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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Gareth Bale: A Day in the Life of.

The Vampire sizes up another victim.
That's much too close Gareth.
April 27 2013 .. Spurs Great Turns Sixty Seven.
 A Day In The Life Of Gareth Bale ... No Bananas At Wigan.

 Those religious evangelical saviours have nothing on Andre Boas after the triumph over City. Of course one of his main disciples was back and how.

 Prior to the teams gathering in the tunnel all Roberto Mancini and Brian Kidd wanted to know. Is he playing? And of course on he trotted with most thinking as well, is he really fit. An emphatic answer to that question was delivered around the 74 minute mark and confirmed further in the next 7 minutes thereafter. 
With five cup finals to go our pub got to pondering on that Bale performance and was it a seven minute flash in the pan. Is he really back?
 Ninety Three Minutes In The Life Of Gareth.

 He moved from the modest flat near Tottenham some time ago and now travels in from Essex. Emma Rhys-Jones and AVB ( little Alba) still reside in Cardiff apparently. Makes for a focused mind and he will need it today. So at 1:30 Sunday April 21 he lines up in the tunnel and to rapturous and excited adulation emerges onto White Hart Lane.
 His first touch in the first minute is with Vincent Kompany. The attempted testing Kompany krunch misses. Ankle okay then? He has been assigned a sort of false nine position and for the first thirty minutes it is utilitarian, unsuccessful flicks, and then when he has a chance to forge through referee Mason pulls it up ( 36 minutes) . 
Foul on Parker who was involved in a potential one/two.. The resultant Bale set piece probably sums up events to date. Tevez turns his back in the wall, ball onto hand and it fizzles out. Maybe, if. A little later another break on down the wing but a trigger happy ref pulls it up.
First half, no room, lots of maybes and still the ankle seems fine.
 A formation change sees Bale pushed wider. Some useful touches and then the tailor made free kick. Oops, a balloon into the North Stand Upper. Near our clan actually.
Next there is that dodgy offside. Clichy's hand/arm played him on( TV replay) but the lino is on another channel. No Welsh expletives just a very clear "No way !." Still you sense it's getting closer. Minutes later a trademark run from Moussa, some fine Bale play but the cut back to Holtby fizzles. Getting ever so much closer. A Bale header over the bar(67m). Hmm.
Substitutions from the new Billy Graham are working. Pressure mounting. Minute 74 a Welsh spear arrows across the area, it strikes an American Indian who deftly turns it into the City onion bag. That ankle is no longer fine , its fabulous.
 Spurs score again through Defoe after a sublime German through ball. Back to Gareth. Disco Benny ( who in our pubs view had a good game) slips it to Gareth. He's off with space to burn. No stopping him now and its dinks very much over England's number one. Another attempt at the impossible on minute 84 inside the City box. Seems as though the ankle is standing up well.
Yep he's back. What a tonic for our next five cup finals. No one man team but its one big reason why I go to the Lane. You can have your Modrics.
Gareth Bale in full flight is athletic poetry and motion at its finest.
A Bubbly Kent Pub.
 And why not break out the sparkling. Made the week at work a whole lot more manageable.
Wigan. Why not. We are having no bananas.
Martin Chivers turns 67 today, same birthday week as our Dutch superstar Jan Vertonghen. He was 26 on Thursday.
 Back to Gareth Frank, he has 18 League goals thus far. "Not bad for a midfielder" says Clive Allen. Maybe we should switch Adebayour to midfield. He has three.
 Cheers ... "It was a woman who drove me to drink and I never had the courtesy to thank her for it ... Greg Meyer.    coys.  WC Fields actually.
 Jimmy's Video Spot; Martin Chivers 1968/76
Another Big Martin in the Spurs story. Since it's his birthday here playing for England with some distinction. A Spurs great that always seemed to have plenty of time on the ball. Still around WHL on matchdays.
118 goals for Spurs in 278 appearances: 13/24 for England. 

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