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Monday, 16 September 2013

Men Overboard.

Did anyone hear a splash?
The JimmyG2 Column.
What's that splashing sound I can hear? Ah yes the sound of Tottenham fans going overboard about our new team in general and Christian Eriksen in particular after our promising performance on Saturday. Mind you I'm leaning over the guard rail myself and I can't even swim.

But there must be something negative to say about the game against Norwich. Well firstly it was only Norwich, but they did give us problems last year, and perhaps with almost 70% possession we should have scored more.

Townsend should have got his head up occasionally certainly. Lloris obviously got bored and started to make his own entertainment and all in all didn't have a good week. Walker was like the Curates Egg, 'Good in parts'. But now I'm really struggling to pour water on the whole conflagration.

2-0 up with 40 minutes to go and I was actually smiling and enjoying it. I didn't look at my watch or even think about the final whistle even once. Well maybe once. The midfield was dominated by Paulinho and Dembele; Rose was proving his detractors completely wrong and Eriksen was demonstrating exactly what we have been missing.

Freed from the responsibility of doing it all by himself Siggy got into the parts that other players can't reach and gratefully accepted perceptive passes by Eriksen and Paulinho to score a couple and threaten a third.

Spurs were a delight, controlling the ball, breaking quickly and with menace. Soldado was much more involved, hitting the post with a cheeky backheel when Ruddly fumbled an Eriksen shot and laying off a Rose cross to him to set up Siggy for the first.

Townsend had six shots which was five more than Norwich managed and another clean sheet makes it 1 goal conceded in six games which must be some sort of club record. And that's with fourth choice centre half Dawson playing regularly.

Second in the league to Arsenal and if the season were to end now I'd certainly take that even if Liverpool draw tonight to go top. Nice to even dream of Chelsea and the two Manchesters fighting it out for 4th.

All this without Kaboul, Capoue, Chadli, Lennon and Chiriches and with Sandro, Holtby and Lamala on the bench. The possibilities are almost frightening. I expect all these to start if fit against Tromso at the Lane on Thursday.

Admittedly the three teams we've beaten so far are all in the bottom third of the Premiership and we failed the only real test against Arsenal. I knew I'd think of something negative if I really tried but there are increasing signs of 'gelling' and of players responding more to each other.

The team had a nice balance about it with four 'Tottenham' boys in the starting line up, three of them across the back and Townsend up front. Youth too was in the mix, new star Eriksen and Lamela our most expensive recruit are both only 21.

AVB demonstrated why he's the manager and not us by selecting match winner Sigurdsson to start ahead of Lamela and Holtby and his faith in Rose was rewarded by what to many including me, was a MOM performance. Though there were more contenders for MOM than for Duffer of the Day.

Soldado hailed Eriksen, Eriksen hailed his reception by the fans and there copious signs of us getting well ahead of ourselves in after match reactions Not me of course, I've seen this film before, but I might just get some popcorn and have an ice-cream during the interval this time.

Enjoy it while you can. With Cardiff and W.Ham who are both hovering in the bottom half to come,  and Chelsea in between this could be a momentous start to the season. Could the revenge of AVB delayed from last year be about to happen.

With Rose, Eriksen and surprisingly Walker in some papers 'Team of the Weekend' and epithets from slick to classy sprinkled about there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

Real Madrid might just have done us a favour for paying over the odds for Gareth and Mourinho by buying Willian, who didn't even make the bench on Saturday.. This freed us up to move on to Eriksen who is younger, cheaper and probably better.

 I'm taking it one game at a time and will re-assess after 10 games whether to remain 'over the moon'.
Unwell, colourful talking birds are not on the horizon at this point. 

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Here's the goals. Nice link up play, Rose prominent, Eriksen in the middle of it all. Paulinho finding space for the second and Eriksen finding Paulinho but how his cross got through I don't know. But let's not be too forensic. 


Anonymous said...

Ericksen on this form is a gem of a player and. was probably the best value deal of the summer. Early days yet but promising signs of the team integrating and being penetrative in attacking quickly.Defensively we are now solid but susceptible to fast break when dawson plays- too much is last ditch and we will not get away with it against the better i stated previously cant wait to see Lamela in full flight
That list of players on the bench must give us the chance of a good run in the europa league

Anonymous said...

"Second in the league to Arsenal and if the season were to end now I'd certainly take that"... you would take ARSEnal winning the league???????? I'd rather us both finish mid table thanks......

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 20:28
I don't care where Arsenal finish I am a Spurs supporter. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.Focus man focus.

David Milner said...

I'm guessing the most relieved man in WHL is Levy. Not buying a striker in the January window was a monumental cock-up that cost us a Champions League place and then our best player (by a mile). Importantly he didn't take the Bale fee for the new stadium. Still think they should have ring-fenced half of it, making it easier to integrate the new players, and keeping the funds to buy wisely in Jan or the summer to sort out the chemistry of the new side........but nobody's perfect.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Any more of this and you'll just have to dive in Jimmy.

I feel Siggy's brilliant run, control and finish have been too far overshadowed, albeit by a very clever, beautifully weighted pass from young Eriksen, though I cannot get Niles Crane out of my mind when I see Christian.

It was only Norwich who were very poor, though we've had serious problems with such sides before as we all know.

I got nothing, we were very good indeed.

Man the raft, I'm coming in.

JimmyG2 said...

David Milner.
I think the Levy out brigade are holding their fire.Come on in the waters lovely.

Push off mate all the rafts are full. You'll have to swim for it!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Heh heh, that told me. I'm like Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer, well the early part, when he's full of optimism and a little swagger, rather than the slow, inexorable decent into depression and bewilderment. That won't happen to Spurs though, no way.

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