world of 'futball' according to Sir Alex. This was a case of a carefully planned raid rather than a smash and grab. If we had scored earlier we could well have won it.

 Let's hope that he enjoyed a relaxing glass of Portuguese 'Quinto da Romaniero Reserva Douro' (£42.50 inc.VAT) after the match with wine buff Andre. Both men may have been well happy with the draw in the end. Rio Ferdinand admitted as much in after match interviews

Spurs are ensuring that this vintage is available at the new Sainsbury's on site. It's cheaper by the case Mr. Boas Villas. Get plenty in for future celebrations.

All in all a satisfactory afternoon's work after the heroic efforts of the ground staff. Unbeaten in 7 in the league; 1 defeat in 11, a visible gap between us and Everton and now a breather, until we face Norwich at the end of the month. Just Leeds in the cup before then. No visiting your old haunts until after the game Aaron.

Transfer guesswork/insider ITK.
Just vague outlines on the horizon just yet, the usual definite possibilities. Got a spare five minutes and an envelope? I'm sure you could make your own credible list.

 Do we need them? Time will tell but you  could say that Spurs have made the case recently for sticking with what we have. After all Adebayor will be back in a month, hopefully a new man in the absence of an actual new man. We fans live in hope but it's not our money after all. It just feels like it.

It would certainly suit Daniel but there are mutterings that it might be causing a rift with AVB especially after the Moutinho fiasco in the summer. He is still AVB's main target along with Leandro but Levy sees little prospect of signing them in this window. Relationships are tetchy by all accounts with just 10 days to go.
The scheme to bring in Holtby early for a couple of million to bolster the midfield after Sandro's injury seems to have foundered. That particular deal was never likely to appeal to Daniel anyway. Two million for four months? I think not.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
3 minutes of homage to our widemen. Blink and you'll miss 'em. Very fast and even faster. Proper Spurs they are. One slightly overated and one definitely underated.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's not Rocket Science: Any Dope can do it.

 You've got to be sure.
Otherwise Shearer will roast us on MOTD.
 Yes Mr. Clattenburg it's definitely e=mc2
The Greg Meyer Column
 Snowday 19 January 2013.
It's Not Rocket Science .. Any Dope Can Do It.
The art of Spanish waitering suddenly seemed a far more palatable occupation after the second Southampton goal on Wednesday. Even rumours of Franz Klammer, Austrian skiing great, gracing the slopes here at our pub this weekend appear to have more credibility than your average Chelsea fan's faith in Rafa Benitez. Rocket science would seem well out of reach.
 Still according to the bible Redknapp seemingly any intellectually challenged being, Andre Villas Boas aside, will succeed at Chelsea. Harry confirmed he, Andre, was not a dope last week. Thanks for that little pearl Harry. I guess after his holding efforts against us Harry is disqualified from dope status as well.
Our publican accepted some high class hospitality on Wednesday viewing the match from a Debenture Box immediately below the comfortable surrounds of a certain Russian oligarch's perch. Yes Roman was at the game confirms mine host.
 As to the game all that you read was accurate. Particularly the approbation of the home fans towards the waiter and his sidekick Fernando. Why a going well Lampard was substituted had but one answer. The owner's tentacles are all pervading, direct or otherwise. Still the Interim .. Caretaker .. Seat Warmer has our best wishes against Arsenal.
The Chelsea result was very welcome. Spurs are theoretically in it for third. Our pub still not inclined to commit after last years meltdown. Some more distance over Arsenal would be handy given the nature of the opposition at the Lane on Sunday, weather permitting.
 At least Franz won't have any difficulties getting there. More on that in a moment but just briefly back to the science of rockets and refereeing.
Any Referee Can Do It.
Disbelief clothed in disillusionment seems an all too headline lately. Oh alright further back than that. The world's second hardest job. Rocket scientology obviously the first.
In most recent memory the Bale diving decision by Martin Atkinson was a blunder. Next up Demba Ba against Swansea. Never a dive Anthony Taylor. Even Andre Marriner stuffed it up blatantly very recently. Phil Dowd anyone. Certainly not for Sam Allardyce.
Not a rant but more an expression of regret. s you enter the ground it's not " I wonder who's starting?". No its usually "I just hope he does not bugger up the game and affect the outcome.". 
And so to one of those games blessed with refereeing controversy more often than not. Come on down Chris Foy. Yes he of the highway robbery at Stoke vs Spurs last year. Probably need more than a degree in rocketolgy on Sunday.
At A Kent Igloo.
Still serving . Indeed with schools closed and work difficult to get to it was a busy day here today. People walk or ski and so tend to treat themselves, leaving the skis behind for the home journey.
Guarded optimism here for Sunday. Surely Vertonghen can keep Van Persie sufficiently quiet. Sandro's rugged presence will be missed. Little Scotty will try hard but sorry no Sandro. 
We now have three world class players and all are available. Hugo Lloris, Gareth Bale and the aforementioned Jan Vertonghen will be needed. Not to gainsay the rest of a team threatening to have a very good season.
Haven't bothered with statistics but the last time we probably did the double against Manchester United neither Werner von Braun nor Franz Klammer were even born.
 Cheers never know AVB might have studied rocket science at school ... our last manager dear old 'Arry couldn't even spell it on his own admission ... Greg Meyer.    coys. 
Jimmy's footnote. Last double over Man. Utd was in 1989/1990 season. We do the research so you don't have to.
Jimmy's Video Spot.
Especially for Mine Host at the Kent Igloo, footage of Hugo Lloris defying all comers. Currently my favorite player and the less he has to do the more we like him.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Beginning of the end for Spurs?

