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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

They think it's all over.

There's people on the pitch; they think it's all over.
Not at Spurs we don't.
The JimmyG2 Column
The crowd gasp as one of the favourites for a place in the big race clips a fence and stumbles but fortunately doesn't fall. With several fences to go anything can happen but at least one of the leading bunch of six appears to be tiring whilst the others are running on strongly.

Not the Grand National as you will have realised but an appropriate metaphor on Grand National weekend. Pursuing our dreams on two fronts has been severely hampered by injuries and the strain might just be starting to show. Recent history shows that we have been more suited to the shorter sprints than the long distance tests.

The equine experts say that you should never attempt to ride two horses at the same time but these days it's a four horse problem with the three cups and the Premiership. We are only focused on two but with key players out and the trainer not fully trusting the yearlings the effort may be starting to tell.

Good to report though that a horse previously reported as having done a Shergar has not only been found alive but clearly fit and raring to go. Adebayor out of Togo by Contract Secured has now scored in two of his last outings and might make the difference in the latter stages.

We jumped off from the tapes in startling style on Sunday and were ahead before the first minute had elapsed. But the old war horse Everton are known for their as stayers and well before the mile marker were level and eventually pulled ahead.

Tottenham rallied to make a late run and it was called as a dead heat. The plodders had nullified the stylish efforts of the thoroughbreds who failed to take advantage of their early lead. But awards in the Parade Ring have to be justified out on the course.

Some of the young colts in the side showed improved form on the gallops: Holtby bred in Germany out of Anglo German stock looked lively again; Sigurdsson a rare Icelandic pure bred made his mark and seems to have settled; the young prospect Kyle Walker, who can be a skittish, difficult ride and whose temperament is still suspect settled to turn in a performance that reminded his backers of his earlier promise.

Classy French import Lloris was unsettled in the early stages and uncharacteristically missed an opportunity to make headway. Some of Dempsey's backers have recommend him for gelding in view of his no show this weekend, a harsh judgement, but opinion is split as to whether this will improve his performance.

The half full faction will be chanting, 'Unbeaten in three in all competitions after a three outings losing run'. Whilst the glass half empty people will be chorusing 'One win in six'. Both statements are true of course. It probably depends on how long you've been following Tottenham which one you tend towards.

All eyes turn to the European circuit on Thursday and as there is a blank day at the weekend we can focus all our efforts on improving on our last outing. We misread the form card at the previous meeting and were fortunate not to have been left at the post.

We have shown better from away from home this season and this may be down to hostile crowds disappointed at our failure to make their accumulator bets, struck in the heady promise of mid season, bear fruit.

As someone on Spurs Community pointed out, with the Chelsea game postponed by the time we play Man. City on the 21st, Arsenal will have played three times and in theory we could have two games in hand and be 7 points behind.

 But we should as club, players, Head Coach  and fans be mentally prepared for such a possibility.With all Chelsea's commitments despite their quality squad they are well fancied to finish fifth. The game against them could decide the whole Champions' League situation. At least it's in our own hands.

Them up the road may think that it's all over but even with our ability to come third in a two horse race we must not even begin to think so.To Dare is to Do. Let's dare and do it.

Jimmy's Video spot:
The good and the bad of Vertonghen. Ditto Lloris although this video only shows the bad. The irony is that Friedel might even have saved the first. Dempsey's moment of brilliance; not actually touching the ball, and a poor attempt by Parker to clip Miralllas. Not that we approve of such things.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Once, twice, three times neigh to those thinking we are about to be pulled up.

Hands and heels AVB, hands and heels.

Rocking horseingly good stuff Jimmy. One of your best, which is high praise indeed.

Cheshuntboy said...

You're spot on about the probable age of the 'glass half full' brigade - I get the distinct impression that most of the rabid happy-clappers are barely out of nappies, and frequently haven't been within a hundred miles of WHL (or would need a passport to see a match in person), yet are only too happy to abuse those of us whose realism (pessimism if you prefer) is based on years of suffering in the cause, and seeing more false dawns than Tony Orlando (I don't know what it means either!).

spursman1961 said...

Great read Jimmy as usual. I have lived in Canada for the last ten years but have followed my beloved Spurs since 1958, like many others followed them all over the country and in Europe. Your comment about we have been more suited to shorter sprints than long distance recently is correct but I think it goes back almost to the time the club was founded. Think of all the truly great players we have have had and the great teams we have had the pleasure of watching over the years. The fact that in all that time we have only ever finished top of the pile on two occasions for me says it all and backs up your comment that you mentioned. Also Cheshuntboy I agree with you totally, younger supporters should not mistake pessimisim for realism, sounds like we have both been round the block on more than a few occasions.

JimmyG2 said...


Cheshuntboy/ spursman 1961
Ah the enthusiasm of youth!
I almost remember it.
'I've been round the block a few times' would make a good t shirt.

Been a good season in the sense that under AVB we are heading somewhere..For all his success I didn't feel that with Harry. Some of the football was better though.

TMWNN said...

Cheshuntboy is right, expect the worse, anything better than that is gravy. It's easier that way; the lows aren't so low and the highs seem higher.

Nothing gets my goat more than those who confuse experienced and expert pessimism with not supporting the club, i.e. the 'go and support another club' brigade. As if it were that easy.

I really don't care what they believe and ignore most of them, but they just can't help telling how bad a supporter you are if you predict anything other than Spurs winning.

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