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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Missing person file closed at Spurs..

 Missing Persons
OK Sarge cross him off. A Portuguese bloke phoned  in.
He's been found wandering around Stamford Bridge
The JimmyG2 Column.
Let's hear it for the boys. Three cheers for Adebayor; two for AVB; one for Walker and hugs, kisses and slaps on the back for all the rest. After all it's a team game and if you're on the pitch in a crucial match you must be doing something right even if it's only occasionally.

A battling, gritty, performance, coming from behind twice in a must win game which we almost won. We deserved a draw although we were second best in almost every department except spirit . Only a win would have put us in the driving seat and we now have to accept a back seat role.

The difference on this occasion was Adebayor who for some reason woke up from his recent deep sleep to change the game. A man that has had difficulty scoring at all let alone from 25yds put us on level terms at 1-1.

He ran from the edge of our area to the edge of their's with the ball as the Chelsea defence backed off. They knew from the training videos that he couldn't score from outside the box so in his distinctly unique way he did. Musings had backed his selection ahead of Defoe and the bet came good.

Then in a moment of inspiration he set up substitute Sigurdsson for a well taken goal to make it 2-2. Was Ade offside? Possibly but don't fret, just drop it in the hitherto empty file marked 'It all evens itself up over the season' and move on. Ours not to reason why and analysis of Ade is beyond my pay grade and area of expertise.

Dawson typified our performance. Not particularly good but strong and never say die he was often in the wrong place at the wrong time and occasionally in the right place at the right time. You could say the same for Parker and Huddlestone who struggled with the pace and inventiveness of the Chelsea midfield.

 Parker lost his man for the first from yet another corner. No man on the back post again. I rest my case on that one. Dawson and Vertonghen failed to get to grips with Ramires for the toe-poked second. Another swift counter attack from a harmless looking throw in on the half way line with half the team asleep.

Huddlestone was disappointing ( He's the latest of my long lost love children. Sorry JJ. You moved on and so have I to yet another hopeless case apparently ) He was crowded out in midfield and rarely found the time or space to show his passing ability.

 Like Dawson he wasn't exactly bad but never exactly good.Opinion is hardening though in the light of some recent goal analysis especially on set pieces that Vertonghen should share a lot of the blame. But he's so much better on the ball. He might have to face the fact that he would make abetter defensive midfielder.

This was a draw that felt like a win but even if we win both our remaining fixtures we need Arsenal and/or Chelsea to slip up to make top four. My Arsenal voodoo doll is on the desk as we speak and when I finish this the steel needles are coming out. We might just have given ourselves the confidence and momentum to succeed in our part of the equation.

I was especially pleased for AVB, able to leave Chelsea with his renewed reputation intact. Other honourable mentions got to Walker who once again kept his head when all around him others were losing theirs; to  Lloris who made some good stops later on and Sigurdsson who should probably start ahead of Holtby.

Chelsea haven't been out of the top four all season and like us are unbeaten in six but had 8 games unbeaten at  Stamford Bridge before we arrived and we had chances to snatch at the  end. So this was no mean performance at such a crucial moment. We certainly didn't bottle this one.

And Siggy's goal on 8o minutes was yet another late comeback goal. Another ten minutes and we might even have won it. Mental strength? We bag it up and spread it on the training ground. I know, I know, I'm pushing my luck. Let's hope the boys feel the same.

Arsenal are a mere Johnny-Come-Lately to the top five. We've been there since the 14th game of the season. They arrived on game 26 but they do have momentum. But after Chelsea so do we.Whatever happens this has been a fine first season for AVB and augers well for the next.

By all reports Gareth is staying anyway and with Adebayor having found his mojo I'm looking forward to it with my usual cagey enthusiasm. Come on guys make my year. A small amount of my money is on Arsenal to crack and for us to win our last two.

A draw is no good now so we have to play with the same spirit and never say dietism as we did on Wednesday. Stoke are not much of a side and have nothing to play for except beating one of the top teams That's us by the way. Who knows. Spurs 3-0 with an Adebayor hat trick perhaps.

The Adebayor goal.
 Good off the ball run by Lennon and a finish from 25yds that he makes look deceptively easy. Why doesn't he play like this more often? Answers on a postcard please.


Kosher Kid said...

