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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Let's call the whole thing off.

Mourinho has no difficulty persuading Willian to join Chelsea. 
The JimmyG2 Column.
I'm bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Fans of a certain vintage will remember this popular classic from the Rogers and Hart musical Pal Joey in the 1940's. It's about where I am currently with the new improved Tottenham.

Bewitched by the promise of what this quality squad could do and the manner in which they threaten to do it. Bothered because it's certainly a departure from the recent years of Tottenham's approach to squad building. Bewildered by so much change in so short a time.

Things are still in a state of flux but the assumption that this all hinges on the sale of Bale may prove to be correct quite soon. Even if Lamala and Coentrao are still to arrive taking into account receipts from the already departed and likely sales we have in fact spent hardly any more than we usually spend.

Are we just another Man.City or Chelsea buying the chance of success? Well this thought bothers me too. But this is spending from the sale of a player we have had and nurtured though good times and bad over several year not just helicoptered in.

The money on offer is ridiculous and is to some too good to refuse in both business and team building terms. It clearly offers us a once in a lifetime chance to accelerate our challenge to the top four. Doing the business now that AVB is settled and before the Fair Play regulations make an impact is good sense.

It's not the way I would choose to do it selling a key player once again and of course Gareth may still remain now that we've been stitched up over Willian by a very smug Mourinho complicit with the media in a press conference reminiscent of the worst aspects of Harry.

 If there is any justice in the world it will come back to haunt him this season. Ideally Willian will play against us and we will win. However the long arm of justice may not quite stretch that far. Willian may not be as good as they think but that is not the point. He changed his mind at the last moment, post medical, and Chelsea played dirty again. 

Mourinho wasted thirty odd million of Abramovich's money for a player they don't really need. I suppose we should be flattered.  But with a racist scumbag like John Terry as club captain why would you expect anything else.

So there are bothering undertones to recent events but bewitched and bewildered are the dominant feelings at the moment. We got it together in time to see off Crystal Palace and then against a poor Tbilisi side entered the world of bewitchment with an eye catching team performance.

Townsend was outstanding with a goal after an individual run from the half way line and he then supplied two head up assists for Paulinho and Soldado whose goals were his eventual reward for constant intelligent movement; Capoue is shaping up to be another Sandro.

Paulinho is virtually an established fan favourite after just two games and Chadli looks better by the minute. Kaboul got some more minutes under his belt though he might have been subbed earlier and given Carroll a longer stint.

If anything Dembele looks the weakest of the midfield trio and and once again Siggy stuck out on the wing struggled to make any meaningful contribution. Rose scored a beauty and both he and Naughton had good games. At 5-0 up and a home tie to come we are all but home and dry for the next stage.

Lloris was alert when required and Harry Kane was unlucky not to score from a header when he came on to replace Soldado. We started with four English players, three of them youngsters, and finished with six, five of them under 24.

 So despite the influx experienced foreigners we had a nice balance to the team and a distinct Tottenham feel to the squad which is important to me amidst all the excitement over glamorous signings.

 This possible lack of continuity is another source of bother. But with Walker, Defoe and Lennon to return, unless Aaron is usurped by Townsend the balance is likely to be retained.

The bewildering aspect is the rate of change at the club. Season after season we hear of the intended clearance of the piles of dead wood lying about the place but there isn't usually enough to light a small bonfire.

This year is different and so is the quality and quantity of the new arrivals and all before the start of the season with more to follow. Though as we know we can cross Willian off the list. His loss rather than ours in a lot of people's opinion.

But we would say that wouldn't we in the circumstances. He might have been the creative attacking midfielder we are looking for as Dembele doesn't seem happy so far forward. Fortunately we chose Lamala for our video so the Musings Curse does not apply. This is still on course, subject to agreement between the clubs........... after a medical of course.

In my view we should put a stop to the Bale sale. The current squad with him included is more than capable of making a top three challenge and is affordable without his sale.I would be less bothered and bewildered and even more bewitched if we did.

In short 'Lets call the whole thing off' another classic from the same era, as indeed I am myself. Well nearly.

Jimmy's Video Spot. Spurs v Tbilisi.
All the goals: that'll be five then; a masterclass from Townsend;  late runs into the box by Paulinho; quick counter attacking by all and sundry; Soldado's patience and persistence rewarded. The defence weren't bad either but apart from Dvali the opposition had little to offer up front..



Anonymous said...

An article, so sensible, my brain hurts after reading it.

Anonymous said...

Bale wants to leave so let him, just take the money and use it wisely - which AVB & Levy have done.

Willian going to Chelsea is a disappointment but not a disaster. We still have the £30m in the bank - Christian Eriksen anyone?

With two or more of Lamela, Coentrao, Chiriches and Hallilovic hopefully still to come, this should be a squad to challenge in all competitions right through to the end of the season.

This is the first season in a long time when I've felt genuinely optimistic.

Anonymous said...

i was very nervous about spending 30 mill on a player that most of us know almost nothing about. even with inflated numbers it seems a lot. torres funding carrol almost. the argentinian at roma looks a better prospect as he is bigger and stronger and i have to say that i love this new group of four talented and STRONG lad we have in the middle, all of them beats, altho dembele less of a beast than others
that said, 25 mill for the argentinain is a lot as i also dont know him but will go with baldini. lets hope that arsenal and wenger in particular feel they can avoid spending any money now they have won two

Anonymous said...

