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Monday, 14 January 2013

Beginning of the end for Spurs?

0-0 draw. A tale of two Managers.
The JimmyG2 Column
'Small earthquake: not many killed' is always cited as the non news headline. The story that few will bother reading because it puts you off rather than catching the imagination. Tottenham's game against QPR could well be filed under this heading.

It certainly didn't match the pre-match hype, but then what does? Ex Spurs manager recently sacked comes face to face and goes head to head with the new Spurs manager after nightmare in West London. Ex Spurs duo Adel Taarabt and Ryan Nelson desperate to wreak revenge on their former employers.

More yet, it's bottom of the table, relegation threatened against top four, Champions League hopefuls. Everything to play for then in a season defining showdown clash at Shepherds Bush. Even the most phlegmatic journalists raised half an eye and a full glass for this one.

 Oh the stories to be told before and after the event. But there wasn't even a tinge of a tremor, a semblance of a shake, or a whiff of a wobble.Certainly there were few signs of  fatalities. Few of the Spurs team barely broke sweat.

 Harry and Andre had clearly gone large on a 0-0 forecast. They were civilised to a fault before the game, exchanging handshakes and hugs. After the game Harry could be heard assuring Andre that the remark about being a dope if you failed at Chelsea applied only to Rafa and not to him. I believe him because Harry may be many things but he is rarely vindictive.

We should have been ahead within ten minutes. In an historical about turn I come here today to praise Cesar for a fine save from Defoe but Adebayor should have buried him and the the rebound. Apart from a deflected shot by Defoe which Cesar saved with his legs that was it.  A good free kick from Walker went close.

 The rest of the game was a stalemate with QPR defending in numbers. Dawson deflected a Wright-Phillips goal bound effort, the rest was silence. Parker looked more interested than most and we barely noticed that Sandro had left the field with a knee injury, apparently not serious enough to prevent his appearance next Sunday against Man. Utd. 

Vertonghen insisted on giving the ball to Dawson to launch upfied rather than take the ball forward himself, which he does well. I assume that this was part of AVB's game plan but I can't think why. Dembele was lethargic and neither Bale nor Lennon could be bothered to find the space in which to work.

The result of all this was lack of penetration. If this had been a marriage there were sufficient grounds for an annulment. Amazingly we were not last on the MOTD playlist so I assume that the Norwich/ Newcastle game was a solid gold shocker.

Lloris was a spectator and if he paid to get in I hope he got a refund. He dashed out of goal at one point like a man late for check-in at Heathrow. He made the flight. I thought the copy of L'Equipe tucked nonchalantly inside the post after half time was a sign of over confidence but still.

 Since we are not going to challenge for the top spot it helps our cause if  The Manchesters defeat all comers. They both did exactly this on Sunday when both Liverpool and Arsenal suffered defeats to leave us clear of all our rivals in fourth.

 So was this a useful point away from home or are we staring over the edge of another calamitous collapse for the third year running? Surely not. Is it the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? AVB is confident that lightening can't strike for a third time especially not on his watch

 I note that the 40 points landmark has been reached with barely half the games played and we would appear to be safe from relegation for another season. It was not always thus and some of you don't know how blessed you have been over the last few years..

The transfer bandwagon trundles on and I repeat my feeling that no-one of note or stature will be signed in January, and I don't mean 20 stone opera singers. Our main targets, Moutinho and Leandro would seem to be out of reach until the Summer. Which Summer?  You may well ask.

A host of exotic You tube stars are mentioned daily  and they all look like world beaters on the small screen. The prices and wages being mentioned for players who would need to adapt to the Premiership are sufficiently high to trigger an emergency lockdown of Daniel's wallet.

