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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Comings and Goings.

Coventry Cathedral completely rebuilt after total destruction:
Coventry City FC, no such luck just yet.

The JimmyG2 Column

 Not being actually there and with no television coverage or streams to gatecrash, makes this match review somewhat difficult. I did listen to the commentary on Radio London when I finally tracked it down but I will spare the blushes of the two participants by letting them remain anonymous.

There's always two presumably so that they can share the blame. Listening to the Tottenham /Coventry cup tie broadcast was like overhearing two 7yr.olds locked in a Wendy House for an hour and a half. By half time they had forgotten what they are supposed to be talking about.

Anyway I've watched the 34 second clip of the goals on ITV and read the newspaper reports and blog site critiques and I think I know roughly what happened. We scored three in half an hour and would have liked to have gone home but FA regulations prevented us from doing so.

Why ITV needed an anchorman and two pundits on silly money to review these blips of footage is a mystery to me. It made Match of the Day look like a serious philosophical analysis of a current social trends. A brief introduction and a voice over would have allowed at least an extra ten seconds of each game to be shown.

Anyway, Bale was the best thing on two pieces of sliced bread; Dempsey got a couple of cheeky goals; Adebayor apparently had more pressing things on his mind and everyone else did more or less what they had to do without breaking sweat or wind.

 Parker and Benny ran around a bit more than others but then they needed the exercise.. The hoodoo of 1987 much talked up by the press evaporated before it had had time rear its ugly head..

The return of Scotty and Benny gives the game a brighter gloss over painted by a final matt finish with the exclusion of Carroll and Townsend until long after there was any signs of life in the tie. Either or both could have started but AVB was not to know that before the game. 'To Dare is to do' it was not.

So we progressed 'ruthlessly'; 'professionally'; 'efficiently', 'coolly', ' with the minimum of fuss' depending on your preferred information source. Not words that have always been associated with Tottenham over the recent years. Long may it last, preferably with 'exciting and stylish added to the lexicon.

Nine changes from the previous team which won against Sunderland suggested that we might have hidden depths but it was after all an unequal matching against a lower league team whatever history may have been dredged up to suggest differently. Upsets do and did happen on the day but not at White Hart Lane this time.

Rumours: (Best Fleetwood Mac Album)
  1. Going to change his mind about the Africa Cup of Nations. He seems to have gone already by the accounts of Saturday's game.
  2. Is leaving us for QPR shortly probably on loan. ITK info. denied by another ITK, You pays yer money...
Musings likelihood rating; 1) 3/10....2) 1/10

Bid for Leandro.
Oh yes we are. Well we think about it every other window so why not this one? (8/10).

We're getting really serious on this one now. Levy is going to offer less than we did last time.
Yes that should work Daniel. Don't try this in Tesco's. (8/10)

Harry is having a clear out and is restocking with Huddlestone, Livermore, Gallas and any one else kicking their heels on the Tottenham High Rd. (5/10). Livermore (9/10). Better the devils you know.

Next Round: Away to Leeds or Birmingham. That's a fact not a rumour. (10/10)

QPR v Tottenham Forecast:
 Spurs 3-0

Jimmy's Video Spot.
And here it is in all its glory. ITV's 34 seconds. Is this what we pay our licence fee for? No,wait.
Unless you were there you know about as much as I do. ('Clint Dempsey pwning nOObs' apparently)
I would have thought  that was seriously illegal.


Anonymous said...

Itv s interest in the F A cup starts and ends with Man Utd if they could they d stop covering it once Utd exit,odds on whoever Utd draw it will be live on ITV

Maverick Ways said...

Anonymous said...

How come no-one who writes their own Spurs blog ever seems to go anywhere near White Hart Lane?

Anonymous said...

I watched the game between Swansea and Arsenal and once again we have two ex Arsenal players as the pundits. This is beginning to piss me off because it keeps happening. I thought they were suppose to get pundits with ties to both sides not just one. It's either that or we have to listen to that other cretin Alan Smith when Spurs play the scum.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with yours comments about Smith and the majority of gooner pundits.The majority of their comments are fragrently baised as to be embarrassing,to any one with some intelligence.That said.Sewart Robson on ESPN,is normal'ily very good,and as a rule comes up with very good and clearly made statements,some thing other exgooners,seem incaperable of.

Louis Connor said...

Was at the match, first row. We owned the show, with only one actual threat which friedel parried away. We played a possession game after the 3 goal in the first half but looked as if we were aiming for Dempsey to get his third. COYS!

JimmyG2 said...

Louis Connor
Thanks for fan's eye, on the spot report. Keeps us absent bloggers on the straight and narrow.

Anon 19:38
Some bloggers are indeed regular attenders.
I don't attend these days, too old, too poor, too far away but it doesn't disqualify me from writing about Spurs, does it?

Bias of pundits is a problem but ignorance by commentators and journalists is a bigger one. by many

Anonymous said...

@23:30 - 'their comments are *fragrently* biased'....

Even by footy blog standards, that's one for the scrapbook!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Enjoyed the Chattanooga choo choo clip, thanks.

I was more pleased with swatting aside a Third Division side (in old money) than perhaps I should be. Still sour about 1987? Moi!? Never!

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 11:30
The management of Spurs Musings accepts no responsibility for the views or errors of contributing posters.

You're welcome.
Yes I think we've put that particular banana skin in the bin.

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