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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spurs Roller Coaster due for Demolition

Tenders invited for demolition of the Spurs Roller Coaster
 for conversion to a 'Stairway to Heaven'.
The JimmyG2 Column
 The old Spurs Roller Coaster seems to have broken down at last. Somebody who doesn't know their history is dismantling the track and is planning to rebuild it as the 'Stairway to Heaven'. Not sure how that's going to work but I've paid my fare and I am looking forward to climbing aboard with excitement mixed with more than a little trepidation.

At the moment we are on a long continuous climb up into the upper reaches of the Premiership, even unto the Champions' League. Unlike the old Roller Coaster this ride actually seems to be heading somewhere and not just going up and down and round and round and ending up exactly where we started.

Other parts of the Tottenham Fun Fair and Circus are also undergoing re-refurbishment. So Roll up, Roll up Spurs fans and enjoy the excitement of this journey into the unknown. Some of you older members will have stirrings of faint memories of similar adventures long long ago.

Against Arsenal a game widely described as a 'must win' we pushed aside the Ghost Train cobwebs of past heartbreaks; steered doggedly through the bumpy Dodgem Ride of another NLD; threw down the neatly stacked cans of false hope and expectation and seized the cuddly toy of reward; sent the coconuts of mental strength spinning and rang the bell on the 'must win' Test Your Strength Machine.

We admired the tactics of the Bearded Head Coach; marvelled at another winner by the  Premiership's Smallest Man; admired the Worlds Strongest Central Defenders and revelled in the performance of the Mighty Bale known outside N17 as The One Man Band but we know better.

We upturned the table in the Mystic Lawro Fortune Teller tent, and are now carefully inching our way along the the Tightrope of Hope. We are careful to avoid the FIFA Regulations Wall of Death where we came a cropper last year.

 Instead we choose the Tunnel of Team Love and avoid the Black Hole of Midtable Mediocrity which seems to have fallen into disuse over the last decade and is hopefully about to be dismantled.

All the fun of the fair. We are on our best unbeaten sequence since 1984/5 when, would you believe it, we finished third. And this little adventure might not be finished yet. Just a little run out in the Europa against Inter and then off to Liverpool.

In a gripping game, which I am enjoying more on reflection than I did at the time, we laid some old ghosts to rest. We kept the pressure up on Chelsea and Man. City and maintained our distance from Everton and Liverpool.

We have to play all of them in our final ten games and every one of them won at the weekend. No time to lose focus now as Hugo says today. But we are looking up towards the heavens and not over our shoulders at the rapidly dwindling band of challengers for top four.

City kept  the 5 point lead by beating Villa 1-0 last night, but by no means with ease considering the gap in talent and the points difference between them. Benteke did his valuation no harm and I would seriously consider a sensible bid for him especially if Villa go down. Not that we will be the only ones. Our Belgian contingent might just swing a deal.

Honourable mentions:
Central Defence: Vertonghen back on form again and Dawson playing at the top of his game.
Bale:...A little more subdued but got the vital first goal.
Lennon: Another match winning goal and his run was superb.
Parker: Getting there and the pass of the day for Lennon's goal.
Sigurdsson: Brave selection rewarded by his excellent assist. Pity he bottled his chance for glory.
AVB: He's got them organised, calm and playing with confidence. All of us now believe.

Jimmy's Video Spot (1)
All the goals.(Actually just the Lennon goal. The FA took the other one down) Pathetic defending and poor goalkeeping from Arsenal. Poor marking by Adebayor and a slight hesitation by Lloris. Have a look at the shot of the Spurs supporters after Arsenal score. Obviously got the old Roller Coaster 'Oh no here we go again' script. We've moved on people.
Of course it could all go wrong even now but let's enjoy the moment.


hoopspur said...

Special(s) - lets hope it's not a Ghost Train?

Anonymous said...

AVB: He's got them organised, calm and playing with confidence. All of us now believe.

Never had any doubts.

Anonymous said...

Its realy really hard not to get carried away ith so many tough games to come. Next Sunday surely is the toughest with Liverpool themselves showing Champions League form in the latter part of the season. To win thee will be just as big as beating Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

No honorable mention for lloris?!?!?! - He is single-handedly wiping out the french stereotype of cheese eating surrender monkey!!


JimmyG2 said...

Hope not, 'All the clubs have been closed down'
Not Spurs obviously.

Ooh you big fib! Spurs DNA: Doubts,Nerves, Anxiety.

Well they won't park the bus which suits us.

I could have mentioned them all really, but yeah he's not bad.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Amusing stuff Jimmy and a super win wasn't it? I feel the rollercoaster has barely begun it's journey. Everyone is rightly looking at Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea and Man City, but Swansea and Stoke away are stinkers, to name just two. The last two run ins have disabused any notion I had of easy run ins or otherwisse and the presumed tough games coming up may well suit us.

Also, our rivals are as likely to slip us as us. Which is comforting.

All the fun of the fair at Spurs, as ever.

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