0-0 draw. A tale of two Managers.
The JimmyG2 Column
'Small earthquake: not many killed' is always cited as the non news headline. The story that few will bother reading because it puts you off rather than catching the imagination. Tottenham's game against QPR could well be filed under this heading.

It certainly didn't match the pre-match hype, but then what does? Ex Spurs manager recently sacked comes face to face and goes head to head with the new Spurs manager after nightmare in West London. Ex Spurs duo Adel Taarabt and Ryan Nelson desperate to wreak revenge on their former employers.

More yet, it's bottom of the table, relegation threatened against top four, Champions League hopefuls. Everything to play for then in a season defining showdown clash at Shepherds Bush. Even the most phlegmatic journalists raised half an eye and a full glass for this one.

 Oh the stories to be told before and after the event. But there wasn't even a tinge of a tremor, a semblance of a shake, or a whiff of a wobble.Certainly there were few signs of  fatalities. Few of the Spurs team barely broke sweat.

 Harry and Andre had clearly gone large on a 0-0 forecast. They were civilised to a fault before the game, exchanging handshakes and hugs. After the game Harry could be heard assuring Andre that the remark about being a dope if you failed at Chelsea applied only to Rafa and not to him. I believe him because Harry may be many things but he is rarely vindictive.

We should have been ahead within ten minutes. In an historical about turn I come here today to praise Cesar for a fine save from Defoe but Adebayor should have buried him and the the rebound. Apart from a deflected shot by Defoe which Cesar saved with his legs that was it.  A good free kick from Walker went close.

 The rest of the game was a stalemate with QPR defending in numbers. Dawson deflected a Wright-Phillips goal bound effort, the rest was silence. Parker looked more interested than most and we barely noticed that Sandro had left the field with a knee injury, apparently not serious enough to prevent his appearance next Sunday against Man. Utd. 

Vertonghen insisted on giving the ball to Dawson to launch upfied rather than take the ball forward himself, which he does well. I assume that this was part of AVB's game plan but I can't think why. Dembele was lethargic and neither Bale nor Lennon could be bothered to find the space in which to work.

The result of all this was lack of penetration. If this had been a marriage there were sufficient grounds for an annulment. Amazingly we were not last on the MOTD playlist so I assume that the Norwich/ Newcastle game was a solid gold shocker.

Lloris was a spectator and if he paid to get in I hope he got a refund. He dashed out of goal at one point like a man late for check-in at Heathrow. He made the flight. I thought the copy of L'Equipe tucked nonchalantly inside the post after half time was a sign of over confidence but still.

 Since we are not going to challenge for the top spot it helps our cause if  The Manchesters defeat all comers. They both did exactly this on Sunday when both Liverpool and Arsenal suffered defeats to leave us clear of all our rivals in fourth.

