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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spurs double playing staff.

 Another nail-biter.

The Jimmy G2 Column

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Swansea. Actually it was Bangor in the original song and this day out turned out to be a bit of a nail biter for those Spurs fans that still have the luxury of nails at this stage of the season.

We blitzed them early on with some good football and a couple of goals courtesy of our current star men Gareth and Jan once again. We are now officially designated a two man team, doubling the team wages at a stroke.Let's hope it doesn't give Daniel one.

Vertonghen showed more awareness of the space ahead of him in that one move for the opener than either of our strikers have shown since.. for ages. Not that Ade played badly but a glaring miss undermined his confidence once again.

Swansea didn't park the bus, they never do, but for the first part of this game they had clearly missed it. We were 2-0 up after 20 minutes and comfortable. Bale was on the score sheet again with a fine finish from the edge of the box.

 I'm not sure whether they finally turned up or we relaxed a little too much, gave them too much room and allowed them to play which they certainly can.

Michu pulled one back eventually, the third of his decent headed chances and Dawson was struggling to match his movement and strength in the air. Swansea probably deserved a draw for their persistence and Dyer should have scored with a header from less than 6yds which hit the bar and then struck him and rebounded clear.

So a necessary win away from home and a return to third at the expense of Chelsea who were the only team in the top seven not to get three points. We prevented a third consecutive Premiership loss for a second time  and gave ourselves a boost ahead of the Europa home leg against Basel on Thursday.

Friedel was safe enough but you had the feeling that one or two of the Swansea crosses might have been cut out had the injured Lloris been playing. Brad was thankfully more alert than his colleagues and made a good one handed save from Michu from a quickly taken free kick.

Hugo will probably be available for the home tie against Everton on Sunday. Kaboul is also rumoured to be close to a full recovery which will give us more strength in depth for the final games. We might even see four of our centre halves across the back before the end of the season with Kaboul on the right and Verts on the left if circumstances and the occasion demand.

Swansea were strong down our left hand side where Naughton was played out of position again. He was playing instead of the out of favour Ekotto. He had little support from Sigurdsson who tried a little too hard against his former colleagues. Walker on the right played no better but always has good protection from Lennon.

It was in midfield that we really struggled and Swansea took advantage of the lacklustre efforts of Parker who has never quite returned to his previous form and Dembele who looks to be carrying an injury. Swansea looked constantly on the verge of a breakthrough.

In the end it was more Manchester United away than the late collapses against Everton or Liverpool and we managed to protect our early lead. But it was not a performance to linger over apart from the opening third which sealed the result. The sort of win, common this season, you can only relish after the game has ended.

On Thursday I expect Caulker, Carroll, Holtby, Ekotto, Gallas and Livermore to start if only to allow the main squad regulars a breather ahead of the weekend. Naughton might switch to his normal right back position. Kaboul might even get a run out as a sub.

AVB says that our Europa run will not impact on Premiership performances but he will need to protect his squad a little more. We can't rely on any of our challengers slipping up and must get the job done by winning what Hugo calls our eight cup finals. One down, seven to go.

Perhaps the Europa run might be more of an inspiration than an impediment to the Champions' League and, if we make it, get ready  for more of the same. It certainly offers opportunities to the wider squad and could just help us on to greater things.

Injured or on his way out? Naughton is not a great left back so clearly something is up. Verts only plays there under protest.

Could be a good signing for us: mobile, intelligent, terrific in the air and good on the ground. Premiership ready and wouldn't be over expensive.

Great performances at every level. Townsend consistently good for QPR. Could be a bumper year for own grown youth next year. Kane, Rose, Townsend, Smith amongst others.

Gareth Bale.
Picked out by Zinedin Zidane, already in a coaching role at Real Madrid and tipped as a future manager, as 'immpressive'.
"He's unique. He makes things look easy, his pace is frightening, his acceleration is unbelievable because of his ability to go through the gears in very little space''.
So even if Mourinho goes there is still a powerful lobby for Gareth at Real Madrid. If we make CL though I think he will stay at least another year. One eyed optimist? Who me?

Jimmy's Video Spot.
My tip for another impact player next year alongside Little Tom. Andros Townsend. 21 yrs old, Local boy. He's been at Spurs since he was nine and loaned out to eight different clubs. Looks like the boy is ready to me. Fancies himself as an in the shower song leader too. Every dressing room needs one.


Jima said...

Great article -
Worried about BAE as like him and for now is best we have, prob when he has played he's need more protection like anyone who plays left back for Spurs
Michu like you say good option (although was a dick on Sat) - how mich, sorry much though is not over expensive 15-20M?

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

A top three points on Saturday. Very much looking forward to the quarter final on Thursday. We've dropped the ball with Townsend I think, though I didn't expect him to do so well so quickly at QPR and hindsight's a beautiful thing.

AVB's made errors, but overall, he's done a fine job to have us where we are in the league and Europe.

I don't think Benny's been at his best, but I agree with you and Jima above, Spurs' left back doesn't have the protection that the right back does. Dyer is a handful too.

I'm hoping for some "squad players" to play on Thursday as they are good players and should be champing at the bit etc etc. Some very much need a rest, not least Dembele. Something has to give I think in terms of the league/Europe conundrum and we can and should trust Livermore Carroll Holtby imo.

JimmyG2 said...

Yes it's a lonely life at left back for Spurs.

Yes the line-up on Thursday will be revealing.
If he puts out a very strong team the pay back might be against Everton. Home game and they are without Fellaini and Piennar so our second cup final should go to Lloris's cunning plan.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago Benny made me nervous every time he touched the ball. He got better though, he got a lot better. So much so that there was even talk of teams such as Chelsea putting in a bid for him. He was pretty close to being the first name on the team sheet (before Bale sold his soul to the football devil in exchange for 15 years of sublime talent that is). Benny hasn't been anywhere near that player since his injury. I was hoping it was just a phase while he got back into the swing of it but I'm not so sure anymore. He scares me again now and at the moment I'd rather see Naughton out of position in the LB role. Change of topic here....At the moment I'm watching Malaga v Dortmund and the boy Isco really does look a talent.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 21:18
Missed him . I've been watching R.Madrid v Galatasary.
Benzema was rumored to be on his way to Spurs. Good player.
Think Benny is under-rated but has moments of madness which
we can do without. Especially with Walker on the other side.

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