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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's the Hope

Evening Mr.Hope. Nice to see you round these parts again .
The JimmyG2 Column
 Memo to Mr. D. Levy. The law according to Messrs Sod and Murphy: 'What can go wrong, will go wrong'. Only one striker available? Put money on him getting injured. The fact that he has done little for several games and had done next to nothing before twisting his ankle is beside the point.

AVB and the team can probably improvise something more or less effective as they did against West Brom. but it's not quite the same as having a man available to slot into the system. Anyway let's not crucify Daniel Levy any more. He's taken a chance and maybe blown our money, or saved our money in this case.

But he certainly got lucky with the dismissal of Popov which handed us the initiative when to be fair we were struggling just a bit. Even then it took the Boy Bale another 20 minutes to work his magic for the second game running. He came up with a fine strike following good work by Holtby and Walker to take the three points.

Holtby had came on to replace Defoe after 39 minutes and looked as if he'd been a Tottenham player all his life. If he inspires his fellows with his energy, enthusiasm and skill we are in for an exciting run in. Clearly a McDonald's: man he is reportedly 'lovin it' at Spurs.

Until then it looked like another of of those games familiar to Spurs fans over the last couple of seasons where we press but can't make the breakthrough. As we approached the 70 minutes mark I was preparing to put on my 'resigned to a draw' face. On form strikers are always handy in these situations but let it rest Jimmy for goodness sake.

But the fickle finger having writ had moved on and induced Popov to express his view of a touchline mix-up with Walker in a more than phlegmatic manner. A red get out of jail card for Daniel. I thought it was harsh personally although if it sends a strong message about spitting then fair enough.

The pair were some distance apart and unless he's the Macedonian Long Range Spitting Champion there was little likelihood of any harm to Kyle's person. Most refs would have turned one of their blind eyes to the event.

It was hardly a full- throated 'gob' to be fair and since all players spit with alarming frequency anyway he could hardly have been accused of materially influencing Health and Safety. But it gave us and Daniel a lifeline and for this relief much thanks.

Am I condoning spitting? Absolutely not but unlike Steve Clarke I can express a plea for a more measured response to the occasion. He was left with no wriggle room on this and had to swallow the medicine, unlike Popov. I thought that the sending off was a hasty and excessive judgement in the circumastances.

So when all about us Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool and Man. City were dropping points we took full advantage which we don't always do. This was an away win at a difficult ground; a clean sheet thanks to the sharpness of Monsieur Hugo; unbeaten in eight; clear lilywhite water between us and our rivals, and just the one defeat in 13 games.

Of the top ten only Utd., Arsenal and ourselves bagged all three points. Perhaps the strain is beginning to tell on some of our rivals. That's called wishful thinking Jim. Liverpool in particular with the addition of Sturridge are playing increasingly well.

Daniel's second helping of good fortune came when Togo got knocked out of the African Cup of Nations in time for Adebayor to hot foot it back to White Hart Lane, hopefully freshly inspired and in time for the Newcastle game. We've got strikers coming out of the woodwork and I haven't even mentioned Harry Kane.

Incidentally Adebayor says this morning that he is 'physically exhausted' by his efforts in South Africa. Seems to be getting his excuses in early.

The West Brom game was the beginning of our fourth group of eight games and followed our best haul yet of 16 points from the previous eight. The next batch looks trickier and we are unlikely to average two points per game with Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal amongst our opponents.

But if Adebayor returns on form, Bale remains on song, Lloris stays on his toes and Holtby continues to inspire the fans and his team-mates, it is by no means impossible. For a Tottenham fan I'm getting quite optimistic. Amongst that lot there's a couple of Europa games against Lyon.
The Year of Transition is turning into the Year of Possibility and Hope. We've already had more satisfaction than many thought possible with the sacking of Harry and the appointment of AVB.  But we all know what Hope can do. It's a serial killer stalking the back alleys of N.17. just waiting for the opportunity to stab us in the back.

There are worries and doubts but I'm trying not to dwell on them. Caulker and Walker are young and have some concentrating to do. Benny is experienced and returning to form but anyone who doesn't have a slight heart in mouth attitude to him is ignoring evidence to the contrary.

Dawson can be as daft as ever on occasions. Parker has a big role to play in the absence of Sandro but is not quite back to form. Dembele is looking a little leaden footed and I would have kept Townsend in house as speed cover for Bale and Lennon. He was MOM in his first appearance for QPR on loan.

Siggy and Dempsey are not quite there yet and Vertonghen isn't the towering a figure he first seemed. But you see what's happening here, doubts are creeping in and Hope is disappearing into the mist. If only we had signed a top class striker.... Don't go there Jimmy: that way madness lies.

Jimmys Video Spot. The full MOTD2 coverage.
Early pressure from W.Brom. Good keeping from Lloris. Some nice passing and movement from Spurs.
I made the first half slightly in favour of Spurs, W.Brom were hardly the better team even at that stage.(Savage).
Then the Spit, The Strike and it's all over. And I've apparently defended the indefensible. (Shearer)


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the spitting incident. If you look Popov also spat just after getting the red card and... so did Kyle Walker. We got lucky.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, footballers spit all the time, true, i do when i play, and like them i always look down or away. Popov didnt, he spat whilst maintining eye contact, completely different situation, this isnt about health and safety, its part of the respect campaign and was rightly punished

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Do you really think that spitting straight at someone is the same as spitting on the floor? What would you rather, watch someone spit on the floor or watch someone spit at your face? That should answer the question for you. Unless you're the floor you shouldn't take offence when people spit on it. But if someone spits at my face, they'd better run!

Anonymous said...

"Our money"? "Our money"! what have you been drinking in that essex pub? certainly no liquor provided by one D. Levy! the day you understand that ownership of Spurs and making the turnstiles spin at WHL are two very different positions in life is the day things just may begin to change. but until then, life will always be something of a mystery to you Jimmy.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 13:31.
I like your linking of the spitting question with the respect campaign,
You make agood poinyt. Idon't disagfree in general terms I think that this particular incident was at the lower end.

As Anon 13:04 says, 'we got lucky' because Clattenburg, not always our friend, enforced to the max the law.

Anon 03:20
Life is a complete mystery to me Sir, always has been. But we struggle on. Too much time in the KENT pub. Me and Greg very rarely frequent Essex pubs.

Anonymous said...

Kent pubs? Well that explains it entirely. You are destined to journey through life entirely shrouded in mystery. That's what Kent pubs do to you.

JimmyG2 said...

Oy Anon 14:37.
Some of my best friends drink in Kent pubs.
When I said 'our money' I sort of meant ours and THFC collectively in a 'We're all in this together, sort of way'

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