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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ice-Man Levy melting.

Two early signings!
Daniel the Ice Man melts
The JimmyG2 Column
 OK,OK so we got that one wrong. You can't win them all. Flushed by our success on the Paulinho transfer we put the whole wardrobe not just the button down denim on Benteke arriving and Ade leaving.

Scouring eBay as we speak for the winkle pickers and black drape jacket with the velvet collar. They're bound to turn up soon but it's an important lesson learned. Stick to what you know and don't meddle in the mystical world of transfer prediction.

Benteke probably wasn't even on our transfer radar, as much as the press would have liked him to be, and has settled for staying at Villa which is right and proper after just the one successful season. Let them suffer the second season syndrome disaster if it happens which I suspect it won't.

Ade's indecisiveness is proverbial especially in front of goal so this one will go down to the wire until all avenues, streets, roads, alleyways and sewers have been explored. Waiters have passed away while he deliberates between Weetabix and marmalade on toast at breakfast.

Nacer Chadli.
Meanwhile the real news is that we have signed another Belgian. Signed young, signed early, signed for nothing in today's terms. A lively, Belgian International with a scoring record of better than one in four.

A genuine wide left attacker which Dempsey, Holtby and Sigurdsson are not, he will be a natural replacement, not this season hopefully, for Bale who looks as if he will play more centrally starting from the right hand side.

So the 433 formation continues to take shape. Levy will be judged rightly or wrongly by the quantity and quality of strikers we buy or replace but that's two quality players signed already and its not even August yet.

The glacier seems to be  disappearing under the Global warning of the heat of the Premiership and Ice-Man Daniel is hardly recognisable as he melts like a snowman in Spring under the increasing pressure. I exaggerate a little here for effect.

Which brings us neatly to Soldado who Baldini is serenading as we speak having offered a record amount. Or has returned empty handed having failed to meet their demands at around £26 million. Depends which unreliable source you put your faith in.

Quality player but perhaps too old for Levy at 28 at that price. But if you want one of the dwindling number of available proven strikers you might just have to cough up.

Asia Cup.
Meanwhile in Asia the actual competitive football, sort of, begins with the game against a barely recognisable Sunderland under Di Canio to start the serious, sort of, prelude to the 2013/2014 season.

Believe what you like, a win in this game is the stop just before vital for all sorts of reasons on this new leg of the Tottenham journey. Morale, motivation, and momentum to name but three words beginning with 'M'.

 Gareth Bale is still with us though sitting this one out with a sore buttock (that's official) despite reports of new Real Madrid offers. He was missing from some of the shots of the team arriving in Hong Kong causing panic in certain quarters

This was either because he had nipped to the toilets or had parachuted direct into the stadium for an exclusive photo opportunity prior to the team landing. Pictures on Musings the moment  we get them.

Spurs v Sunderland: Asia Cup.
Delayed for 30 minutes by waterlogged pitch and very heavy rain. Siggy scored a deflected goal after good work by Walker. Huddleston's  miscontrol gifted Cabral an equaliser in an unsurprisingly scrappy game under the conditions.

Sunderland finished the shortened half (40 minutes) the stronger and started the second half the better, Altidore should have scored at least a couple. Vertonghen on for Caulker went off after 5 minutes following an innocuous challenge. Not quite as serious as it looked apparently.

Sunderland ran out 3-1 winners despite Friedel's heroics. Adebayor at least looked interested. Dawson was born to play in the mud but the conclusion was disappointing to say the least. A useful run out I think is the stock phrase but they deserved it on chances created and taken.

Without Bale, Sandro and Kaboul and the new signings this was not by any means our first team squad and with the arrival of Soldado, (did I say that out loud?) we should look a better all round team. AVB looks to have plenty of work to do.

Positives: Huddleston, Freidel, Dawson, Adebayor. The rest pretty meh even for a shop window display. More Primark than Harrods.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
 A couple of minutes of our new man, running, shooting, scoring, and dribbling. No sign of any passing skills but that will come, he's only young. Musings new policy is to only show videos of signed players so the Soldado one is on hold. Possibly in perpetuity.


Anonymous said...

Positive - Huddlestone? our worst player I thought!

Anonymous said...

I still think michu is our man for this season and maybe next.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, Huddlestone was awful. He turns slower than Cyril Smith, in fact, he's slower than Cyril Smith. He has to go.

Anonymous said...

I agree with my fellow Anonymous friend. Michu would be the man. Dread to think what he'd cost though.

Acton_Yid said...

Huddlestone was garbage. You must have been watching a different game to me, unless your definition of "positive" is different to mine, most likely the latter...

JimmyG2 said...

Well lets not fall out over Tom because he won't be a Spurs player for much longer.He's the Marmite man for spurs fans as JJ was once.
He played well today, showed for the ball and released the ball quickly. I try to describe what I see not what I expect to see.
has been priced out of our market I fear. Excellent talent.
Cyril Smith
is dead so I don't think its not a fair comparison.

joe healy said...

today game was a awful display of football the shop window was really open any one of todays players could be sold and would not be missed.

Unknown said...

He miss controlled the ball for the goal - Did you see that?

Anonymous said...

I would say Sigurdsson played well. Dawson was good. Walker showed some impressive runs on the right. There was positives in this game.
Hudd had a good run until he gave the goal.

JimmyG2 said...

Did you miss this bit in my brief match review?
'Huddleston's miscontrol gifted Cabral a goal'
Doesn't make him a bad player.

Last Anon.
Agreed but there was a lot of mediocre stuff.
Early days and all thatr.

Anonymous said...

The right striker would be dzeko or Fred, or perhaps both, we must act fast

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