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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gareth in hiding.

The Soldado money is in my office Franco.
Take the big briefcase.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 Well he's still with us even if he does have to lock himself in the toilets to avoid the Moyse Boyse outfit in Hong Kong. Checking out the pitch my arse. They even took Giggsy along to apply some special kind of Welsh pressure.

Probably the Cardiff Variation of a Chinese Burn. Hong Kong: Chinese burn! Oh please yourselves. Apparently he's been offered £150,00 a week to stay and Mrs Bale senior is mortified.

'Gareth you can't leave, look you. After that nice Mr. Village Boathouse has been so kind to the baby with the bootees and the rocking horse and everything. Are you sure he said every week?

Do you know how many packs of nappies you could buy with that? Where are we going to put them all for goodness sake. We'd have to clear your dad's bike out of the garage for start. The spare bedroom's already full of the cups and medals you won last season. Heaven cadw ni'.

Asia Cup. South China 0/Spurs 6

Anyway enough of the travails of the Bale household. We knocked a very ordinary South China team for six. Defoe got a hat-trick and unselfishly set up Dempsey for a goal. Oh yes he did. Dembele made a big difference in midfield and the whole performance was quicker, sharper and more convincing.

Caulker looks a bit ponderous and Dawson got in one of his lunging errors but the way its going they could be our number one pairing. Fryers might come in handy.

Siggy had a good game and Townsend got a late goal with a well placed free kick after Huddleston had distracted them with a decoy charge The opening goal deflected in by a South China defender followed some neat interplay between Dembele, Dempsey and Rose.

We looked more focused and determined all round. The defence wasn't really tested though Lloris was required to make a fine save at the end on the only occasion he was called upon. The Bronze Medal position is not to be sniffed at at this stage of the season. (see video)

The Soldado trail seems to have gone cold but the Bale trail is ablaze with rumour. I go from full confidence that he will stay to the assumption that he will soon be leaving us from one day to the next. Not one of the Sky cameramen got a crowd shot of him on Saturday despite the offer of a £100 bounty.

Real Madrid have re-cycled last year's Modric saga by just changing the names. (analysed convincingly by Spooky on Dear Mr.Levy). But the word on the Castellana is that unless they sell Ronaldo they can't afford him anyway.

They could do us a big favour and buy Suarez instead because Arsenal look serious. Although they have just got £35 million for Higuan from Napoli who was supposed to be on our radar at one point. Not at that price he wasn't.

Baldini was spotted coming home empty handed from Valencia but has been snapped more recently with Soldado's agent. Daniel is counting out the 30 million Euros as we speak. It's a bad time to do business Mr. Levy the exchange rate is terrible. Try them with Sainsbury's vouchers.

Vertonghen's injury was not as bad as it first looked when amputation below the knee looked on the cards. Ligaments apparently which will keep him out until after the start of the season in our view despite the hopeful diagnosis coming from AVB.

Everyone is making positive noises about the tournament, except Di Canio who is a maverick and is the man that can speak truth to power. The main object of these ventures is commercial and money overides all other considerations, even safety.

The chances of the games being cancelled whatever the conditions were nil. Shortening the game by 10 minutes was absolutely pointless. The Spurs/Sunderland game should never have been played. Is it me or do these grapes taste funny to you?

Next up Monaco on Saturday 3rd August at the Stade Louis 11.( KO 5.30.)
Need to see some minutes from Kaboul as we are now down to four Centre halves two of whom are injured. If Benny doesn't get some pitch time we can assume he's off. Bale is rumoured to be playing probably heavily disguised.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The Soldado one is primed and waiting. But here's what might turn out to be the best 5mins of the season. I'm joking, I'm joking. Commentary is not in English but quite entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Get your boots on Jimmy old lad! The state of some of the so called defenders who turn their backs as soon as the attacker lifts his foot to shoot . . . pansies! It only hurts for a couple of seconds. Whatever happened to the real 'hard men' of the 60's? Glad to hear that you're in good shape.
Malc of Chesterfield (Supporter since the Double Winning Side). And that's a bloody long time!

Anonymous said...

Im sure theres nothing to worry about, bale will no doubt have a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this, no doubt his left buttock has been so painful that he hasnt been able to sit comfortablly in the contract negotiation chair.or maybe all the club shop souvenir pens ran out of ink so even though he wanted to, he couldnt sign his new contract.whatever happens i wont let dodgy reports get to me,im sticking to reliable sources only on this one. Im off down the shop to buy todays marca,apparently theres some tokens today offering cheap flights to madrid DOH!!!

Anonymous said...

seriously need to consider an offer over 80mill
he is unlikely to be as good next year, or at least have the impact. in large part i hope that is so as it will mean that we have found others to score the goals that we came to rely on bale scoring. if he is still so important to us then we have not progressed. and so the value next year will be lower
he worked his socks off to get us in to the cl, and did more than anyone else on the effort front, always to be valued as not everyone has the skill but everyone can try; ade anyone? and so for 80 million plus ( and that can include players as long as they are valued the levy way- when buying) then i am happy. there does need to be a discussion re the enthusiasm of any player as being a make weight in a deal is always potentially a problem for attitude.

JimmyG2 said...

Malc of Chesterfield.
Cheers but I'm afraid even my grandchildren give me the runaround these days.
'A bloody long time' Tell me about it.

First Anon.
If he goes I'm blaming you.
One man's dodgy report is another mans ITK.

JimmyG2 said...

Last Poster.
Fine, you prepare yourself for the worst if you must. We don't want to sell him, he's our trump card and sends out a very wrong message.Di Maria is rumoured as part of the deal. Good but nowhere near good enough and in a position we have well covered.

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