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Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Crunch that was seen around the World

  FA to impose tighter gun control at all grounds.
The Greg Meyer Column .
 Top Day Top Birthday 11 April 2013.

 The Crunch That Was Seen Around The World.
It certainly came at a crunch time in the life of Gareth Bale, Andre Boas and most Spurs fans worldwide.

 Crash time 2155 hrs  last Thursday evening at the Lane. Eighty minutes in and a Basel player was to become famous for at least 24 hours.
 David Degan is not a name that readily springs to the lips of your average Spurs follower. The tackle was more a desperate coming together.Hardly malicious and certainly not criminally liable. More of the determined enthusiastic variety. The " I'll make sure he knows I was there variety." Ergo a stamp, careless at best, reckless at worst upon the Welsh wonder ankle. No yellow and not sure if even a foul given. Perhaps that was forgotten in the anxious and anguished minutes that followed. Bale departed courtesy of four men and a sabot shaped stretcher. 
 Crunch! The sound of dropping Tottenham hearts and hopes for season 2013. Earlier a secondary crunch was the early exit (20 minutes) of Bale's partner in pace. Aaron Lennon succumbed to a bruised knee. 
 The better news is thanks to techniques invented round a Togolese witchdoctors campfire both may be back sooner. Those doctors were not only spinning yarns but blood as well. Legal too.
 Crunch Consequences.
 The Spurs performance against Everton was serviceable, workmanlike even.The emerging AVB spirit was again evident. A loss rescued from the jaws of Champions League oblivion. Creativity rarely sighted. Still Everton did beat City. All we ask is a performance next Tuesday against Arsenal.
 The sometime elephant in the dressing room certainly woke from recent somnolent displays. Emmanuel Adebayor put in an energetic shift. He scored one and set up the other off the post. It's prompted Manager Boas to talk him up as our talisman. Hmm.
 An Unintended Consequence.
 If Spurs fail to progress past Switzerland in the Europa then it does simplify the fixture list. Chelsea on the other hand will be fighting on three fronts. Whilst they arguably have a deeper squad than Spurs they loom as our biggest threat for the top four.
  Arsenal, also fighting on one front only, do have an easier run in on paper than either Spurs or Chelsea. All of which is on paper. Football is played on grass. Some twists and step-overs galore before season's end.

At A Kent Pub.

 Apologies but our pub are pretty blase about the Basel game. I guess in part down to our anxiety over finishing top four. Particularly after getting so close thus far.  Ideally yes Europa Cup and fourth. We would plump for fourth only, if pressed.
 Can we find top gear again for the run in. The break is a ghodsend surely. Bale and the littlest one back. Jermain too. Oh and just for the record Jeremy Clarkson turns 53 today. Thought he was older.
 Zoe Lucker, a Footballer's Wife, 39. Seemed older to us. Maybe it's the stress of our finishing run.
   Cheers ... hope AVB doesn't know the meaning of the word crunch ... Greg Meyer .    A certainty, Black Caviar goes 25 straight on Saturday. coys.
Jimmy's Video Spot.
 Here it is: 'Le Crunch' in full technicolor and slow motion. Minimal contact and self inflicted for me but never argue in public with your co-blogger. Get well soon Gareth and give our best wishes to Jermain on the 'blood spinning' circuit. If you both keep going round in circles on your return we'll know why.


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