I honestly do not know anything about Willian but the fact that he's going to Chelsea is a good thing. It shows that he'd be out the door in an instant when it suited him anyways... Kind of like a girlfriend who cheats on you in the first week, better early than 2 years in right?

Plus Eriksen would be a more exciting player to have in my opinion.

JimmyG2 said...

I also feel confident that this squad is equipped to cope with all the challenges that might face us on all fronts.

Erikson is a very good player but has stated more than once that he will only consider teams in the CL.

CK_Spurs said...

I have mixed feelings about Bale, if I'm honest. He's a real talent/asset, call him what you will (keep it clean though!). If he goes then we will have a steady income over the next few seasons, no one REALLY believes we will get the whole amount in one go do they?! After all Madrid are still paying us for Modric, and he went for a third of Bale's price. I'd still like to see Coentrao as part of the Bale deal though. However, if he stays we keep a class player. Although I would like to see Lamela signed (he's awesome on Fifa 13, well on my profile he is). Rose looked good on Thursday, but Tbilisi are no Man U, or City etc. Although he did well at Sunderland, we still need two players in each position, as a minimum, so maybe buy Coentrao anyway. That is of course if Madrid didn't get a face on and refuse to do business with us, if we kept Bale (I wouldn't put it past them!). Whatever happens I think we have an exciting season ahead of us. Don't fret too much Jimmy, it'll all come out Lily white in the wash mate ;)


Anonymous said...

As soon as Chelsea showed their hand the Spurs Willian deal was off. He has played CL football with Shaktar and Anzi for the last few seasons and is a brilliant player who's skills deserve top flight football. He sent Chelsea a 'come and get me' plea whilst at Shaktar last year. After Abramovich's insults from Levi over Moderic, the timing of the Willian deal was a truly 'up yours you pricks' response from the Russian. Jose interview yesterday was FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Willian does not get a work permit, anyway he is no loss if he is that fickle.

Anonymous said...

Keep the Bale-meister & f*ck the press. "Bale signing imminent".. rubbish its only imminent when Levy reaches for the pen to sign on the dotted line you dullards.

Suarez is still at Pool & Rooney is still at Utd..?

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Were going to lose out on all the big names unless we get it done soon. Like Chelsea taking Willain from under our noses I can see Man Utd taking Coentrao as already rumored and if were not quick then could happen with Lamela also. If this happens my optimism will turn to anger and fear for our team. Yes we have made some quality signings but a week a go thinking we would have Willian, Lamela and Coentrao to potentially getting none of them that is getting worrying. Are we really signing anyone else as the Bale deal gets nearer we need to get them in fast with a whole host of teams in the champions league looking to buy soon these players will be targeted and they will choose champions league. Come on Levy get it done!!

Anonymous said...

Willian is a mercenary so we are better off without him, he would use us to try to showcase himself and then jump ship! Let Chelski have him, Id love to see how they are gonna keep all their 'star midfielders' happy, so fingers crossed the dressing room infighting causes the foundations of the Bridge to crack! Its no more than they deserve afterall. Should we now go in for Mata? Hes proven in the Prem and could be the answer as he plays well both at left wing and behind the front man. Call me 'old fashioned' but I only want players that are proud to wear the shirt and have the club in their hearts - Dawson for example, what he lacks in ability he makes up for in desire & pride by the bucket load! So in essence they dont wanna play for us then dont buy or cash in on those we have. We are a proud club and we are on the up and getting back to where we belong, great signings so far and Paulinho & Capoue look like relative steals for what we paid, Soldado is a natural goalscorer and his awareness and positioning is brilliant - How many of those crosses against Tiblisi did we watch run right across the goalmouth last season? Another striker, center half and left back then Im a happy bunny. Would take Lamela, Erikson, Coentrao, Cliriches, Alderwield and blood our youngsters like Townsend and Carroll. Aim high and you never know what you will achieve, in the immortal words of our greatest manager Billy Nic - 'Its better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.' God bless that man! Musings over, maybe I should start my own blog.. lol.. All the best, Yido70. COYS!!

Anonymous said...

spend the 30 million on Benteke, get Coentrao and top 4 or above in the bag.

Anonymous said...

screw willian..... we hv 2 sign a playmaker.....anybody remember pastore??..... levy pls sign him he s da perfect no10 for spurs

Anonymous said...

Willian is a quality player & has made choice to play regular top class football in champions league. Probably he isn't sure spurs can do that.

Mata to spurs ... Made me laugh.

JimmyG2 said...

I'm amazed to be honest that we have already signed such quality players, including Vertonghen and Lloris without offering immediate CL..
.Mourinho won't lend us the tea lady let alone sell us Mata.

Blogging is a crowded field, just pop in here and vent all you like.

Anon 19:09
Mourinho's interview was cheap and juvenile which is why the press lapped it up.

Anonymous said...

Willian wanted to play for Chelsea when he was at Shakhtar. The fact that he has changed his mind about signing for spuds is because he has always wanted to play for Chelsea so when Chelsea showes interest he didn't hesitate besides u are not even a top team. By the way thanks for paying for Willians flight to London, we really appreciate it. Sincerelly, all Chelsea fans.

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