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Sunday, 2 June 2013

No Quick Cure for Spurs ills.

There just ain't no cure for the Summer Time blues.
The JimmyG2 Column 
 Bored with life? Tired? Listless? Headaches? Warts? Losing the will to live? Try 'New Signings', the only guaranteed way to banish those close season blues. A new striker or two will lighten the step; a creative midfielder will bring that smile back to our faces.

Above all a positive announcement on Bale, our multi award winning star, five and counting to date would certainly banish the doubts and fears. It won't of course be enough. Can you see any fans welcoming the new season if we kept the same squad for next year. So we're back to the New Signings Wonder Cure.

Well that's what the ITK boys as they stagger out of the crypt into the cruel light of day would have us believe: 'a signing a day keeps the heartache at bay'. Only this will help us forget the agonies of last season and set us up for the glories of the next. It doesn't seem to matter who we sign, somebody or other preferably from abroad will do.

And then we can bag up all those items we've grown out of and leave them in a bundle outside the Championship Charity shop. New Improved Persil Washes Whiter. Which implies that the Old Persil wasn't up to the job. Can we get our money back?

Actually I'm getting less and less satisfied with the failure to usurp Arsenal in the top four as time goes on. It's like toothache, a dull nagging pain that sneaks up on you just when you had forgotten all about it.

As teenagers say, 'It's so unfair' and makes our recruitment hopes so difficult. Leandro has already said that he wants to play in the Champions' League. Excuses. Excuses Musings didn't think that he would come to us anyway.

But hopefully it will disappear as toothache does on the morning of your dental appointment when the first pre-season games start, or the draw for the Europa is made, or David Villa is pictured next to AVB on the pitch at WHL both wearing the scarf. Or even each wearing the scarf.

I am not arguing that we don't need to upgrade in one or two places but I am ignoring the snowstorm of rumour and gossip until something actually happens in the real world. Then I will dig myself out from the avalanche of fictitious gossip, hearsay and invention with the shovel of fact and the snowplough of truth.

Meanwhile I am of course following the England team's travails with rapt attention. Or should that be 'trapped revulsion' or even 'crap retention'. They nearly succeeded in losing to Ireland and Roy has shrewdly analysed the situation: we don't win enough games. The team were as ponderous and uninspiring as the man himself.

Defoe was as aimless for England as he has been recently for Spurs. It is clear that Harry's famous injunction to Pavlyuchenko was based on the performances of Defoe. On one occasion the trajectory of his run accidentally coincided with the trajectory of the ball and he then appeared to deliberately pass to Theo Walcott. This was later denied by his agent.

However against Brazil they got up off the canvas at half time and all but won what developed into quite a thrilling encounter. Joe Hart's heroics kept us alive in the first half and goals by Rooney and Oxlade- Chamberlain nearly snatched it. England, Brazil, Thrilling, Roy Hodgson. what's going on?

On the brighter side: Jan (edit) Vertonghen:

Awarded the title of best central defender by 'Stat Zone'. We like the boy's attitude and his football skills generally. But he is fingered as the culprit on goal analysis sites (see Windy's blog) more often than Benny, Walker or Dawson though their errors are usually more spectacular.

 He is very good with the ball in front of him but is slow to turn and recover and caught out of position at times. But he displays lots of quality and potential and if Kaboul recaptures his fitness quickly the prospect of him and Vertonghen as our first choice pairing is something to look forward to.

Statistics that may or may not have some significance:

England: B licence coaches..  1,700..population..64 million
Spain: qualified coaches..... .21,000..population..50 million
Germany: qualified coaches..27,000..population.. 80million

Clearly Spain and Germany's recent successes at all levels of the game are purely coincidental.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
All 93 of Spur's goals in competitive games for the 2012/2013 season.
Pick your favourite. Mine is the cheeky Lennon goal against Sunderland. Pop it round the corner and dash round and put it in. Well Gareth's got more silverware than he knows what to do with. What happened to that  Defoe fella that featured prominently in the first half of the season? 11 before Xmas and not much after.


Anonymous said...

JOHN Vertongen? The boy is Belgian even if you wish he wasn't.

JimmyG2 said...

1st Anon.
Thanks. Add forgetfulness and lack of concentration to the list of symptoms. The list of five famous Belgians continues to grow.

Cheshuntboy said...

Shame Leandro apparently wants to move to a CL club; judging from last night's brief cameo performance he'd slot into our strikeforce like a dream - did nothing, and showed no spark of enthusiasm or talent - move over Adebayor, we're trying to sign another overpaid waste of a squad number!

JimmyG2 said...

Harsh C, harsh. He can't be that bad can he? I think Villas a better bet but I can't see him coming either without CL.

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