 So was this a useful point away from home or are we staring over the edge of another calamitous collapse for the third year running? Surely not. Is it the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? AVB is confident that lightening can't strike for a third time especially not on his watch

 I note that the 40 points landmark has been reached with barely half the games played and we would appear to be safe from relegation for another season. It was not always thus and some of you don't know how blessed you have been over the last few years..

The transfer bandwagon trundles on and I repeat my feeling that no-one of note or stature will be signed in January, and I don't mean 20 stone opera singers. Our main targets, Moutinho and Leandro would seem to be out of reach until the Summer. Which Summer?  You may well ask.

A host of exotic You tube stars are mentioned daily  and they all look like world beaters on the small screen. The prices and wages being mentioned for players who would need to adapt to the Premiership are sufficiently high to trigger an emergency lockdown of Daniel's wallet.

Pitch sizes: Much chatter about how much easier it is to defend on the cramped QPR pitch and how we couldn't play our exciting expansive football.
White Hart Lane:..... 110yds by 73 yds..(8030 sq.yds)
QPR: Loftus Road....112yds by 72 yds..(8064 sq.yds)
So it's 6ft longer and 3 ft. narrower. Workman/ tools. Go figure.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
 They manage to get over 3minutes of highlights here by repeating everything five times. Dawson's knee saves the day; Parker almost gets a shot on goal; Gareth practises for the Ronaldo role and nearly repeats his Reina bamboozling swerver; Walker and Defoe are unlucky; Ade misses another sitter and that all there is folks. No commentary to spoil your enjoyment.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Comings and Goings.

Coventry Cathedral completely rebuilt after total destruction:
Coventry City FC, no such luck just yet.

The JimmyG2 Column

 Not being actually there and with no television coverage or streams to gatecrash, makes this match review somewhat difficult. I did listen to the commentary on Radio London when I finally tracked it down but I will spare the blushes of the two participants by letting them remain anonymous.

There's always two presumably so that they can share the blame. Listening to the Tottenham /Coventry cup tie broadcast was like overhearing two 7yr.olds locked in a Wendy House for an hour and a half. By half time they had forgotten what they are supposed to be talking about.

Anyway I've watched the 34 second clip of the goals on ITV and read the newspaper reports and blog site critiques and I think I know roughly what happened. We scored three in half an hour and would have liked to have gone home but FA regulations prevented us from doing so.

Why ITV needed an anchorman and two pundits on silly money to review these blips of footage is a mystery to me. It made Match of the Day look like a serious philosophical analysis of a current social trends. A brief introduction and a voice over would have allowed at least an extra ten seconds of each game to be shown.

Anyway, Bale was the best thing on two pieces of sliced bread; Dempsey got a couple of cheeky goals; Adebayor apparently had more pressing things on his mind and everyone else did more or less what they had to do without breaking sweat or wind.

 Parker and Benny ran around a bit more than others but then they needed the exercise.. The hoodoo of 1987 much talked up by the press evaporated before it had had time rear its ugly head..

The return of Scotty and Benny gives the game a brighter gloss over painted by a final matt finish with the exclusion of Carroll and Townsend until long after there was any signs of life in the tie. Either or both could have started but AVB was not to know that before the game. 'To Dare is to do' it was not.

So we progressed 'ruthlessly'; 'professionally'; 'efficiently', 'coolly', ' with the minimum of fuss' depending on your preferred information source. Not words that have always been associated with Tottenham over the recent years. Long may it last, preferably with 'exciting and stylish added to the lexicon.

Nine changes from the previous team which won against Sunderland suggested that we might have hidden depths but it was after all an unequal matching against a lower league team whatever history may have been dredged up to suggest differently. Upsets do and did happen on the day but not at White Hart Lane this time.

Rumours: (Best Fleetwood Mac Album)
  1. Going to change his mind about the Africa Cup of Nations. He seems to have gone already by the accounts of Saturday's game.
  2. Is leaving us for QPR shortly probably on loan. ITK info. denied by another ITK, You pays yer money...
Musings likelihood rating; 1) 3/10....2) 1/10

Bid for Leandro.
Oh yes we are. Well we think about it every other window so why not this one? (8/10).

