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Monday, 19 August 2013

New signings impress but more to come.

Debut goal for Roberto. He might just be the man.
The JimmyG2 Column.
So that's got that one out of the way. Winning start away from home, clean sheet, and most importantly all our new signings played and impressed. Kaboul got to run about a bit and though Palace made a game of sorts of it we were easy winners despite the narrow scoreline.

We were expected to win against a team odds on to go down and we did. Things don't always go according to expectations or plan at Spurs but this was a banana skin filled bear trap that we avoided quite easily.

Lloris who was alert and decisive throughout was forced into a couple of saves at the end and Roberto (Mr.Cool ) Soldado won it with a penalty which the referee had no choice but to give but it was not as close as that makes it sound.

Defoe ran round and through half a dozen players to create and then miss a clear chance; Soldado set up Sigurdsson who should have scored and Chadli who gained confidence as the game went on failed to score with a header from a Lennon cross on half time when hitting the back of the net rather than the crowd was the easier option.

Nacer Chadli may take time to settle but could surprise us.
Not exactly an exciting performance, Lennon was the only player with dazzle in his CV, but Paulinho was strong and linked well with Dembele. Capoue might be the pick of the bunch in the end and will augment Sandro for the defensive role.

Workmanlike and professional are the key words that come to mind and we certainly won't get bullied this season in midfield. Sandro, Capoue, Dembele and Paulinho are a formidable quartet and Capoue can play at centre half too.

All our old boys performed pretty well. Lennon fizzed a little and earned the penalty. Rose and Walker gave us width and went forward with purpose but were not tested defensively. Both have a tendency to over-react in a crisis but are young and their faults can be coached out.

Dawson was kept busy doing the donkey work, no joke intended, for the recovering Verts. He got 3/6 of his long range passes on target and Paulinho did his best to get the ball from him before he could light the blue touch paper.

The amount of money spent so far, £58 million and AVB says there is more to come makes me suspect that the Bale deal has been done and that they are haggling over the fine print. Although with Benny still to be sold and Parker, Hud and Caulker already gone the net cost so far might not be far out of line with our usual spending,.

Sigurdsson looked the weak link despite The Guardian naming him as MOM  though things will improve as the team settle. We still look short of a top class 'creative' in the VDV mould to take advantage of out midfield strength and the canny movement of Soldado and though I like Siggy and Holtby they might not be quite good enough now.

There are stirrings even after the first game that we are strong but boring and AVB is getting the blame. But at Spurs you could win the Premiership at a stroll and then be criticised for not doing it with style. Just a little premature you might think but Soldado could be the man to put smiles on our faces quite soon.

It would seem to show that we all accept we are contenders now for something or other and as at Chelsea and Man. City the demand is for not just success but entertainment as well. Horses and carts in sequence mix-up report.

 Few Spurs fans would disagree deep down but until we get into the CL again most would be inclined to put the sexy football agenda on hold. Unless like me you think that good football leads to success and not the other way round.

Three points banked as the team get to know each other and can only improve; Arsenal in meltdown; a winnable game against Swansea at home before we take them on; a couple of Europa ties against Tbilisi in the meantime.

If we'd put all our chances away we'd be top of the league today, well level with Man.City anyway. In the previous two seasons we took only 3 points from our first three games. This is exactly the start we needed.

Marvellous what a bit of retail therapy and not in the bargain basement this time and an opening day win can do. I began the day cautiously pessimistic and ended it pessimistically cautious. I've seen this film before.

Man.City v Newcastle.
 Statistics that might mean something but then on the other hand....
There were only two English players on the pitch and one of them got sent off.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Go on then I'll risk a pre-signing video.
 Fabio Coentrao. Apparently deal done for Bale with this guy as the makeweight in a £93 million deal. An excellent signing at left back, a position causing us some headaches.

Will Rose stay and learn or be off back to Sunderland?

Graphics by another talented Spurs fan from Spurs Community ( blp 11)


Anonymous said...

Nope, Bale is staying.

Anonymous said...

bale will not be going. tap em up Madrid no money

Anonymous said...

Can't see Bale going. Don't think RM will cough up that amount of money.

