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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tables turned for Spurs.

Sit down love: Everton and Arsenal drew 0-0.
We'll tell you when.
The JimmyG2 Column
 And so Monsieur Wenger ze tables 'av turned. We 'av you by ze throat mon ami just as you had a firm 'old on notra tonsils before. 'Ow you like zem pommes?  Hugo says 'l'homme qui laughs le derniers, laughs  les plus longer'. You will notice that his Franglais is much improved.

The fat lady has requested a chair to take the weight of her plates and some throat pastels as this could run and run. Well for another half a dozen games anyway. Arsenal are now two points ahead but we have a game in hand. It's back in our control even if they beat Fulham on Saturday. Theoretically anyway.

Odd how the gods have chosen Fulham and ex Spur Martin Jol to be very much centre stage in our destiny this season. Having beaten us at the Lane with a goal from ex Spur Berbatov they play Chelsea tonight, Arsenal on Saturday and Everton next week. We love Martin Jol but does he still love us?

They've reached 40 points but they won't relax, will they? And he won't be still carrying a grudge for his scandalous sacking all those years ago. He laid the foundations for our recent success and could give us a big hand towards the next phase. Go on Martin you know you want to.

The hysterical musing, on Musings for a start, that Arsenal could be 7 points ahead before the Man. City game is revealed as ...well hysterical musing. Get your panic in early I always say. As a Tottenham fan I never waste a good crisis. But once again it's not over yet. For goodness sake take off your breastplates and sit down woman.

Everton did us a favour last night though they were struggling at the end. Arsenal were the better team but couldn't finish. Must be catching. The 0-0 draw at the Emirates is a good result for us. It gives us back the edge over Arsenal and gives Everton a slightly higher mountain to climb. Not quite Everest but Mont Blanc at least.

We've got Chelsea to play so that is also in our own hands. This means we have no-one to blame but ourselves, apart from the usual suspects: referees, linepersons managers, owners, fans, luck, fate, injuries, the weather and Jermaine Jenas. Which is the only reason Harry bought him.

The news that Kaboul has tweaked something is neither here nor there to be honest. Centre half is one of the few positions we have fully covered and I wasn't expecting him to make much of a contribution this season. Get well for next season Younis is all we ask.

So where do we think it will all end. If you think I'm going to jinx us by predicting a top four finish then you are mistaken. I fervently hope and would pray if I thought it would do any good that we finish above Arsenal in 4th. Well if I'm hoping then make that above Chelsea too in 3rd.

Arsenal are vulnerable at the front, see Giroud last night and Gervinho at any time. At centre half and goalkeeper they are fragile at best. Chelsea have a car crash of a fixture pile up but a deep squad to compensate.

Our run in is possibly the most difficult and we are more vulnerable to The Law of Murphy and/or Sod. 'What can go wrong; will go wrong'. We have demonstrated this over many decades and in the next month there is so much that can go wrong.

We seem emotionally more vulnerable to set backs but on the other hand Chelsea have Benitez to contend with and Terry and Lampard muttering disruptively in the background. Arsenal have ended their little unbeaten (winning) run and it took some 'fortunate' decisions to get them through the Norwich game at home.

AVB has done well but is the least experienced of the three managers. Perhaps under the extreme pressure of trying to finish in the Champions League places this will tell. I have done the BBC predictor thingy several times and in my heart of hearts cannot see us finishing anywhere else but 5th.

I was cagey at the beginning of the season and predicted that we would threaten a top four finish if we didn't get relegated. I welcomed AVB and thought he would lay down a template for the future which he has. So fifth it is and please don't shoot the messenger.

I am more than open to be proved incorrect but Musings is not always wrong which implies that sometimes it is. I hope that this is one such occasion. Updates and hopefully apologies after the weekend. We need a win against City but without Bale it's unlikely. You didn't think he would be fit to play did you? Sod's law strikes again.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Tom Huddlestone, a Musings favourite, could just make the difference in the run in if he's fully recovered and AVB has taken note his two recent appearances. Here's some of his best stuff including the screamer against Man. City. He used to score more often in those days, you can tell by the hair cut.


Anonymous said...

Lol, Chelski and Shitty are gonna rape ya..bwahahahaaa!

Top 4 , you're having a laugh.

Lasagne anyone?

AFC (13 times)

Anonymous said...

Errr a draw means still unbeaten so where do u get "Arsenal have ended their little unbeaten run"

Gunnerpete said...

As a real Gunner of 70 my wish is that you finish 4th or 3rd as long as we finish above Chelski. I remember the days of Ditchburn etc and the double team with natural hatred. only because they were so good, although our Invincibles would have beaten them both on the same day.
Spurs have to get over the 'we must be above AFC' only rant. To win the big ones, its the northern crap you have to aim at.

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
Welcome and thankyou for your contribution. Pride cometh.....

2nd. Anon
Thanks. fixed. Got a bit carried away there.

Anonymous said...

Seriously do the Goonies just sit trawling Newsnow and praying for a Spurs blog to appear so they can complete their sole aim in life by descending like egotistical, fickle bats and commenting about us. Coincidentally the only thing they use now as a measure of "success." Quite pathetic really considering how we used to be just an afterthought when they actually won things

JimmyG2 said...

Hi Old timer. We don't do 'rant' on the Musings and don't really care where Arsenal finish. This year however if we finish above you we will be in the top four which is my only real concern.
I just love Spurs.

Last Anon.
Leave it Sharon it's not worth it.

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