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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Spurs Transfer Predictions and New Year Awards

We're on our way to Somewhere, we're on our way to Somewhere.
Didn't we come through here last year?

 The JimmyG2 Column

The train now standing at Platform Three is the All Round England Mystery Destination Tour. The final location will be revealed later in the year but hopes are high that all passengers will qualify for the upgrade to the European Tour De Luxe .

The Tottenham Express steams on, this week passing, and I mean passing, straight through Reading. The Non Stop Special paused briefly at Stoke and was held up in Liverpool by an unforeseen late breakdown. Otherwise nine venues have been visited in the last month and all passengers have greatly enjoyed the success of this year's Yuletide Excursions.

An Away Day to Queen's Park completes this section of the Premiership Run after we pause in the FA Cup Sidings and welcome day trippers from Coventry. The performances are improving and future events are expected to be First Class only. The middle section of the train is reckoned by some to be the finest service currently available.

Further back new rolling stock has been introduced and integrated with the old and so far few complaints have been received. Our new French guard in charge at the rear will ensure that all passengers reach their destination safely. At the front electrification has guaranteed an improved fast service even though the central units are still not quite up to speed. But enough of this particular train of thought.

We remain clear in third place courtesy of Harry and QPR. No hard feelings apparently from Mr.Redknapp although helping us was clearly a by-product of helping himself. With QPR themselves to come we could remain there for even longer. Even Spurs won't be as inept and dire as Chelsea were and I'm pretty sure that AVB will treat the game with greater respect than Benitez and so will the players.

What a memorable Xmas and New Year we have had. Seven wins in the last nine games and 13/15 points since we lost to Everton on the 9th December. Reading were more of a challenge than some we have faced lately and as at Sunderland we gave them a start just to make it fairer.

Another clumsy challenge on the edge of the area gave Harte the opportunity to demonstrate his dead ball skills. He hit the bar and Pogrebnyak was first to react to the rebound. 1-0 down with four minutes on the clock .The first time we have conceded in the first 15 minutes all season. But it gave us plenty of time to recover. Captain Dawson put us level with a determined near post header on ten minutes.

Dembele and Sandro cruised the area between the half way line and the Reading penalty area like great white sharks. Lennon in the absence of Bale was the main threat and was my MOM for the second week running. In front of Roy Hodgson too which should give him an automatic selection for the next England game now that Walcott is trying his luck as a striker. He was a menace all game and set up two or three gilt edged chances the first of which Adebayor accepted with a fine header to put us ahead.

It was a little bit hectic for a while and Reading came close to an equaliser on a couple of occasions until a deflected shot by Dempsey, on as a sub for Sigurgdsson, put the game to bed ten minutes from the end. Parker, on for Dembele, gave a spirited 15 minute cameo and came closer to scoring than he has since joining Spurs. Federici who played well throughout saving at full stretch high to his left.

Musings New Year Awards
Most improved player: Aaron Lennon.
I have never subscribed to the 'Lennon Can't Cross' theory but free from injury and with new found confidence has enabled him to up his game this season. A few more shots will enhance his reputation further.

Runners up. Kyle Naughton, especially as he is playing out of position. He won't keep Benny out should he ever return but he might give Walker a run for his money at right back if his brain insists on having out of body experiences.
Much more controlled and getting forward more. He may even keep heartthrob Scotty out of the side as first choice. He could certainly do with a rest.

Player we are least likely to hold on to: Gareth Bale.
Off to Real Madrid apparently but not until the summer thankfully. So that was what our new partnership deal was all about.

Musings Best buy.
Finalists: Vertonghen, Lloris or Dembele.
Tough choice here but we vote for Vertonghen as a future captain and leader.

Player most likely to arrive in January:
No nomination received.
Forget Moutinho, Leandro, Willian, Villa and other BIG names.
Probably nobody experienced or Premiership ready.  Ezekiel Fryers the 20 yr old ex Man. Utd player from Standard Liege does not qualify as a big name.

Long Odds possibility.
Llorente.You read it here first. Who needs ITK?

Special Award.
Andre Villas Boas for facing down his critics within and without and making us forget that Harry was ever our favourite manager. For cobbling together a decent team, getting them playing increasingly well and being calm, dignified, except when we score, and friendly under fire.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Simple stuff today. 2 minutes of highlights of our victory over Reading. Featuring Captain Dawson leading from the front; Lennon terrorising Harte; a top, top header from Ade and a sign that good fortune is with us for the start of 2013for Dempsey's goal.

By the way we got the correct score for the Reading game but it's no big deal unless you backed it
and then we would like you to make a contribution to our favourite charity: The William Gallas Leaving Fund, hopefully for QPR.


Anonymous said...

great write up

Agree with it all apart from the "clumsy" part of the challenge against Reading which lead to the freekick/goal. We CLEARLY won the ball but got shafted by the ref

Good work as always Jim


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Yes, good choo choo fun there Jimmy. New as well as old rolling stock used in there.

Here's the best song about a train ever

I agree with anonymous, Naughton clearly won the ball and Dembele didn't impede Dolph Lundgrun either. Still Rocky Dawson came up trumps soon after.

Agree with the awards too, right on the button.

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Poster.
Prepared to go to 'careless' challenge but I think it was a foul. We give too many away in dangerous places for the good of my healthKnow Alan Gilzean.
Classic. Nice train too.I thought Judy G. was never going to get on.
I raise you Glen Miller and the Modernaires
Better song, charming film but poor train footage.

JimmyG2 said...

Sorry that didn't come out right
Classic. Nice train too.I thought Judy G. was never going to get on.
I meet your I raise you Glen Miller and the Modernaires
Better song, charming film but poor train footage.

Anonymous said...

Hi JG2,

Good Post, my sentiments entirely...

At the Lane with a Reading supporting Bro in Law this week and really enjoyed our performance, we never looked like losing even after the upset at the start what with solid effort all round, even Walker making less mistakes than usual while Sandro was outstanding yet again.

He on the other hand watched through his fingers mostly and left the ground impressed with us. Lennon again upped his work rate to great effect which was great to see as I've not always understood the adulation he has enjoyed at the Lane over the years...

With the news of Fryers & Holtby hitting the wire I'm really getting excited as it seems as if we are looking to play the "long game", no knee jerk reaction in the market...we are 3rd FFS so why panic !?

Great time to me a SPURS supporter, if AvB keeps up the momentum and we avoid for the 3rd year running a "meltdown" then CL in 2013/14 could be a reality once more...

JimmyG2 said...

Last Anon.
Hi, 'Good time to be a SSpurs supporter'
Ain't that the truth!
Actually the last decade hasn't been that bad.

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