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Monday, 27 May 2013

Spurs try on the glass slipper for size.

 You need to push a little bit harder love.
The JimmyG2 Column.
I'm still musing over the lessons and messages supplied by last season. The head says that we had a very good season  under a new young manager with plenty to prove. With a transitional squad in a transitional season we went to the very edge of success. 

In fact the very nearness to genuine success is what is causing the heart still to ache. Everyone knows that at the beginning of the season to finish a point outside the Top Four would have been gladly accepted by all but the most irrational fan.The trouble is that by its very nature football fandom is in itself irrational.

So after all the excitement of End of Season Ball we appreciate how the Ugly Sisters felt when the bloody glass slipper didn't quite fit. Always the bridesmaid never the bride as they say. That damn Wengerella steals the show again.

 But I'm over it all now, more or less.

 Here's the full season progress chart:

 With thanks to Statto graphics from the Football Filter website:

An impressive finish to the season, three losses in the final 26 games, with a sprinkling of just one too many draws. Out of the top five for only 8 of the 38 games.

Things that have actually happened as opposed to the rumours of things that probably won't happen though some of them might, possibly. ((New Feature)

The lads went to play Jamaica (of their own accord) in the Bahamas (edit)
There's an old joke in there but I won't trouble you with it in full. Good to see the lads on a jolly to lift them after the final disappointment of the season.

 More a bonding exercise and an opportunity for AVB; DL; and JL to discuss strategies for the season including the 'War Chest' available for new talent or to keep old talent. I hope they had a look inside just in case all it contained was an empty crisp packet and an IOU.

We drew 0-0 in a dire game apparently for which I can find no footage. If ever there was a chance for Spurs TV to be more than a PR exercise for players to trot out banalities then this was it. No such luck. Joe's yacht, 'Aviva' looked like a two striker outlay to me.

Andros Townsend.
Worrying time for Andros and the club. He has had to withdraw from the England Under-21 squad for this summer’s European Championship in Israel after betting 'irregularities' have been made public. Easy to dismiss this as a young man with too much money and too much time on his hands.

But he had been warned about gambling activity earlier and the club has a duty of care to all its players especially the youngsters. Being loaned out nine times in 3yrs cannot have had a stabilising effect on his career. Who exactly has been responsible for his welfare?

Disappointing too for 'Musings' who have talked up his chances of getting into the squad this year after his successful loan spell at QPR. Sorry Andros 'The Musings'  kiss of death clasps another young hopeful to its bosom.

We did the same to Harry Kane, Falque, that Mexican fellow and probably countless others. Never mind we'll get one right soon. Carroll perhaps. Doh! Sorry Tom.

Players that won't be coming to Spurs:
Moutinho, Neymar, Falcao, Suarez, Aguero, David Beckham and Leandro. ( I'm guessing on that last one)) Foolish boys, all  set for destinations other than WHL. or retiring or staying put.

More later as the swirling mists clear from the crystal ball.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
 Here's a 12 minute treat. All Gareth's 2012/2013 goals for club and country. Left foot; right foot; with his head; the whole nine yards as they say though no-one is quite sure why.. I'm only posting this because it looks as if he will be staying.
With thanks to Spurs Community where I first saw it.


80deg16mnW said...

First off the lads went to the Bahamas. Secondly, the stated goal of the club from the first day of this season was a Champions League berth.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks duly edited. I was talking about the fans. No Spurs manager 'aims' to come 5th. We want the aim to be top four.
Missed it by a point and a Newcastle goal without VDV, Modric, King, Kaboul, Sandro for half a season. The boys done good.

Anonymous said...

The Boys done good. The Chairman did rubbish AGAIN. Time he went and counted his beans and move over

Gold_Leader said...

great vid, nicely done . "we put our hands up.. at 12:37 /38 & the crowds hands go up". Genius

TMWNN said...

Anon 17:02 has it right.

Get rid of the cockroach scum in charge of Spurs and get owners who want to invest.

Andre5 said...

Agree with it all. I know and I feel I should be happy, but to come so close...

By the way, as a daydream, was wondering what it would be like to re-sign Modric & Berbatov, with Bale in the form he is in. The pitch would actually shimmer with all that magic.

Harvey The Hudd said...

TMWNN. What a disgusting way to speak. You are not fit to grace this or any other public forum. Cockroaches were how the genocidal Hutus referred to the Tutsis in Rwanda but I guess you wouldn't know about that kind of thing.
JimmyG2. Cheers for another top notch season of commentary. Very disappointed to see this morning Mr Barnett, Bale's agent, talking up a move to Madrid. I suddenly feel a lot less confident that the divine one will stay.

JimmyG2 said...

Harvey The Hudd.
Thanks. Hopefully Barnett is just talking up Bale's new contract at Spurs. Nothing can be done if Levy simply refuses all offers.
I'm trying to avoid all the Bale chatter until an official announcement one way or the other. Think it's 70/30 that he will stay.

Dream on friend, dream on.

Well spotted.

Anonymous said...

Harvey relax

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your insight on our family over this past season wish I could be there every weekend. Scott from Tucson

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