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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Spurs still knocking on heaven's door

 Knock Knock. Who's there? Tottenham Hotspur.
 Not again. Clear off you're spoiling the party.

The JimmyG2 Column

So how are you all feeling today? I was quite resigned to our situation straight after the game. 38 game season and the final league table doesn't lie. But today I woke up feeling more disgruntled and looking for someone to blame. Life is always someone's fault after all.

Levy's failure to sign a class striker over several windows makes him an obvious target. But he did sign Adebayor and can't be blamed for his poor performances. He also took a chance on AVB who has been an undoubted success.

 Defoe's recent decline came as a surprise to everyone.The club is sustainable and punching above its weight. Score draw there I think. We don't do 'hate' at Musings Blaming poor team and individual performances is a fruitless task.

 We won some games we might have expected to lose and lost some games we might have expected to win.
Pinpointing Walker's mistake against Liverpool as the turning point of the season, or the two extra time goals conceded against Everton, or the defeat by Fulham is to read too much into single events.

But in any case you weren't actually expecting us to overtake Arsenal and qualify for the Champions' League were you? No I thought not. It all went according to the plan that almost everyone had expected. Both teams duly won their final games. Hoping yes. Expecting no.

Arsenal's achievements under the stable Wenger regime are remarkable, 16 consecutive top four placements is no lucky streak and we would do well to learn the lessons of it. They made yet another successful top four challenge without their best player Wilshire recently and having sold Van Persie and never adequately replaced him.

Their team is decent, but certainly not better than ours, and yet they wiped out a 7 point deficit after the NLD and hung on grimly for fourth. Their run in was easier and their performance against other leading teams was poor. But they tended to thrash the weaker teams a trick we have not yet mastered.

We have been knocking on the door of the elite club for several seasons and are seen as a genuine threat to their status. Two years ago we slipped in unnoticed with a duplicate key and made hay with the free soap and the hair dryer in the executive toilets.

 Last year we got in but there was a mix up with our membership card and we were thrown out. This year we knocked louder than ever but they were making so much celebratory noise in there that no-one heard us.

We can't afford the tolls on the super highway, short cut to glory  but have chosen to travel the scenic route which takes longer but is much more satisfying and provides experiences that money can't buy.

The fact that we were denied at least one penalty; that poor old Gareth was booked for simulation after being clubbed to the ground with a blunt instrument and held prisoner by Larsson; that we hit the post and had shots cleared off the line; that Cuellar, the centre saved with his hand were all made irrelevant by another late Bale screamer.

And this was made irrelevant in its turn by the fact that Arsenal beat Newcastle 1-0 to conclude an even more impressive finish to their season than ours. We got our highest Premiership points total but it wasn't enough. We finished fifth 9 points clear of Everton but crucially one less than Arsenal.

Congratulations to the gelled haired youth in the Public Relations dept who came up with this diversionary statistic to give Andres something to crow about even as our dreams turned to dust. Dreams turning to dust is an essential part of our recent history and I've begun to look forward to it in a masochistic sort of way.

The game in some ways sums up our season: honest endeavour by almost everyone; too little creativity from the midfield and a very late Bale winner. Word on the street is that he is staying for another year on somewhere around £150,000 a week with a Modricesque promise that he can leave for £50 million next season.

The more unreliable sites, you know who you are, are reporting that Bale is demanding £200,000/week to stay which sounds most un-Gareth like and rather out of the blue. This one will almost certainly run and run.
He might be getting fed up with being persecuted by refs.

Most of the figures sound made up. The release fee is too low at this stage and the wage too high. It doesn't just break through our ceiling it completely demolishes it and breaks the pieces up fine enough to go through an egg timer.

However the crucial point is that we look like having him for another year and as with Modric we have to convince him by not only our finishing position, but by some essential signings; stability under AVB; emphasis on playing more progressive football; dedicated coat hooks in the changing rooms; free valeting in the car park or whatever.

Anyway I feel better for that and there will be more Musings through the summer. We will try to avoid excessive reaction to the rumour mill, or ITK as some prefer to call it. There will mutterings about 'dead wood', Huddlestone, Livermore and Parker prominent amongst them and possibly Defoe and Benny all of which are possible.

We think Dawson and Lennon will stay, Carroll will be upgraded, and Rose and Townsend will join the squad. Strikers will have to be bought in and another creative in mid-field. Moutinho is back in the frame apparently.

 None of our current crop of young strikers including Harry Kane are ready. A deal for Remy might emerge if AVB rates him, as we have a couple of players in the list above that Harry might like.

So lots of fun to be had in the coming months and we will, as always, try to keep an honest and open mind on events and back the boys, the manager and the club with a loving but not uncritical eye.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
The goal, what else. Which bit of 'Don't let him come inside on his left foot in the last minute' do you not understand? Obviously they didn't watch any Spurs videos as part of their pre-match preparation. Sherwood says he is 1000% (sorry 1 million %) sure he's staying so why no official announcement? I hope his knowledge of Spurs is better than his grasp of maths.


Harmer the Charmer said...

Right on the button as usual JimmyG2,really enjoy your blog and thank you for all the effort you put in over the course of a season to keep us fans, fifty four years for me,informed and entertained.

Lodatz said...

Moutinho will not happen.

