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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Eriksen not the new Bale

This isn't the way to the Eye mate.
What do you mean it's White Hart Lane first?
The JimmyG2 Column
A bemused group of Norwegian tourists found themselves at White Hart Lane on Thursday night.
They had clearly booked their trip from a very dodgy travel website.

After the open top bus trip around London and the River Cruise down to Greenwich, stopping off at the Tower, someone noticed in the small print that the day finished with a tour of WHL. What it didn't make clear was that they were required to play Spurs in a Europa cup fixture as well.

Anyway to cut a long and tedious story short, kit was found and they turned out and with UEFA's permission were allowed to play only in their own half. As a consequence Lloris didn't have a shot to save and has donated half his weekly wage to Goalkeepers sans Frontiers.

Siggy took pity on his Northern neighbours and turned in a peripheral performance but given the traditional rivalry between their two countries Eriksen did not. He completed his late cameo with what some describe as a Balesqe strike but as good a goal as it was let's not burden the boy with such comparisons yet.

If Real came knocking would we swap Gareth for the Dane? Its like comparing lava bread to an open sandwich. Different roles (sorry); different functions and each has their place. The difference for me is that Christian is delighted to be playing for us and Gareth is not.

Defoe is benefiting from training with Soldado and made some thoughtful runs and was even seen to pass the ball occasionally. His two well taken goals were the result of imaginative passes by Holtby and Lamala but his movement was the key.

Dawson is clearly not good enough according to an increasing number of supporters, but I think we need to redefine that particular word. We have conceded only one goal in seven matches and Dawson has played in six of them and been captain in five. Slippery little devils them statistics.

Obviously he must be being carried by the rest of the team but he is certainly good enough for me and has the added ingredient of Tottenhamitivity. He performs a vital role in giving the newcomers a vision of what it means to play for Spurs by his attitude and commitment. Perhaps he could just come on for the huddle and team talk and then be subbed.

Lamela is biding his time and keeping a watching brief. Nothing too flashy, just glimpses of quality on the ball but he certainly mucked in defensively and all the signs so far are good. We took advantage of their unwillingness to engage for a while but then lost interest ourselves.

Obviously by keeping the score down to just 3-0 we are hoping to earn ourselves a warm welcome for the return fixture. Difficult to imagine up in the Arctic circle but at least Siggy should feel at home.

Sandro was nearly back to his pre-injury level and was my MOM and I hope he takes some encouragement from that. Rose was excellent until he was forced off and Dembele too was strong on the ball. He's good at fetching and carrying but not so good on delivery. More General Haulage than the Post Office then.

The downside to Thursday's European Night were the injuries to Kaboul, Dembele and Rose. Apparently not as serious as first though, precautionary withdrawals are the key words. What they call coitus interruptus in other fields of human endeavour.

It raises the usual dilemma of what is widely regarded as a Micky Mouse Cup, not only is it a hard slog, but the rewards are meagre, the arrival of the CL drop-outs spoils it and if you are going to sustain injuries the whole venture is debatable.

Personally I feel that we have enough quality players, old and new, if AVB chooses to play them, to mount a challenges on all fronts and in any case I would watch a team kicking about on the beach all day if they were wearing Spurs shirts. Bring it all on and dare to do or whatever.

Later today we go to Cardiff and if we have any pretensions to being contenders we have to win. If one of their better players can't even get in as our 5th choice central defender then we should win and are favourites to do so. Decent team but 2-0 Spurs

At least it might wipe the smile from Mourinho's face as Chelsea enjoy a temporary residence at the top of the Premiership. Early days, friends early days. Though that's a sword that cuts both ways.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Best 3 minutes from the Tromso game. One touch from Lamela who saw the pass early. Good movement for the second too and well spotted by Holtby. Eriksen doesn't need a lot of space for the third after a nice set up from Naughton


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the comparisons, although I see a cross between Hoddle and VDV here. He's a very good player whoever he reminds us of. We should be gelling more with every game and therefore I am looking forward to this eve's game.

Anonymous said...

I like your style of writing and also your optimism... quite refreshing for a fellow yid to come out and say the glass of milk is half full, seeing as how most spurs fans would just stare at it and quip "oi, who put cottage cheese in my pint?"

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon;
Bale, Hoddle, VDV.
Reminds of the story of the millipede who was asked how he managed to walk with so many legs.
He never walked again.

2nd Anon.
Glass of milk, cottage cheese in my pint!
I'll have whatever your having mate.

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