Parker and Huddlestone are our reserve central midfield players. Considering that they did not perform to the best of their ability, against Chelsea, I was left wondering what we would have achieved if we had been able to select a fully fit Moussa Dembele and Sandro to assist Bale in the middle of the pitch.

Huddlestone was isolated in the middle and should have been deeper, as a reverse sweeper, in my humble opinion.

Parker has reached the age where he is losing the attributes that made him a top class player. His game has always been about putting the opposition under pressure, winning tackles and covering the ground. He is good cover to have because of his experience. He is no longer good enough to play against the best teams.

Defensively, Kyle Walker is a nightmare. His main strength is his pace, which often gets us out of trouble when nippy forwards lose Dawson. However, it is Walker's attacking instincts that are of top 6 Premier League standard. His positioning, passing and defensive, decision making are often of relegation / championship standard. He needs to improve and, for me, Kyle Naguhton would do a better defensive job on the right than Walker. Naughton deserves a run on the right and should be rotaed with Walker rather than down the left.

If Spurs can retain all their best players for next season they could have a crack at the title.

Kaboul and Vertonghen must be our first choice centre backs next season. Danny Rose probably deserves pre season and beyond to prove he can do at as our first choice left back too. Dawson and Caulker will be superb cover in the middle. Benny and Naughton are also decent covering full backs.

I wasn't sure about Sigurdsen but he has come good. definitely one to be retained. I am more concerned about Holtby. I am not sure what it is he excels at. He isn't a ball winner, he doesn't create too much and he doesn't score many. I always felt the same about Didier Zokora and, in time, so did a lot of others.

If Bale plays through the middle we may need another left winger. Andros Townsend looks decent but, is he good enough for where we want to be? Tom Ince may be worth a punt.

This season we made a mistake not bringing back Dimitar Berbatov. If we had re-signed Berba and rotated him as the lone striker with Adebayor we would have been runners up this year at least. Defoe has been a good player for Tottenham but as a lone striker his inclusion in the team puts us under pressure.

If he stays at Spurs he must accept a role as a squad player, coming off the bench to sniff out a chance when defenders are tired. If he cant do this he should look to move.

Anonymous said...

Vertonghen gets lots of plaudits, but he has been responsible (or partially at least) in many incidents. We truly miss someone like King, who was not just superb with his pure defensive skills, but with his positioning and reading of the game. Parker does seem past it ,and Sigg really should start

JimmyG2 said...

Kosher Kid.
Thanks, appreciate the effort. Generally agree about Siggy, Holtby, Defoe and Parker. Not sure about Naughton for Walker who has been playing better lately. But he is certainly not a left back.
Think Townsend is good enough, needs some coaching but has the raw natural talent as has Holtby.
If Sandro and Kaboul can get back quickly to their previous form, always difficult after a long lay off we should be ok for a title challenge next season if we keep Bale.

Anon 13:32
Agree about all three. Dawson gets the blame for Verts mistakes sometimes.

Kosher Kid said...

We need a tall, quality striker, good in the air and on the deck.

I love Michael Dawson and Tom Huddlestone but they, like Defoe, are only good enough for the squad. I would like to see all three stay at Tottenham because they are navy blue and white.

Ledley looked after Dawson and often tidied up. King was quick enough to do what Walker often has to do now. Dawson has a role to play at Spurs in the future and I would also like to see Huddlestone and Defoe step up and accept a similar role in the squad.

An on form Tom Huddlestone would be an asset to any prem team if he can avoid injury and become more consistant. His passing ability is exceptional but he lacks pace so should not play every game.

My view of Defoe is he seems to need the comfort zone of knowing he is first choice.
If he isn't his confidence suffers. When on form he is brilliant. When he is off form he looks like he will never score.

He scores a respectable amount of goals but I have a feeling they come in clusters. He scores a few during a purple patch and then has periods where he can't seem to find the net.

To be consistant Tottenham need someone a little bit more classy than Defoe as the main man. Being 5' 6'' does him no favours either.

Adebayor suffers with the consistancy problem too so we need a big number 9 who is prolific to finish this squad off. If Defoe was content to be our Solskjaer I would be happy for him to sit on the bench and stay in the squad.

Sadly I think he would probably sulk so maybe it may be time for him to go back to the Spammers and let one of the younger strikers develop.

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