Happily, though we have a very creative #10 in our midst that everyone seems to have forgotten about: Lewis Holtby, who, playing behind the strikers as #10's typically do, managed to power Schalke to the Champions League virtually single-handedly.

And he only cost u £1.5m.

Let's spend our money on an understudy for Lloris, and finally get us them strikers!

Seth Kahn said...

Except for Remy's rape charge. Or has that gone away?

Anonymous said...

Lost the initiative in March and never regained it - nuff said.

TMWNN said...

Along with TOMM, best spurs blog on the net.

Spooky used to be up there, but he seems to be in a one man competition to write as many different words as possible that add up to same thing. Like a jilted lover writing letter after letter that are never sent, but just trying to make sense of why. He is the patient, we are the shrinks.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Sound appraisal to end the season on Jimmy.

Thanks for the writings, and I'll keep an eye out over the summer.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks all for your kind words. The haters have clearly taken the day off.
Meant to mention Lloris, Vertonghen and Dembele as shrewd recent signings but they got left on the cutting room floor.
I like Siggy and Holtby but they have something yet to prove.
Pre-season and a change to 433 may suit everybody better.
No hard news on Bale at the time of writing.

Wandering Yid said...

I have Huffed and Puffed but next season Im gonna blow yer fucking door down !!!!

Well it's nice to dream

Cheshuntboy said...

No, I haven't taken the day off; I just got up late! Sorry, but we can't keep kidding ourselves that we're building for a golden future, that next season is bound to be better than this one. The squad assembled in 2007/8/9 was full of good players, but achieved only one solitary league cup, and a single CL qualification three years ago. Apart from Bale (who's a phenomenon, and crediting AVB with somehow making him the player he is, is little short of laughable), I reckon our current squad is weaker than a few years back, and our record points haul says far more about the strength of the PL than about our 'progress' under AVB. We MIGHT improve next year if serious money is spent on our non-existent strike force, but I'm not holding my breath. Arsenal and Chelsea (for different reasons) have been there for the taking for at least the past couple of years, but we've failed to take advantage, and I'd be very surprised if both don't improve significantly next season - hope is one thing (we're Spurs supporters after all) but delusion is something else entirely.

JimmyG2 said...

Now there you go you've spoilt my day/week/ life.
With a weaker team we got our best premiership tally so someone's doing something right. I think the top five have done well and the others have fallen back
I'm with Wandering Yid : it's not only nice it's essential to dream.
Otherwise you just get angry and spoil your life.
'Loving but not uncritical' I said and I stand by it.

Anonymous said...

i am not a hater but i am a realist. this is the kernel of your analysis that is profoundly cack-handed: "Pinpointing Walker's mistake against Liverpool as the turning point of the season, or the two extra time goals conceded against Everton, or the defeat by Fulham is to read too much into single events."

i am sorry mr jimmy greaves wannabe but life is made up of a series of single events which affect, influence and shape the final totality. As in life so in football. Walker's faux pas cost one and possibly three points while the fulham loss cost the same. the fact that the fulham loss followed the psychological blow of the liverpool match is not, i suggest, a coincidence.

i didn't see the everton match so i won't comment but this i do know about the other two matches: walker's mistake has become his unique calling card. I can hardly remember a match in which he does not commit at least one mind-boggling error that too often proves costly. the fulham match was just woeful and the thing about it is that if we, and you, were to be honest we would admit that there were too many dull, uninspiring games like that played by spurs in the course of the season.

take the most recent two examples, southampton and sunderland. but they weren't the only ones. we deserved to lose against southampton while a draw with sunderland would have reflected the reality of the game and there were other similarly depressing performances, too many like that.

each one was the result of single failings and if i highlight walker it is because his mistakes were so egregious and catastrophic in their consequences. but he was not the only one.

so we lost CL status by virtue of a series of single events. you cannot brush that aside. if we had drawn with fulham and liverpool we'd be in europe next season. that's the point

JimmyG2 said...

Last Anon poster.
Thanks interesting response.
Undeniably true that life is made up of a whole series of single events some linked to others and some not: some the result and some the cause.
But that includes all events, good and bad. No team or player goes through a season without errors. Walker has actually played quite well lately and passed the ball to Bale for his goal against Southampton.
Everything has to be put in the scales. If Bale,, Siggy and Ade. hadn't scored late goals we would have nowhere near 4th to start
We have scored more late goals than conceded them this year.
The football hasn't been sparkling but the grittiness has. We are greater than the sum of our parts thanks to AVB.
I still think the future is bright......
I admire Jimmy Greaves as our greatest ever goalscorer but 'wannabe'? Whats that all about?

who framed ruel fox? said...

Good stuff, Jimmy. Sadly not to be this year but at least not in the same ridiculous circumstances as last. We fought a good fight.

Not sure exactly how 'fun' the coming months will be but look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Currently I'm playing a game of 'How Many People Unassociated With Tottenham Have An Opinion on Whether Gareth Bale Should Leave This Summer'.

It's fun and so far I've got McManaman, Desailly and Sergio Ramos. Not been paying too much attention so there's probably many more.

JimmyG2 said...

Welcome. The graphics at your gaff are something to behold.
I use the word 'fun' in its loosest sense. i.e. not fun.
You can add at least three blokes down the Post Office and 2 more on the Tuesday cheap pensioners haircut rota.: Man Utd to a man
to your list.

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