We're getting really serious on this one now. Levy is going to offer less than we did last time.
Yes that should work Daniel. Don't try this in Tesco's. (8/10)

Harry is having a clear out and is restocking with Huddlestone, Livermore, Gallas and any one else kicking their heels on the Tottenham High Rd. (5/10). Livermore (9/10). Better the devils you know.

Next Round: Away to Leeds or Birmingham. That's a fact not a rumour. (10/10)

QPR v Tottenham Forecast:
 Spurs 3-0

Jimmy's Video Spot.
And here it is in all its glory. ITV's 34 seconds. Is this what we pay our licence fee for? No,wait.
Unless you were there you know about as much as I do. ('Clint Dempsey pwning nOObs' apparently)
I would have thought  that was seriously illegal.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Spurs Transfer Predictions and New Year Awards

We're on our way to Somewhere, we're on our way to Somewhere.
Didn't we come through here last year?

 The JimmyG2 Column

The train now standing at Platform Three is the All Round England Mystery Destination Tour. The final location will be revealed later in the year but hopes are high that all passengers will qualify for the upgrade to the European Tour De Luxe .

The Tottenham Express steams on, this week passing, and I mean passing, straight through Reading. The Non Stop Special paused briefly at Stoke and was held up in Liverpool by an unforeseen late breakdown. Otherwise nine venues have been visited in the last month and all passengers have greatly enjoyed the success of this year's Yuletide Excursions.

An Away Day to Queen's Park completes this section of the Premiership Run after we pause in the FA Cup Sidings and welcome day trippers from Coventry. The performances are improving and future events are expected to be First Class only. The middle section of the train is reckoned by some to be the finest service currently available.

Further back new rolling stock has been introduced and integrated with the old and so far few complaints have been received. Our new French guard in charge at the rear will ensure that all passengers reach their destination safely. At the front electrification has guaranteed an improved fast service even though the central units are still not quite up to speed. But enough of this particular train of thought.

We remain clear in third place courtesy of Harry and QPR. No hard feelings apparently from Mr.Redknapp although helping us was clearly a by-product of helping himself. With QPR themselves to come we could remain there for even longer. Even Spurs won't be as inept and dire as Chelsea were and I'm pretty sure that AVB will treat the game with greater respect than Benitez and so will the players.

What a memorable Xmas and New Year we have had. Seven wins in the last nine games and 13/15 points since we lost to Everton on the 9th December. Reading were more of a challenge than some we have faced lately and as at Sunderland we gave them a start just to make it fairer.

Another clumsy challenge on the edge of the area gave Harte the opportunity to demonstrate his dead ball skills. He hit the bar and Pogrebnyak was first to react to the rebound. 1-0 down with four minutes on the clock .The first time we have conceded in the first 15 minutes all season. But it gave us plenty of time to recover. Captain Dawson put us level with a determined near post header on ten minutes.

Dembele and Sandro cruised the area between the half way line and the Reading penalty area like great white sharks. Lennon in the absence of Bale was the main threat and was my MOM for the second week running. In front of Roy Hodgson too which should give him an automatic selection for the next England game now that Walcott is trying his luck as a striker. He was a menace all game and set up two or three gilt edged chances the first of which Adebayor accepted with a fine header to put us ahead.

It was a little bit hectic for a while and Reading came close to an equaliser on a couple of occasions until a deflected shot by Dempsey, on as a sub for Sigurgdsson, put the game to bed ten minutes from the end. Parker, on for Dembele, gave a spirited 15 minute cameo and came closer to scoring than he has since joining Spurs. Federici who played well throughout saving at full stretch high to his left.

Musings New Year Awards
Most improved player: Aaron Lennon.
I have never subscribed to the 'Lennon Can't Cross' theory but free from injury and with new found confidence has enabled him to up his game this season. A few more shots will enhance his reputation further.

Runners up. Kyle Naughton, especially as he is playing out of position. He won't keep Benny out should he ever return but he might give Walker a run for his money at right back if his brain insists on having out of body experiences.
Much more controlled and getting forward more. He may even keep heartthrob Scotty out of the side as first choice. He could certainly do with a rest.

