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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Time To Look Up At Spurs.

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So what's new to tell you? My agent has been in touch with the Blog Writers Guild and to just write 'ditto' would put me in breach of the Articles of Affiliation and that covers 'Same as usual' as well.

 As we forecast in our last blog, and remember we are not always wrong which implies that occasionally we are right, 'Come Monday' and we are indeed third as predicted This was courtesy of yet another late, late goal from the boot of Mr. G.Bale. Nothing new there then.

We fought back to win when all seemed lost. We had over 60% possession and 25 shots, 16 of them on target. Caulker could have had a hat trick of headers from Bale corners; Siggy got his first Premiership goal; Ade missed an absolute sitter from a Sigurdsson rebound off the post and Carroll got an assist.

But for Jaaskelainen who was their outstanding player it could have been half a dozen.. He held out after we drew level until the 90th minute when The Force could no longer be resisted. We worked hard for it and we deserved it again. Lloris was outstanding and made a brave, bold match winning save at 2-1down.

We got the early goal. Cue elation. Then conceded the penalty. Cue disappointment and WTF was the experienced Parker doing by lunging at Carroll. We went one down courtesy of confusion at the back. Cue despair and anger. We equalised after a goalmouth scramble from another Bale free kick. Cue relief and rising stirrings of hope as we battered them.

Then Bale got knocked down, the ball breaks to Tom Carroll via Sigurdsson. Tom stares at Bale as if to say; 'Don't lie there feeling sorry for yourself'. Bale obliges, receives the ball, shifts left and scores with a last minute scorcher. Cue delirium and thoughts of the NLD to come.

Here is our league progress chart:
Unbeaten in 11games in the Premiership, one defeat in 15 games. But feast your eyes on it for yourselves.

Courtesy of

All is set fair as it was this time last year last year for a season defining clash at The Lane with Arsenal.  Strategically speaking a draw would do to maintain our four point lead but in our current run of form we may well be looking up towards Man. City rather than over our shoulder at Chelsea and others.

The Press can't mention the name Gareth Bale at the moment without bracketing it with that of Christiano Ronaldo, or mention Spurs without the addition of the words 'one man team'. To me that is more than a little insulting to Christiano and Tottenham.

Bale is in a purple patch and long may it last. Or at least until we qualify for second, third or fourth and he departs for new challenges somewhere a bit warmer which would rule anywhere in  Manchester obviously.

But Ronaldo and Messi have been performing at their level for several years not weeks and like all players in a team game including Gareth they have support systems off and on the pitch which make their performances possible. Not least a Manager who is handling his whole squad well and Bale in particular very well.

How many Spurs fans would have brought on Carroll, Siggy and Livermore as late substitutes to help win a vital match. But it revitalised and rebalanced the team. How many would have played Caulker and Dawson together and dropped Benny for the fixture? I trust the man and he clearly trusts his squad.

And who did Bale rush to celebrate the winner with? To the touchline and AVB. Bale himself has turned his back on the 'diver' tag and now shrugs off the tackles as he did at Norwich and again last night at W.Ham. Encouraged by Carroll he was quickly to his feet and on both occasions went on to score.

As game it was hardly a classic but with a W. Ham team lumping balls up to the arch lump Andy Carroll then there was little danger of that. We tried to remain cool, relaxed and aloof but eventually we had to take them on and as the game progressed and we went behind we increasingly did just that.

 Jimmy's Video Spot:
All the goals, the celebrations, the joy, the despair. Good picture quality and because the commentary is in Arabic it won't get taken down any time soon. What Vertonghen was doing for Joe Cole's goal, or Lloris for that matter I've no idea. See what you think.
If you've got it, flaunt it Joe.


hoopspur said...

Seriously thought Joe Cole was mad last night. Still do for that matter. Jimmy your widescreen highlights have all gone 4:3, so not quite right. Were their 2 penalty shouts in the move leading up to Siggy's thunderbolt?

Anonymous said...

i would love to know what that commentator is saying hahaha

JimmyG2 said...

