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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bale saga ending in tears.

Surely it won't come to that.
The JimmyG2 Column
Poor old Gareth, who'd be a multi millionaire footballer? He's wasted the whole weekend wandering round Marbella looking for the Bernabeu. Meanwhile his baggage is in Madrid. With most airlines it's the other way round but that's  Budget Airlines for you.

All that time spent teaching little Alba the Spanish for ' My daddy is not a son of a whore' ' might yet turn out to be completely wasted as Paris St. Germaine have allegedly made a rival bid. So far the great unveiling has passed two deadlines, one last Friday and one this Tuesday. A complete waste of good scaffolding.

Lamala is said to be as close to arriving as Bale is to leaving. He failed to turn up for training for the second day running and is likely to be fined. He won't notice anything under a couple of million but it's the principle that matters. Turn out yer pockets before you go Baler.

The handling of this whole affair by several of the parties is what Civil Servants call 'sub optimal' and might descend from ridiculous to farcical before the end. Real might want to delay things until the very end of the transfer window to prevent Ronaldo throwing his satnav out of the Lamborghini.

 It could all end in tears yet, But all the way to the bank as far as Dan Levy is concerned.

Meanwhile in the real world Liverpool and Spurs are the only teams with maximum points after Monday night's exciting draw between Manchester Utd and Chelsea. My doctor is patenting the video as a  cure for insomnia.

We haven't conceded yet in three games and all our signings look to have taken to Tottenham like Premiership footballers to tattoo parlours. Ice Man Soldado scored the only goal of the game again with another penalty. Vorm did his homework and dived the wrong way.

The ref. got Townsend's first penalty shout wrong by awarding a free kick outside the area for an offence inside, but then having viewed it at half time, got the second one wrong too by awarding a penalty for a clear dive by Andros. Who says two wrongs don't make a right.

I wasn't comfortable but the boys were at 1-0. Dawson was outstanding apart from a silly back heel with one superb ball inside the back for Walker which was worthy of a creative midfielder of which alas there are no clear signs just yet.

The midfield is strong and looks composed but Siggy is unconvincing as the man to set the team alive. Soldado made literally countless runs but in a parallel universe as far as our midfield were concerned. It will come I'm sure.

Townsend capitalising on Lennon's absence not only got promotion to the Tottenham team but a call up to the England squad as well. With a five goal halftime lead for Thursday we should see a much changed squad ahead of the NLD. Carroll, Naughton, Friedel, Defoe and Sandro might all start.

After the first weekend we were licking our lips at the prospect of an early chance to keep Arsenal's heads under water but they seem to have come up for breath in the meantime. I would always take a draw away from home to one of our top four rivals as Chelsea did on Monday night.

Spurs fans sensing blood will assert that we can do better and will want AVB to go for a win. But AVB may follow his mentor Mourinho's lead and set out to avoid defeat. We will be conservative defensively and try to hit them on the counter.

A win could put us on top of the world and the Premiership as Liverpool play Man.Utd but this is getting a little ahead of ourselves. It would put down a good marker for the rest of the season and convince our possible signings that they are contemplating  the right move.

Whether Dembele can provide the supporting thrust for Soldado remains to be seen. He is a strong runner with the ball but doesn't have the quickness of thought or movement to create very much and at the moment is a bit of a black hole in the attacking sense.

A bit like Parker in some ways. Keeps the ball for too long and often ends up where he started.  If he could do the job for us it would save us £25/30 million but the arrival of Lamala  sounds imminent and Erikson might not be far behind. In which case problem solved.

Jimmy's Graphics Spot:
Better get this graphic by Alon Berg of Spurs Community in  before the Boy Bale leaves.

Thanks Gareth it was fun while it lasted. Let's all remember the good times and put the money to good use.


Anonymous said...

I hope the fans don't go all bitter against Bale for his no show at training. After all does it really matter now - we all know he's leaving anyway. Best to keep him as far away from the training ground as possible in my opinion. As far as I'm concerned he has earnt his "dream" move and good luck to the lad, although part of me thinks he's gonna miss out on the glory glory days which are just around the corner! COYS!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I have lost all respect for Gareth Bale.He is just like many other modern footballers,in would seem,after recent events.He let all the acolades that have been heaped on him,go to his head.And with it,grew an even bigger ego.And of course the never ending petulancve that,seems to be so common in to days footballers.The sooner he departsnow,the better for the club.And no player,no matter what club,is ever,bigger than that club.Levy ahs only put Tottenhams case,as any good club chairman should.

