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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Not just Tottenham then.

Temperatures rising? That's a relief.
 We thought it was just at Tottenham.
The JimmyG2 Column

 Deep breaths people. Whatever you do, don't look down: or back. Concentrate on the road ahead and our first target, a win against Swansea. Hold onto the thought that most of us would have taken 5th or 6th this year as a staging post to World domination under AVB.

Although some will regard not getting into the top four as a failure from where we are now, we are only in this position by over achieving throughout the season. We haven't even played that well most of the time and Gareth Bale's form is the main reason why we have maintained our momentum.

But it's still all to play for. We are still being tipped as the likely winners of the Europa Cup though I'm not quite sure why. We've staggered our way through this competition with last gasp wins on at least two occasions. By wins I include not losing over two legs at Inter.

In the Premiership a win in our next game, especially if Arsenal don't achieve the same could see the atmosphere soar around WHL and though our run in is harder than theirs stranger things have happened. Life at Spurs is never simple and if there is a way to stumble at the last fence we will probably find it.

The possibility of an eerie repeat of last year is preying on peoples' minds. It seems as if it's written in the stars that we are doomed to throw away whatever advantages we have. But if you recall we did make 4th last year and were only denied our rightful place in the Champions' League by the quirks of the qualification system.

We are not favourites against Swansea but Arsenal ground out a win and we need to do the same. A win in style would be better but let's not be greedy at this stage. All the pundits, Lawro that is, predict a draw but we need to do better if we are to keep ahead of the race.

Arsenal and Chelsea have very winnable games and now is not the time to lose three in a row for the second time this season. It looks as if we have survived the International break without any mishaps although Bale played twice while either ill or with injuries.

Tottenham League positions 2012/13.

 Courtesy  of Statto from Football Filter.
 We've been in the top four for the last 12 games.

Generally speaking the break was kind to our players in terms of performances and results and they should have been given a lift by recent events. Apart from Adebayor of course and if anyone happens to come across him please return to White Hart Lane soonest.

Relax there is a picture of him at the training ground today in his kit, running. None apparently of Lennon or Bale but hey there's 48 hours to go at the time of writing. If Defoe has discovered his scoring mojo perhaps he should start with Gylfi in the hole against his former team.

It worked for Berbatov and I'm quite happy to run with the theory of the returning prodigal son. Carroll too, alongside Parker and Dembele, merits a start but the rest I'm happy to leave to AVB. No game is a must win but this one rates as a 'wouldn't it be just fine and dandy if we could manage one.' Just to settle the nerves as it were.

The game against Chelsea could prove to be the turning point in the season and hopefully by that stage a draw would not be an absolute disaster. A win against Swansea would set things up nicely for the first leg against Basel and the game against Everton which are both at home.

Then we have Basel again and Chelsea both away before we face Man. City. Exciting stuff with all sorts of opportunities for failure and glory. After that it gets easier but by then our fate may well have been decided. No time for faint hearts.

If you can't stand the heat go out into the snow, close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears. Remember you can see more with your heads up. Personally I'm looking forward to it all, whatever happens, and it just might.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
This is the boy we thought we'd bought and he's getting closer every game. Time to start him in the hole against Swansea and let him take all, well most of, the set pieces. Sorry Gareth, you can take the penalties.


Anonymous said...

GS has been very close to scoring some very crucial goals, including two at Merseyside, that could have put us out of sight. I still think he is an excellent talent and will prove wrong his detractors among Spurs fans.

Anonymous said...

Walker Kaboul Caulker Vertonghen
Sandro Holtby Dembele
Lennon Bale Sigurdsson
How's that for 4-6 Barcelona style?

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