Yes I forgot the blog format doesn't cope with widescreen.I will have another look.,
A handball and a kick and stamp on Adebayor I think.
I though Jaske was abit slow to pounce on the ball there.

First Anon.
Can anyone translate?

Anonymous said...

You've got to love the team spirit these was a real love fest at the end of the match and fantastic to see...

My goodness these are heady days for a SPURS fan. We never normally win at the death, it's usually the other way round.

A great AvB comparison, 27 games in with Cheatski they sack him, 27 games in with us we replace them for sweet is that ?!

Dare we dream ?

Anonymous said...

I am just waiting from the opening salvo from Man U supporters. It will be something along the lines of: Bale is a British treasure and should be kept in the UK, and since Man Utd have always had the premiere Welsh footballer he should obviously come to Man U. Also 35 million will be the suggested price plus an autographed picture of Fergie. Just remember their behaviour with Berbatov and let them eat their hearts out!!!!

Unknown said...

To all the other Club's Supporters who think that the Mighty Spurs have been "Bale'd Out" too many times...................ha, ha, ha

Get used to it.......he's only warming that he's a Dad, he's showing the young one (and his Lovely Lady) how it's done.............

Spurs have another Welsh Wizard - Cliff Jones was another in a different era...............

Anonymous said...

All the media hype being built up about Bale being wanted by everyone for a shed load of money plus a Picasso need to be viewed as just that, hype.
Gareth Bale needs to take heed of Berbatovs treatment at Man Utd., Robbie Keane at Liverpool, Luka Modric at Real Madrid as examples of star players at the Lane not being revered in the same way elsewhere. The grass is definitely not always greener so to speak.
It happened with Steve McMannaman and Michael Owen when they went to Madrid too.

Anonymous said...

Gareth Bale needs to stay grounded with Tottenham, bring up his young family around his own family and enjoy playing in the Champions League, scoring the type of goals he is scoring now on the world stage.
You know it makes sense Gareth!!!

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 23:20
Nice stats.It costs nothing to dream except your sanity. We lost that years ago at The |Musings.

Anon 00:07
Are you Fergy in disguise?
Won't happen again we learnt our lesson. In Levy we trust these days,as in the Modric case

Mike England and Ron Burgess ex miner who came to Spurs in the early 50's were another two Spurs greats that come to mind. I just Remeber Burgess, fine wing half as we used to call them.
Terry Medwin too from the great Spurs team in the 60's.
Don't start me off.

Anon 10:14
Good advice. Owen was quite successful statistically at Real but was not flamboyant enough for. He just scored goals.
They like a bit of flash in Madrid.

Anon 10:20
Are you listening Gareth, we're only trying to help you!

Kevin C said...

And another was Terry Yorath, who stepped in for John Pratt and did a great job as a holding midfielder. This is probably the best all round 'Spurs Team' I have seen and I have been going to WHL since August 1978. I was sceptical about AVB when he first came on board, but he's a very good coach and manager. Christ I hope this lasts and lasts. Great Great Days.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Good stuff Jimmy. Indeed, the blog is far from always wrong. I admit I thought we might mess up at West Ham, but we played well, especially on going 2-1 down. They just upset us, even if we left it late, bar Jussi we'd have won hands down. Big Sam might want to concentrate on that rather than thinking they lost to one man.

Thrilled for AVB. He's not been much like what was described on the tin. He's a sweetie and a fine coach, whom the player seem to like a great deal.

I was a little choked up watching AVB and the fellas so thrilled with the win. No, I was weeping, there was grit in my eye.

Bale is in special goalscoring form, but if there's one thing I take from Mon night is that a real team ethos, and spirit, has been moulded by an impressive young coach and very decent fella.

I still think we'll come a narrow 5th, b ut I'll be pleased with the season anyhow, esp if we continue on our way to Amsterdam.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

No, I wasn't weeping, there was grit in my eye,

As a good friend of mine said once, if you have to correct or explain the joke it likely isn't funny!

Up the Spurs

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