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Monday, 18 March 2013

Here we go, here we go, again.

Relax. It probably won't happen.
The JimmyG2 Column
 There's been quite a run on emotional investment in the Bank of Tottenham after a week of turmoil on the Premier and Foreign markets. I have been making increasingly large deposits over the season as AVB shares rose steadily after a modest start.

After Sunday I have shortened my forward position, and retreated back behind the sofa for the rest of the season with my assets securely tied up in a Tesco carrier bag. Let's see how it pans out after the International break while I review my investments.

We were dreadful and did little with the ball despite having the bulk of the possession. Bale caused the only excitement in the first half by heading a corner vaguely in the direction of the goal. Lloris was untroubled and the quality of the play was dire and the atmosphere funereal which turned out to be about right.

There is a horrifying similarity to last season but with less excuses this time round. Last season we had Harry's problems in the courts and in the hospital and in the delusional realms of his ambition about the England job. On the plus side we had VDV and Modric.

It all ended against Arsenal just over a year ago(edit). We were 2-0 up, and at that point a potential 13 points ahead. 'Dust to dust; ashes to ashes'.. Our collapse can be very precisely timed and dated. It was all downhill from that point.

Will we be able to make a similarly accurate assessment of our fall from grace this year from the moment that Kyle Walker attempted his suicidal back pass against Liverpool when we were ahead and the likeliest team to win? Let's hope not but I wouldn't bet against the threat of a collapse for the third season running.

It's looking that way after a disastrous week. Harold Wilson once said that 'a week is a long time in politics'. I can tell you that it seems even longer following Spurs. It's never too early to panic at Tottenham. Better to be proved wrong than caught by surprise.

My doctor advised supporting a different team when I asked for medical advice about a heart condition. Now you and I know that it's not that easy. In my next life I will probably make the same mistake again because supporting a team is not just about the football. What exactly it is about I'm not quite sure.

 Tottenham are a particularly difficult team to follow. We got hammered in midweek against Inter but went through on the away goal. It was a good job that Adebayor had opted for long studs. You can't blame the manager for Liverpool but a lot of the blame for Inter can be laid at his door.

And the team formation was dubious against Fulham. Benny at left half; Siggy on the right; Ade virtually a left winger and Bale all over the place.The claim that we were tired after the extra time at the San Siro doesn't bear too much close examination either.

AVB says that tiredness was not a problem and he takes the blame for 'organisational 'problems.We just played as if we were tired. Perhaps in the head rather than the legs.

Most of the side that started on Sunday didn't play the full match in any case. Lloris, Caulker, Bale, Dempsey, Defoe and Ekotto all played less than 90 minutes or not at all. Holtby who has at least shown some enthusiasm was left on the bench.

No real energy was shown until Tom Carroll came on like a breath of fresh air for a 20 minute cameo. Perhaps he should start next time. His passing was positive and he made both his seniors look cumbersome. Benny should be at left back or left out. I am coming to the conclusion that the latter is preferable. Square pegs in round holes seems to be the latest AVB tactical wheeze.

We now have an International break to lick our wounds, regroup, get the injured restored and get our heads right for the sharp end of the season. But I'm not holding my breath as Chelsea once again overtake us and Arsenal have only manager-less Reading to beat to be breathing down our necks.

Inevitably Berbatov scored against us after a breakaway by scuffing a shot past Lloris. He outpaced Caulker to get on the end of the cross which tells you something. Defoe had two clean strikes on goal from close in at the end but both found Schwarzer with unerring accuracy.

One of them could have salvaged a point which we probably didn't deserve. Fulham came for a point and got all three, their first win at WHL for a decade. Dembele and Dempsey could be wondering whether they made the right career choices.

Hopefully I will be proved wrong in my downbeat summary. We still have another 8 games to go and Arsenal and Chelsea will no doubt slip up. But the way we played on Sunday in one our 'easier' games makes it likely that anything they can do, we can do better. But not in a good way. 

But as the optimists argue Lennon could be back for Swansea; Bale and Dawson might not be as badly hurt as we first feared and we are still a point ahead of Arsenal even if they do win their game in hand.

 We have been punching above our weight this season and we looked out on our feet against Fulham. Don't throw in the towel just yet boys.

Jimmy's video Spot
Here's some hope for the future. Andros Townsend, currently on loan but hopefully 'he'll be back'. I'd have kept him for the run in as a late substitute and cover for Lennon and Bale. But then my training manual is titled Hindsight'. Fast and furious but effective whenever he has come on for us and for QPR.


Anonymous said...

....Adebayor's lunge was this year not last year

Anonymous said...

Bring in Carroll and Holtby to play with Dembele in midfield. Bale on the left, Lennon on the right and try Coulthirst up front.

JimmyG2 said...

You're right. It's the 5-2 scoreline that's confusing me. I've edited it, thanks.

JimmyG2 said...

2nd anon.
That ain't gonna happen as you well know. But I like your style.

Anonymous said...

Everybody now - Jazz Hands in the air....

"Oh When the Spuuuuuuuuurs

Go Sliding dooooown

Oh When The Spuuuuurs gooooo sli-ding down

We're Gunner beeeeeeee back in the Champions Leeeeeeague

Oh When the Spuuuuurs go sliding dooooooown..."

He who laughs last, laughs loudest Spuddies.

And we laughed so much last season, but this years laughter will be the loudest and funniest ever!

Your BEST ever season is still not better than our WORST ever!!!!

St Totteringhams Day is coming in April - You are all invited! Xxx

JimmyG2 said...

Arsenal Supporter.
It's just a little early friend. I think it's the cock that will be crowing. But let's wait and see.

Anonymous said...

who's coulthirst?

Anonymous said...

Completely uninformative article. Full of unfunny bullshite.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Spot on Jimmy.

While not too concerned about Liverpool and Inter away, Sunday left me poleaxed.

Unless Chelsea are fatigued they will get third or second. Frankly, with the spending and players they have they should be embarrassed to come lower than third. Though of course it's impossible to shame a Chelsea fan, whether those few who went through the 80s and early 90s or the newbies since the late 90s early 2000s.

I agree we've punched above our weight this season, but it's still in our grasp and Arsenal, like us, will slip up at points.

Anonymous said...

AVB should change tactics. Why play with 2 strikers that don't score any goals. Tottenham should play in a 4-3-3 formation. Dembelé,Parker,Holtby (Mid) Lennon,Bale,Defoe (FW)

Maybe next season, if Levy spends some money and buys a World Class striker, maybe AVB could play in a 4-2-2 formation.

Greetings from Portugal.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 02:27
Shaquile Coulthurst.(19) Hackney boy who scored a hat-trick against Barcelona in the NextGen series. Highly thought of in Spurs Youth circles. On the bench against Liverpool.
You're welcome.

It's gonna go down to the wire friend. It's the Tottenham way.

Miguel in Portugal.
I think 442 is a bit unsophisticated for AVB especially if he buys someone classy like Higuan, which Musings are tipping as a possibility.

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