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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Coming together nicely at Spurs.

Tottenham midfielders relax between training sessions
The JimmyG2 Column
' It's all coming together nicely' as my builder will insist on saying whilst standing on a pile of bricks next to a heap of scaffolding poles.
 But it's at least more recognisable as a construction project than it was last week when it resembled a badly designed hole in the ground. Whether it will look anything like it did on the back of AVB's envelope when he first arrived remains to be seen. But with a week to go things are certainly shaping up. 

For two periods at the beginning of each half we looked pretty damn good. Espanyol put a stop to all that with some spoiling tactics but the positives cannot be denied. With the arrival of Paulinho we've got more beasts roaming midfield than they have on the African Savannah.

Soldado is clearly class and scored coolly from a penalty. His movement and work rate are impressive and by Xmas if not Firework Night, he will be a Tottenham legend. Makes one wonder why we didn't splash some cash on a quality striker before now and be comfortably in the CL.

Chadli looked better on the left as we suggested but he might take longer to settle. Dawson held the fort valiantly whilst Vertonghen and Kaboul, who came on for the second half, fully recover. Sandro made a somewhat muted appearance after an hour and doesn't look ready to start just yet.

We could prove to be too strong in midfield for many teams in the Premiership especially if Dembele is on song too. The elephant in the room is of course the Welshman who isn't actually in the room and it will be interesting to see if he plays for Wales in midweek.

If he does I expect him to start on Sunday in our opening game. Unless of course he sustains another diplomatic injury in which case the deal with Real should be announced shortly. He wasn't even at the match yesterday which must tell us something but I'm not sure what.

Quality seems to be attracting quality with our recent signings and this may tempt Bale to stay but I fear that this boat has not only sailed but already hit the iceberg. Perhaps the publicity surrounding Bale has raised our profile even as he departs for the Bernabeu.

I've been a Spurs supporter for so long that when we sign a decent player I immediately worry why no-one else has bought him. How could they have missed Soldado? He's a Spanish International after all and looks better than Negredo who has just signed for City.

We are attracting quality players without either the lure of top wages or the glamour of the CL. Is it the promise of AVB? Or Baldini's little black contacts book? Or has Uncle Joe been rummaging down the back of the sofa? Are we being fattened up for sale? Or trying to lure Sponsors for the new stadium?

Probably none of the above or perhaps a smidgen of each. Whatever it is I like it. With the expected arrival of Etienne Capoue (see video) an accomplished defender who can conveniently also play at centre half we should do better than two points in the first eight games which has been the recent Tottenham touchstone of success.

The pre-match huddle should be retained as it will be a good opportunity for introducing the players to each other.
'And you are?'
'Er Michael Dawson. I'm the captain and I've been here for years'.
Continuity seems to have been jettisoned for quality and it might just work if they gel quickly as a squad.

Kaboul and Sandro don't look match fit yet but there are plenty of Non Premiership games to come to get into fighting condition. Rose and Fryers are not quite up to scratch for a serious Premiership assault but along with Tom Carroll, Townsend, Naughton, Falque, Kane and Caulker (oops, sorry) they should figure in the Cups and the early Wafer games to gain experience without being loaned out.

One Millionth hit.
The more eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that The Musings are approaching their millionth visitor and if Greg and I can work out a way to identify the lucky clicker we will be awarding them a prize of some sort. Don't hold your breaths.

Zonal Marking:
We conceded the equaliser from a corner again and Dawson's frantic organising indicated that we seemed to be dabbling in the black art of Zonal Marking. We have one word to say to this. 'Stop it'. That's actually two words so try 'desist'.

Opponents score goals. M.T Spaces has never scored in his life. Coaches love it, but it's just too hard for footballers to grasp. Even Nuclear Physicists United gave it the thumbs down. 

Jimmy's Video Spot. Etienne Capoue
He's definitely signed, its been on twitter. So here he is a cultured defensive midfielder who scores goals, tackles and passes the ball too. Looks good to me. Where are we finding them? And why hasn't someone else already bought them?


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I believe that we are investing for a number of reasons - one being that we have to raise loan capital of around 350 million pounds for the new stadium and we would find this easier if we have: a) assets on the balance sheet (read: quality players) and b) increased revenue from CL participation.

Anonymous said...

I left the game very confused yesterday. Maybe not confused actually but full of the old deja vu. This was a team which lacked pace except for Lennon and my lingering memory is of large, quick footed but slow midfielders still not consistently getting the ball to Soldado or Defoe. There was hardly a shot on goal and everyone in all the blogs do the usual wish fulfilling. Well having been filled with deja vu I am fed up with wish fulfillment and really missed a game changer who was nowhere to be seen of course. You can fill the team with Chadlis and yet another defensive midfielder (Capoue?) but they will be like Holtby, promisingly on the bench. Only Soldado showed promise against a team that was 13th in La Liga last season and are probably equivalent to a Championship team in England.

JimmyG2 said...

Second Anon.
Now see there you've gone and spoilt it all. Can't a fan get carried away once in a while.
I don't disagree at all but this was such an improvement on last week that anything could happen in a week.
We still need a creative, A VDV to pick out the runs of Soldado and he can't do it all on his own anyway.
Paulinho can play though and Siggy has ability but you might not be wrong I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Yes I thought saturday was mixed blessings, much as I like Dawson, he isn't quite good enough and often jumps in too quickly. Rose looked OK going forward, but got caught out at the back at least 3 times and gave 2 other dodgy free kicks.
We did well in midfield and Chadli looks worth a shot, but Siggy looked lost and we had the old link missing since VDV left. If Bale stays and plays that role could be promising . . . . .

Anonymous said...

Yep. mixed blessings. We didn't look in trouble and didn't look like conceding then as usual bang it's in the net. The one consistent in this picture is Dawson. He always loses his player. So we're now trying zonal. Thankfully Kaboul is back and looked good. So he'll rightfully take his place alongside vertonghen and these stupid goals we concede from no where will dry up. Chadli looks good as does Paulinho who had a decent goal disallowed and Soldado looks like a real striker. Sandro looked comfortable to me in his cameo appearance so wont be far off full fitness. It appeared to me a lot of promising moves broke down coz siggy was in the way. Tripping over Soldado and bringing players onto Lennon who needs space to manoeuvre. Capoue will add more strength to the defense and better still more options for CM and CB. Left back is still a worry. Rose isn't up for it. We didn't look for the goal to often but with so many new players a system is all that's required. We didn't look like we were trying too hard at times but were still in control for most of the game. Hopefully we will scrape some results in the first few weeks as things sort themselves out. After that it should be watch out Spurs are on the march! COYS

Anonymous said...

Siggy mid-table player, I'm afraid Rose, Holtby and Dawson won't fit into the finished article either. Saturday it looked like a friendly but Soldado and Paulinho were a cut-above. If the Welshman stays we will be a different class.

JimmyG2 said...

Yes best to be little cautious. Bale will make a lot of difference but I fear he is gone.
Still have hopes for Siggy and Holtby but you may be right in the end, not quite there.
Dawson has been written more times than I care to remember but he still keeps bouncing back.
CAUTION ALERT!!. Capoue not quite a done deal. If you can't trust twitter who can you turn too? I'm quietly confident though.

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