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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Beating City; Buying Suarez; Selling Walker.

There's a lot of Snakes on this last stretch Andre.
That's Chelsea on 99.
The JimmyG2 Column.
What a difference 15 minutes can make. A goal down for over an hour we virtually turned our season round with a healthy tactical shove from AVB and some shrewd and effective substitutions. Such are the wafer thin margins between success and catastrophe.

All our efforts over a traumatic post Modric and Harry season were on the point of unravelling when Andre threw the 70 page manual still in the filing cabinet into the mix and shocked and awed Man. City into submission.

 Bale awoke from a deep sleep to give Dempsey a tap in for the equaliser on 75 mins.; Holtby full of running invited Defoe to work his magic on 79; Huddlestone cunningly released Bale and it was all over on 82mins with 10 minutes to spare.. The quality of the assists were almost as satisfying as the goals themselves.

 Mancini could only look on, admire and fume. The usual reliable Kompany was responsible for two of them. He allowed Defoe to shift and shoot on his right and failed to cut out the cross for the Dempsey goal. Not even England's number one could keep out a Defoe special from a wide angle.

We had cleverly lulled City into believing that the game was theirs and then hit them three times in 7 minutes to claim the game and keep a firm hold on the Top Four. Liverpool snatched two points back from Chelsea in the 97th minute courtesy of Suarez to complete our weekend.

We were behind from the fifth minute when three players out on the far right touchline (Vertonghen, Parker and Benny)  failed to get to grips with Tevez. He slipped in Milner who cut back to Nasri and Walker who had been marking him couldn't prevent his volley going into the corner.

City failed to really press their advantage. Previous  4 goal hero Dzeko was anonymous for which Dawson must take a lot of credit but we struggled without any real inspiration and without reward until the 75th minute when AVB turned it round. He 'got by with a little help from his friends' as Joe Cocker famously sang.

The first half was fairly inconsequential after the goal. Their passing was crisper and their movement was better than ours, but very few chances were created at either end. The second half meandered along. We closed them down better and were sharper into the tackle but nothing suggested the fireworks to come.

Huddlestone made a difference with some crisp passing, both long and short. WHL came alive and so did Gareth who had been feeling his way into the game.When Lescott comes on in the 90th minute as a centre forward you just know its going to be your day.

In the afterglow of such a turnaround I realised I'd quite enjoyed the game. We matched them for possession and shots and although I was quite resigned after five minutes to our season petering out it seems to me that we were always in touch though I was not expecting so great an explosion.

The re-emergence of Tom Huddlestone reignites the old debate as to how effective in the Spurs squad he could be. He certainly suits AVB's preferred 433 formation and next season with Sandro to do the heavy lifting he might be a cheap and effective option as our playmaker.

We declare an interest on Musings admitting that we once employed the phrase 'Hoddlesque'. He has patented the chipped ball with backspin and although others such as Benny, Walker, and Dawson can play the long ball, Hud can play it more incisively forward and not just crossfield.

He plays with elegance and economy not a charge to be levelled at either Scotty or Moussa. A 'head up' breed of player as all the best ones are. If they ever introduce points for style he will be a key factor in us qualifying for the Champions' League on artistic merit. He is the second of the old gang, Dawson is the other, to be retrieved from the transfer scrap heap.

So we've beaten the Champions elect and the reigning Champions taken 7 points out of 12 off them and everything in the garden is.....No well you know it's not. Just as we are capable of climbing the City ladder  we are capable of sliding back down the Wigan snake.

Not that I think we will. With the confidence that beating City will give us I think we will overwhelm a struggling Wigan and win by at least two clear goals.
Musings prediction: Spurs 2-0

How desperate would you have to be to sign Suarez?
Even before the latest incident when he put the bite on Ivanovic we have on several occasions rejected any idea of signing him, as good as he is. He is a constant nightmare for the PR department and an embarrassment to his colleagues, owners and fans.

Musings don't do 'desperate'; we prefer style and integrity. But Liverpool are not in a position having sold their best players, the club and their souls, whatever brave face they might put on it. They have always had a thuggish element to their play masquerading as mental strength.

