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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The New Bale.

Sorry Sir. This section is reserved for Tottenham's new signings. 

The Greg Meyer Column 

 July 20 2013  He's Still Here ... Just.
 Lamela In ... Bale Out .
 Down at the very bottom of our pub beer garden where the elves and fairies drink, in the world of make believe, reliable elfin itk suggests we have made three further signings. The one our pub really want will become the new Bale.
 Exhilarating pace, dazzling dribbling skills, possessed of great close control at speed, and an accurate at times lethal left foot. Six feet one inches tall (that's 1.86m) in the old language.

 Yes Gareth is all of the above.

 What gives the game away is Gareth is 24 years old whereas the new Bale is a mere 21 years young. Okay neither is homegrown English either. On that score both are full internationals but only one will play in Brazil.

Hardly Mastermind stuff. The man who has our pub buzzing with expectations never before witnessed on this scale is of course Argentinian Erik Manuel Lamela.
The rumours are not just confined to the fantasy world of the Daily Mail, the Star etc. No the Standard, the Guardian , the Independent and just about everyone else are suggesting Erik is coming. Perhaps the most credible undercurrent in all this is the mention of one name. Franco Baldini.
 Senor now Mr. Baldini has recently washed up on the shores of North London after his last posting being general manager at AS Roma.Yes thats where our Erik has been carrying all before him and how. He scored 15 times in 33 games last season.

 Catch up with Erik via You Tube with the best being just that. Catch me if you can. Unusually so for a football clip it shows Erik warts and all albeit mainly all exciting skills. All sensational our mob here reckon.

 Look if Gareth is gone then this Argentinian will help us quickly through the mandatory mourning period. Regrets a few but quickly gone if we sign Lamela. perchance it happens then drinks are on us ...

 At A Kent Pub.

 Before we forget we should mention those other 2 names in Andre's envelopes. Unlike the Brendan Rogers mail these envelopes are incoming.

 Seems as if another Brazilian Willian is close and Coentrao could be part of the Bale deal. We reserve our judgement on the Brazilian but certainly the Real Madrid left back is no slouch.

 What a time to be a Spurs fan. Our lawyer is finding it hard to realise this is the same Spurs who in past transfer windows signed Joe Average courtesy of last minute dot com.
 The entrepreneurial skill is alive and very very well. Daniel Levy is backing his manager and his football director. Amazing stuff.

Cheers ... surely no coincidence that one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs Don King turns 82 today... Greg Meyer.   coys.
Greg's Video Spot.
Gregs convinced so who am I to argue? All Erik Lamela's goals for Roma last season. Let's hope the curse of the Musings pre-signing video doesn't strike again.

 Personally I think Willian is more likely and a safer bet as support for Soldado but it's all about opinions. Both of them would be handy.  Musings present: the Argentinian Christiano Ronaldo


DubTott said...

a tough read after a few beers ... but enjoyable all the same, ive had a smoke too ;-) Seems like todays rumours of the 93 mill for Bale are gathering pace but how'd it get leaked in Italy first?? Don Baldini breaking omerta maybe? Hope to Jaysus Willian signs, purely to piss off Dublins overstocked and never ending amount of pool fans... oh yeah and cos' he's like really really good. ..

Anonymous said...

Excellent report,wat a season ahead......... soldado, Pamela,Willian
Goals galore

Anonymous said...

Don't like to contradict a gentleman, but Bale's staying.

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