Pitch sizes: Much chatter about how much easier it is to defend on the cramped QPR pitch and how we couldn't play our exciting expansive football.
White Hart Lane:..... 110yds by 73 yds..(8030 sq.yds)
QPR: Loftus Road....112yds by 72 yds..(8064 sq.yds)
So it's 6ft longer and 3 ft. narrower. Workman/ tools. Go figure.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
 They manage to get over 3minutes of highlights here by repeating everything five times. Dawson's knee saves the day; Parker almost gets a shot on goal; Gareth practises for the Ronaldo role and nearly repeats his Reina bamboozling swerver; Walker and Defoe are unlucky; Ade misses another sitter and that all there is folks. No commentary to spoil your enjoyment.


TMWNN said...

He was definitely lying; his lips were moving.

Roger said...

' I note that the 40 points landmark has been reached'
I did breathe a small sigh of relief to this, Thought I was the only one who noticed. oh how times have changed.

hoopspur said...

You paint a pretty picture - the match wasn't that good!

Honestly glad I didn't cough up the amount of cash QPR were wanting for their tickets tbh. Having said that, the pub i was watching in had a power cut and i had to quickly vacate to another. Not sure what my rush was for.

Anonymous said...

This has been my grip for years ours is the second smallest pitch in the premiership and when we move we should have a BIGGER PITCH please
man city is 4yds wider than ours, say what u want size matters,and helps,to many times over the years teams have shut us down quite easily even with 2 wide players and modders!!! but it would also help if you had some plonker upfront who could hold the ball up neither ade nor defoe defiantly can seem to do this and never have ,season before last PAV was our top scorer
and all the goals from keane,defoe,crouch together couldnt beat his AND HE RARLY PLAYED FOR TWITCH but the amount he scored from outside the box was A GOOD RATIO yet all
he got was ridicule because of arry REDCRAPP and his followers and people slagging him of on blogs because of this
But we need someone who can hold the ball and bring other players into the game he would have suited AVB have a look on utube his goals from outside the box,might have been the answer sat.
I also agree with wat u say about the 40pts since MJ our improvement has been brilliant but a lot of the new age supporters are far far to impatient they never had john lacy,or gordon smith so slagging and booing the team off because we draw with Norwich and wba and reading terms like UNACCEPTABLE on some sites
these people better get a reality check or a new team!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad we were next to last on MoD instead of 1st with a dramatic 'Arry gets his own back on SPURS for dumping him embarrassment, imagine the media frenzy if that had happened ?!

The truth is we are several players short of CL quality and folk need to accept this, and for my money AvB is doing an exemplary job using what he has been given to getting us into 4th at this stage which is amazing for team in transition.

I don't think we can seriously look to anything happening in Jan to improve things but recent purchases give me great hope for the future. No one can be in any doubt that we need a quality creative mid fielder that can help to un pick locks such as QPR and Stoke etc..we don't have it in Dembele, Bless him...the tide went out on Saturday and we saw what he wasn't wearing...

Neither of our "strikers" have true striker credentials, they need balls laid on for them for the most part, so we can't get too upset when they don't deliver.

This last sector of the season will tell all...can AvB steer this team into solidifying 4th and bring CL promise to the faithful, get as far as we dare in the Cups that we are still in, as opposed to going into meltdown like we have the last two seasons when 'Arry lost interest.

It's going to be a white knuckle ride, but let's get behind them and keep the faith !!

Anonymous said...

Whats with all the negativity and claims we aren't a top 4 side?? And the previous comment of 'we saw what dembele was wearing'? Dembele is a good player and a great buy. Granted, it wasn't his best game, but calm down, the guy has done brilliantly since he came in.
Agreed tho, we do lack creativity in the middle, but we cant have it always. The 442 formation works because Dembele and Sandro work very well together, and are both solid. If you replace Dembele with someone less solid and more creative, we will leak goals. An option would be to go back to 451, and sign willian and soldado (or similar moulds).

JimmyG2 said...

Hello stranger. Still as disbelieving as ever I'm glad to see.

Like me you live in hope. With a name like yours I'm surprised you weren't a neutral.

Anon 11:57
Come back Pav. all is forgiven. I liked the boy but ther's no going back in life.

Us more senior members always notice this landmark event.

Anon 11:32
'White knuckle ride again'
Not the team to support if you want a quiet life are they. Never have been, but we wouldn't like it any other way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.32 here...