Golden boy Gerrard's leap into the back of Bale recently for which he should have been sent off is not untypical. Suarez should not be allowed back on the pitch at all in my view. Banned 'sine die' which in the old days of Hull Sunday League was thought to be a lifetime exclusion. Technically though it allows for a return at an unspecified date.

In the Amateur Leagues those banned who had facial hair used to shave it off and those without used to grow some. They then signed for another team under an assumed name and slipped as unobtrusively as possible onto the pitch at kick off. At one time an urban myth circulated in the city  that reckoned there were more lifetime banned players actually turning out on a Sunday than legitimate performers.

Anyway I wouldn't want Suarez at Spurs, he carries more baggage than an Arrivals Hall carousel at Heathrow. In truth nor do Liverpool but money will have the last word. They will bluff it out unless they can get somewhere near his market value. £40 million is quoted.

Purely on merit it would be a difficult choice between him and Aguero. but it's not a choice we have to make as we can't afford either. So relax all you 'in a heartbeat' people. There's more to football than football.

Verdict: Pretty desperate. Not for Spurs under any circumstances. Bargepole anyone?

Is it time to cash in on Kyle Walker?
Young and still possibly coachable but he makes at least one calamitous error per game. He has improved going forward into the space vacated by Lennon recently and usually retrieves most of his errors.

He hasn't trained on effectively since his glory days last year. Liverpool still gives me recurring nightmares. However his decision to desert his marking duties on Nasri led directly to the goal against City. We have a lot invested emotionally in the boy and you can't help but like him but a steadier more experienced player might fit the bill better. The other Kyle is always an option.

Verdict: Stick with him for now but put him on calamity watch. 

Jimmy's Video Spot:(1)
Anyway to be fair to the boy here's some of his best bits. ( so far )
(2) All the goals against City as a bonus for good behaviour.


Anonymous said...

Our right side has conceded fewer chances than any other team in the league. End of.

Anonymous said...

Yes but that is not because our right side is strong, it's because of a dire lack of good left sided (wingers) in the PL.

Anonymous said...

jose mourinho wouldnt mind if we didnt want Kyle walker, atleast he wouldnt have to go behind the backs of Real Madrids best chums in the EPL to get him, unlike a certain LB, they can just say we want him straight up, actually most top teams in the world would have him in a heartbeat
when sandro was available he was mopping up behind him, covering up his errors or soon to be errors, whether manifested or not

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Full back is one of those positions where there seems to be a worldwide dearth of top quality players. Certainly most can either attack or defend rather than both. I'd definitely keep Walker and Naughton too at present.

Thrilled for Spurs and AVB. I agree Jimmy, I think we are going to be tough to stop now.

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Anon.
End of what? Civilisation as we know it.
Sounds like a dubious stat. to me. Who counts chances?

2nd. Anon.
There you go. I think that both of these are opinions but thank you anyway.

Anon 2:16
You have confused me here, not difficult i know. Is he any good or not?
With Real Madrids money, or Chelsea's or whoever they don't need to take achance on young players. Just wait and see for a couple of years and then cough up. They tend to buy players in their prime.

I think we've jinxed the whole thing IKAG.
Although I did have my fingers crossed behind my back. I hope you did.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Always Jimmy, always!

Anonymous said...

Walker is a long way off being a CL quality player, the only ones that we have are; Bale, Lloris, Sandro, & Verts. The borderlines that have potential with coaching are; Holtby, Moussa, Siggs and Lennon. The ones that are a ways off are Demps, Dawson and the rest...

Walker is a calamity far too often, doesn't have the intelligence for a AvB side, makes me laugh thinking that Jose is interested in him FFS !

Typical lazy UK media pick up on a wonder goal back in the day and suddenly he's the best thing since Bobby Moore, just shows how desperate we are for talent for the England side.

Hopefully AvB will have more confidence playing the 4 3 3 way as it is a complete bust playing Ade up front any more, the guys lost it.

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