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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Spurs: The Hollywood remake.

Cardiff line up for their home fixture against Spurs.
The JimmyG2 Column

 You know that feeling that you get half way through a film when you begin to vaguely remember that you've seen it before. As the end approaches you say to the missis,'We've seen this'. 'No' she replies, 'that was the 1974 film noir original. This is the Hollywood remake'.

'Yeah but they won't change the ending will they.The hero still shoots himself in the foot in the final frame'.

But this is Hollywood and they did. The hero prevails just as the credits roll. Foreign upstarts mugged and our hero rides off into second place in the Premiership. The coup de grace courtesy of an International cast involving a German, an Argentinian and a Brazilian. Sales ensured throughout Europe and South America.

This season is beginning to resemble an anoraks' tour of the bus parks of England and Wales. But get used to it people this scenario is going feature increasingly in our games as our reputation for flair and skill advances and our possession figures edge ever upwards.

At least with the signing of Soldado, Eriksen and Lamala amongst many others we have the equipment to force the windows and hot wire the offending vehicles. We have treated ourselves to the TWOCKers omnibus guide. Omnibus guide! Oh please yourselves. Gareth Bale the windfall that goes on giving.

At Cardiff we had an opening scare created by a slack Naughton backpass that Lloris defused once again by exploring the limits of his jurisdiction.(see Video) Whether he handled outside the area has been subject to forensic examination at all speeds and from all angles.

He just avoided the inevitable red card due to the 'uncertainty theory, but I've seen 'em given.To give Naughton some credit he shrugged off the error and played pretty well though he is too one footed to succeed at left back.

Vertonghen seemed paralysed and failed to react and Hugo double bluffed Fraser who we had briefly from Man.Utd at Spurs after l'affaire Berbatov' and fortunately despite reports to the contrary he is no better now than he was then.

We settled down then to hog the possession and batter the Cardiff goal where wouldn't you know it Marshall played the game of his life to keep us out until the very end.  The two substitutions by AVB combined to set up Paulinho for a cheeky backheel just when I'd put on my 'Oh well a draw away to the team that beat Man.City is not too bad'  face.

On another day Soldado would have had a hat-trick. Lamela played with his head up like all the best players. Holtby who I might have had on earlier set up the goal and created a chance for Paulinho. Dembele and Paulinho bossed the midfield. Did I mention Paulinho by the way? My MOM for the relief afforded by his goal and for all round effort

Walker didn't do anything silly and made one enterprising sprint through the Cardiff defence. Dawson played... well like Dawson, but I love him for what he brings to the team instead of technical excellence. Just as well really.

Verts seemed subdued and Siggy hit the woodwork once again. He has spent far too much time on the crossbar challenge at which I assume he is world champion.  Harry Kane didn't look at all out of place and should feature against Villa later today.

Villa our opponents in the League Cup, I forget what it's called this year, are struggling with injuries and even if AVB gives everyone not needed against Chelsea at the weekend a run out we should win.

 Spurs 2-0. According to reports it could be a very low turnout.
Talking Point:
We have had 59 corners so far this season and haven't scored or looked like scoring from one of them.
This with our new dead ball expert Eriksen on the job. Why don't we take more short corners other than when we are trying to run down the clock?

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Anonymous said...

The ball was not in contact with his hands after the first contact( block ) which was made when part of the ball was already inside the penalty area, although the momentum took Hugo out of the area.Correct decision.

Anonymous said...

I dont want this to become an issue!!!!!!! - HUGO. IS. CLASS. Almost any team in the world would want him. I loved watching the game with a handful of mates, most of whom are Man u supporters and know sod all about football, let alone any other team, and they were all gazing longingly at our keeper wishing they could have him instead of that idiot that looks like a camel that they paid twice as much for!

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