Yes, JG2 SPURS are a great representation of life itself, full of ups and downs, that's why I've loved em since 67...and my 8 year old is following in my tracks Praise the Lord !!

Simon, I'm not being negative mate, just honest...Dembele is a fine player, we've won most of our games with him in the side so a welcome addition...however what separates us from the CL quality type of team are players that raise their game on days when the other side doesn't play how you expect them. We saw his limitations when his opposite number (who must be commended) muscled him out of the game, and stopped him being useful.

And where was Bale when you needed him ? All this talk of RM quality but when we needed him to step up and make a difference he went AWOL for the most part. Complete tosh all this about it being a narrow pitch etc..besides he likes to wander infield these days so that's no excuse, this was a chance for him to really make a statement but he fluffed his lines.

Ronaldo is the type of player that would have made a difference in a game like that so all I'm saying is that we aren't there yet and won't be until we add 3/4 more players in key positions across the field.

Overall though I'm thrilled with the season thus far and remain much encouraged that maybe in my lifetime I'll see us lift the EPL and maybe the CL silverware.

Anonymous said...

Mbia did well against him, got in his face, first player I have seen do this to Dembele.

We can't win every game though, so not too disappointed with a point, considering they went to the bridge got 3 points. Its a little harsh to say we are 3 or 4 players off champions league though, maybe 1 or 2, but will still be there or there abouts without 2 additional players.

On Bale though, he hasn't been good enough to be rumoured at 60m, but he has dragged us to 3 points a few times this season, again, he can't do it each week. Take his last 2 games before; Sunderland and Villa he was brilliant, and did get us 3 points in both away games.

I don't think we should get carried away with not getting all 3 points, its a blip, but I'll take a 3 point lead over Arsenal heading into February.

Anonymous said...

my point on the small pitch still stands ,if u watched the game from the stands u would see 9 men behind the ball shutting any space down it seemed that lennon and bale and dembele were all man marked any time we got down the line players shifted across doubling up sometimes 3 wright -philips was like a left back ,you couldnt go through the middle it was to crowded sometimes 3 mid-fielders plus their 2 defenders all areas of the pitch were easy to defend if you playing at home it is a shock when the home team PARK THE BUS and to think few years ago we got slaughtered for it ,then we never had the medias darling arry redcrapp
But it doesn't help when neither forward can hold the ball up and both have rarely scored from outside the penalty area,which was my point on PAV we need a foreward like him who could hold the ball and score a lot of goals from outside the box.and we dont have some idiot telling him to run-a-round ,thank god for a proper manager not a DOPE!!!!!!!!!! dennis bond any one?

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I did notice Dawson being the one bringing the ball out from the back instead of Vertonghen. I thought it likely because Jan was on Taraabt duty.

Ade cannot knock the skin off a rice pudding with his shooting.

I think it might be a valuable draw come the end, as I expect them to surprise one or two more, though we were too easily subdued all told.

Er and that's it really. Thanks Jimmy, let's hope for something sparkling vs Man Utd at the weekend.

Anonymous said...

...........bollox......we dropped 2 fakkin points again!!! This game should have been a banker not a wanker.....2 points that may cost us fakkin dearly for not putting in the effort against the BOTTOM TEAM yet again!!! Let them park the bus in their own half, a lot of teams already do that trying to neutralise games and go fro a draw! This is why we need to move forward with pace and a killer pass to someone in a shooting position around the box...Pav or Berbabtov would have been perfect for us at the moment. Adeboremetotears is fakkin doubt about that. He just "runs around a bit" and does next to phuk all. No incisive through balls into the box for Defoe to latch onto...he keeps the ball until its too late to do anything with it.

JimmyG2 said...

Something sparkling during the game leading to something sparkling afterwards hopefully.
'Jan on Taarabt duty' you could be right.

Anon 11.48
Easy tiger its not a matter of life and death.....but we do need a world class striker.

It wasn't enough against Arsenal last year

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