Anonymous said...

Gareth it is getting very frustrating now. I have backed you all the way so far but it is getting bloody ridiculous now and not showing up for training is taking the piss . If you are trying to do a modric but want to keep the fan's on your side then grow a pair and ask for a transfer if not get on with your job until spurs sell you . At the moment you have gone down in my estimation of you . The club and fan's backed you and helped you grow to where you are today and this is how you repay us . You do not make Tottenham football club the club made you but your action's are turning the fan's against you . Be a man be your own man and do the right thing . Coys

Anonymous said...

So, how come that players can not turn up for training (I would assume that this specified the player contracts), force their way out of contracts that have years to run...but what would happen if clubs docked players wages because they were onbiously on a go slow (Berbaflop and ModRat spring to mind)...can you imagine the firestorm that would ensue from players and the players unions?

Does anyone think that AdeBadBuyor is really injured. I can see him just sitting on his contract for the next two years (100K/week?) and the club can do nothing? Play him in the reserves for the next two years.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant... thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Let Bale go on Saturday or Sunday. His move may trigger some frantic deals for arsenal or manure if Madrid need to shift a couple of players. Levy can delay and compromise our opposition in the market....

Anonymous said...

Gareth Bale has acted like a petulant child this week. Ridiculous and disrespectful behaviour from a person who had been idolized by his team and fans. Pathetic little boy...I hope his move to the Spanish brats is even less successful than the Croatian dwarf's.

Anonymous said...

F@@k. Had written some decent stuff defending Bale and Spurs. Computer crashed and I can't be a@@ed to write again.
Spurs better team than last year though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gareth for scoring thos brilliant goals last season. We all enjoyed them. It would have been in your interest to have joined the team for training to get yourself fit now, not that I care, RMadrid have to push your 1st game back to get you fit. Did you really think that Danny boy would let you go sooner ? Grow up ! It's a business - selling you earlier would have let manure and gooners get players they need sooner - why strengthen the opposition ?

Anonymous said...

I think it is fair to say that nobody wanted Bale to leave. I think it is also far to say that Tottenham did all they could to persuade him to stay for at least one more year with a new and improved contract.When all this failed and Bale still wanted to go, only one year into a four contract Levy got the hump, and who can blame him, and from then on his only concern was the welfare of Tottenham Hotspur and rightly so. Surely Bale and his entourage are not going to think that Levy is just going to keel over and give in to whatever he or Madrid wants. I suspect Levy said to Bale, OK Gareth I have done all I can to keep you at Spurs, but you still want to leave despite the fact that there are still three years left on your contract. Well OK you can go but only when everything suits Tottenham Hotspur, I know longer have your interests at heart I am only thinking of the club. Then Gareth gets annoyed because he feels Tottenham are stalling his dream move. Thanks for everything you did for the club Gareth, but grow up, grow a pair and don't you or that agent of yours ever think you are going to get one over Levy, it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

What a sterling job DL/JL, as well as AvB and FB, have done for us this window. Played it all superbly by my estimation, only the Clubs interest at heart all the way...

Odds on us winning the EPL this season have dropped somewhat of course, and we are now the odd on to win the Europa...mugs game of course but it does make you wonder.

With the chance of Eriksen coming it has been a stupendous T window, quality, intelligent players that are replacing not only want away GB but also the "run about a bits" that have had a good run with the club, appreciate it but it's time for them to move on as this clubs ambition is finally taking shape.

Looking forward to being at the Lane tomorrow night to savour the atmosphere of a club that is on the move...

Anonymous said...

Yeah all looking very good, over half a team of quality players bought courtesy of Mr G B. However am slightly concerned that we are getting perilously close to the minimum no of homegrown players. Can't afford to shed any more!

Anonymous said...

I have to believe that the club knows full well the number of home grown players that they have .

JimmyG2 said...

From my extensive research I don't think that homegrown is going to be a problem. Under 21/22 don't count towards the squad and currently we have:
Naughton, Rose, Lennon, Walker, Dawson, Defoe, Sigurdsson,
Townsend, and er Bale for the moment.
Its fiendishly complicated but trust me on this one. Apart from Bale none of these look likely transfers but this window has been more than hectic and you never know.

My main worry is the sudden arrival of so many incomers.
How will AVB cope and keep them all content. So far with the first four all is well.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Gareth it was fun while it lasted. Let's all remember the good times and put the money to good use.

As good a summing up of the situation as I have seen.

Lamela is a very exciting buy, he'll need a little time, as will the side to gel fully.

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