Player we are least likely to hold on to: Gareth Bale.
Off to Real Madrid apparently but not until the summer thankfully. So that was what our new partnership deal was all about.

Musings Best buy.
Finalists: Vertonghen, Lloris or Dembele.
Tough choice here but we vote for Vertonghen as a future captain and leader.

Player most likely to arrive in January:
No nomination received.
Forget Moutinho, Leandro, Willian, Villa and other BIG names.
Probably nobody experienced or Premiership ready.  Ezekiel Fryers the 20 yr old ex Man. Utd player from Standard Liege does not qualify as a big name.

Long Odds possibility.
Llorente.You read it here first. Who needs ITK?

Special Award.
Andre Villas Boas for facing down his critics within and without and making us forget that Harry was ever our favourite manager. For cobbling together a decent team, getting them playing increasingly well and being calm, dignified, except when we score, and friendly under fire.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Simple stuff today. 2 minutes of highlights of our victory over Reading. Featuring Captain Dawson leading from the front; Lennon terrorising Harte; a top, top header from Ade and a sign that good fortune is with us for the start of 2013for Dempsey's goal.

By the way we got the correct score for the Reading game but it's no big deal unless you backed it
and then we would like you to make a contribution to our favourite charity: The William Gallas Leaving Fund, hopefully for QPR.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

One Goes Down: Another Steps Up

We have the technology Gareth, trust us.
The Greg Meyer Column
 ... 30 December 2012.
Diving Not Waving  ... The Complete Goggler  ...  New Years Resolutions.
Probably not on Gareth Bale's bedside reading pile. First released in 1938 The Complete Goggler written by Guy Gilpatric quickly became a popular inspiration for the then still embryonic sport of scuba diving.
History aside or perhaps not completely. Past baggage was the reason behind Martin Atkinson deeming Bale switching sports in the Sunderland penalty area. Bale was at full throttle with the nearest Sunderland defender blessed with no hope of overtaking him.
 Instead a grab at his shoulder and a knee into Bales standing leg was deemed all part of a theatrical underwater opera choreographed dishonestly yet expertly by our Gareth. Certainly the fall was overly dramatic but Atkinson mindful of his theatrical duties chose to fit neatly into the role of villainous referee from the Spurs perspective.
Cue a maelstrom of debate in the tabloidal press and media generally. Perfect fodder for that bastion of righteousness Stan Collymore. Mind even talksport had trouble getting the story to stay afloat for long. Indeed the sinking of the good ship SS " Harry Redknapp" loomed large. Forgive the nautical connection but a rudderless Pool nevertheless managed to sail over and straight past QPR.
As some Spurs wags commented ... neither manager seemed needed today ... both suffering bowel complaints. Brendan Rogers was not at the game owing to a bout of diarrhoea and Harry no doubt wished he had not bothered. Indeed that brought our pub pondering on matters New Year and not just regards Harry of Sandbanks.
New Year Resolutions.
By no means meant to be all encompassing but here goes ...
Arsene Wenger.
More a prayer than a resolution. If Pat Rice can score a gong then why can't I keep Thierry Walcott at Arsenal.
Alan Pardew.
Very definitely a prayer. How to keep Demba Ba. Actually a little late as he won't be there in the New Year.
Frank Lampard.
All the resolve and goals in the world seem unlikely to change Roman's mind. Football loyalty and goals are not particularly relevant when you are one of the world's richest.
Gareth Bale.
Keep my sense of impish Welsh humour. Burn that Christmas present entitled Ronaldo ... Tips When Afloat.
I am sure you have your own list formulated as have we ...
At A Kent Pub.
A measured display at Sunderland with a sensational goal by the very little one. Apart from set pieces we looked comfortable.
Our moment of the match was the enormous clearing punch by possibly the best goalkeeper in the Premier. Also a very accomplished diver. Go Hugo.

Reading is surely our first win of 2013. They are no Stoke and our boss should damp down any pre-match cockiness.
Tiger Woods, a great driver of the golf ball, turns 37 today.
Cheers ... yellow cards should be rescindable ... Go Gareth ... Greg Meyer.            coys. 

Jimmy's Video Spot:
 These are peaches
And this a peach!

 Aaron Lennon's goal against Sunderland. He scores, we win. Simples.