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Saturday, 11 May 2013

More questions than answers for Adebayor and Spurs.

Ah. Emmanuel Adebayor I presume.
The Greg Meyer Column.

 Cup Day 2013.

The Adebayor Conspiracy.

He's back to his Arsenal best. But for how long. And for whom next season. There are more questions than answers but his display against Chelsea was in the words of that Spurs master Clive Allen " a first class forward display ".
Indeed he was hugely responsible for a warm glow enveloping our pub audience at 67 minutes in. Yes 2-1 at that stage but we did start to play with crispness and confidence. Siggy ( whole name an Icelandic mouthful ) had just come on 5 minutes earlier for Lennon. He showed real touch, energy and a desire to push forward in the harder areas. Little did we know of the events of 80 minutes in.

Yes our pub were well aware of Champs League hopes looking darker but was it the same for you. Spurs were playing good football , Spurs were in the big time that is the top five and that belief engendered by a 34 year old Portuguese managerial maestro was evident.

How had we got here. Well the Togo enigma had scored a goal of the season contender but much more looked up, sharp and combative from the off.  Lo and behold a creative pass from Benny, a spectacular back heel from Emmanuel and Siggy bangs it in.


What was more surprising was the warm glow approached a veritable furnace at our backwoods bar. Spurs were on for the win. Unfortunately our Welsh wonder ran out of magic at the death.

Still for a man who has started but 16 times in the League and now has the grand total of 4 league goals ... what if. The conspiracy theories came from all sides at our pub. Injuries have been a problem, travels away at the AFC and more so the reluctant belated travel home have been a factor.

 Surely having signed a contract proper  motivation went out the window. Our lawyer points to similar occurrences at Arsenal and City. Whatever if he is true to his word and performs for the final two then its down to Wigan or Newcastle to get us across the CL line.

 Before We Go What Took Our Fancy At Chelsea.

Surely the Gary Cahill header was a shot on goal. If it had been accurate then Hughod Lloris would have grasped it comfortably. As well caused great debate about two men on the posts. Old school here at the pub says yes  cover both posts.

Vertonghen to Ade on 36 minutes was delicious. A shooting diagonal which missed by the merest 6 inches. The distance between Ade's foot and the shin that made imprecise contact rather than a blinder into the Chelsea onion bag. Fine margins indeed.
David Luiz was certainly a worried man about the 62 minute mark. Andre Boas was passing precise instructions to Lewis Holtby pitchside with Luiz immediately adjacent. Did a Brazilian understand AVB English. Whatever as they walked away Lewis smiled broadly and knowingly gave David a condescending pat on the shoulder. Looked like Lewis was starting to believe. David was getting worried.

And So At A Kent Pub.
So proud of our Tottenham Hotspurs and all who sail with her. Away supporters singing was fantastic.

Earlier this year our pub produced a piece about the anti football club that play at Britannia. That particular day we had viewed the match from the Park Lane Lower.


Just hope that the grass roots of the support that day is carried through by our players tomorrow. Vertonghen to start at left back with Caulker in. The Stoke height issue at set pieces. Besides Verts was at his magisterial best against Chelsea in the second half. It was his bringing the ball out in assured fashion which contributed to our success.

 No more Dawson Exocet's. Michael is better at intercepting them. The Mata shot anyone?

Crucial match and surely the new Spurs take it to the last day of the season.

 Cheers ... Andres Iniesta has a birthday today ... would be useful at Stoke... Greg Meyer.    coys.
Jimmy's Video Spot .
We make no apology for showing the second goal. Hud. to Benny: Benny to Ade: (offside but hey it's out turn fellas). Ade backheel to Siggy, who slots it home: 2-2. Four characters in search of a starting spot.


Anonymous said...

Why when we where on top did AVB go to Bring Carrol on when everyone expected Defoe. This is not the first time is subs have baffled us and surprised us like the three amigos against City. This could be because of behind the scenes arguments Avb seems to keep out of the Press Defoe had nothing but praise when he was scoring by the week but he cant make is mind up who to play. We will see how Loyal AVBis if Madrid come knocking with a shopping list himself and Bale attached. I don't dislike him but my honest opinion we have gone backwards in style and possible position. One thing been bad is our defending at Corners is shocking we need a keeper who commands his area sadly we had one but he had a gaff and also knocked is own players out Gomes

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the type of comment by Anonymous is beyond stupid. We've taken four points against the champions and have had a good record against the top four. Just because he doesn't pick Defoe, he's somehow suspect. Just gormless.

TMWNN said...

The reason he didn't bring Defoe on is because it's effectively playing with 10 men.

AVB has done pretty well with this squad, and how that cretin Souness can say that the squad is better than last year is beyond me; what a wanker!

The reason we're clutching at straws is down to Joe Lewis and his cheapskate puppet chairman Levy.

Just when will Spurs fans wake up and realise that they're not that interested in the CL as long as the games are sold out?

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
I'd put the wife's pension on AVB staying.
Do I take it you prefer Gomez to Lloris and Defoe to Adebayor? I'm speechless.

Agree totally.

So why are we building a new stadium? Matchday income I assume.
Agree about Defoe and AVB.

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