I think Levy is trying to hold on to him until next season and then sell him. He'll probably cost around the same price a year later, and plus with CL qualification secured, we can attract even more quality players.

So Bale stay 1 more year is the most viable option for Spurs ATM.

Anonymous said...

Agree that Siggy was only average on Sunday, but Holtby might be good if he ever gets a decent run of games, and Tom Carroll was on fire for the U21s against the ManCs apparently

Anonymous said...

I would hardly say VDV was a creative player. He worked hard in the 'hole' but was often not fit and too often blurred what was happening in the team. He had his moments, and his goals, but generally he is not missed. Dembele can play that part better and with ease if AVB shunts him forward more. The creative player type who we DO need, however, is based on Modric alone. That man pulled the strings for us and enabled Parker to find the form that made him England captain. At times we played the best football in the PL in 2011/12 because of that very axis. Last season, Bale's wonderful exploits disguised the fact that our midfield was unbalanced, despite our record points total. Moutinho may have taken us that step further to 3rd or 4th if he'd arrived in the winter, but no point dwelling on that. Either way, a playmaker like Modric can do great things for the wonderfully strong, powerful, energetic and pacy (but generally defensive minded) midfield we now possess. We have a 'beast' but the beast needs a controller.

Anonymous said...

Caroll should have been given 20 minutes in place of Siggy. With the platform behind him it would have been interesting to see what he could do.

Anonymous said...

not sure about this article, Lloris Rose Vertonghen and defensive midfielders are covering for Dawson, the original fish out of water. Dawson could have seen us lose 3-1 if people are honest and another winger instead of Lennon could have seen us win 6-0. We will be top four this year but without these liabilities we will challenge for title with our big midfield

Anonymous said...

Europa, Premier League, Europa, Assenal...plenty of run for various guys! Want to see Tom Carroll get a real shot soon.

Anonymous said...

Spot on 2:37 regarding dawson and lennon. We desperately need quick accurate crossing from the flanks and incisive threaded through balls from the middle. I'm not seeing either currently under avb. A must I believe for soldado to thrive.

Anonymous said...

Tom Carroll is the playmaker! Some please tell AVB to sell siggy and use Carroll till we buy a real no.10!

Anonymous said...

Thought Capue was superb. really suprised me. I can't wait to see more of him.

Anonymous said...

Capoue, sorry

JimmyG2 said...

Agree totally about Modric, superb player,but we seemed to have be developing a different approach based on strength rather than subtlety.

Carroll and Townsend should play on Thursday with Kane on the bench and all three should get more than a cameo turn.

Bale? I'm resigned to him going though it makes sense to keep.
him for a year. But as usual the books have to be balanced and this is a quick and easy way to do it. especially if the likes of Willian are coming in.

Dawson is a worthy stop gap after Verts, Kaboul and now Capoue
and has served us very well.

Lennon has rare talents that are hard to replicate. I think that Townsend should be given a chance but foresee just as much frustration with him but for different reasons. Very head down and intent on setting himself up rather like Bale than on creating for others. Great if it comes off.

But its all about opinions folks

Anonymous said...

Agree that 3 points a great way to start. This in he past would have been a grenade of a fixture resulting in a media furore and AvB out by Xmas like last year...

However it was clear that the usual suspects were typically the ones to make mistakes, run into nowhere, pass to no one in particular and generally be somewhat clueless, namely Daws, Walker, Rose & Lennon.

Sure Lennon and Walker have got plaudits for workrate but it produced nothing other than the penalty which considering we didn't get one all last year was way long overdue when the Law of Averages has being applied.

The new singings just give you a sense of confidence that something will come good of things over time, can't remember watching a game where i felt so calm about it turning out all right in the end. Once these guys bed in....

Would love to see Tommy C get a solid Cup run in all comps, as well as Falque and Kane now and then so we don't run Solid into the ground, maybe have Defoe lead the line sometimes as well.

This is still a team in transition, with or without GB, and it'll be next year with 3/4 more signings to relieve the old guard when AVBs plan will be complete.

It is abundantly clear that DL/JL have gotten behind AvB after getting a record points haul with a mish mash of a squad last year. Very exciting times indeed to be a SPURS fan. really chuffed.....

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