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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Spurs contenders on all fronts.

 We've certainly got the class.

The JimmyG2 Column

Whisper it quietly, to your brother Charlie if you like, we could be contenders. On multiple fronts if Llewis Holtby our second favourite German is to be believed. Trophies is the name of the game this season and he says we have the depth and quality of squad to do it.

I agree, it keeps all the players and possibly most of the fans happy and involved and gives AVB scope for continuing his excellent deployment of his squad.

Chadli was given a cameo in the League Cup against Villa after injury; Chiriches was given his first run out in the same game. Defoe, Friedel and Fryers were also given a taste of actual football to keep them interested away from the training pitch.

Now I said 'most fans' because there will be some who are in favour of putting all our chips on a single Premiership number, going for the big prize and avoiding all distraction. In previous years when the squad was weaker than it is now I would have agreed.

But the Bale inheritance has been wisely invested and these 'lesser' competitions are not only an option but almost a necessity to keep all the troops amused and off the streets.. I say nothing of our glorious cup history because Spurs fans need no reminder of European nights and Wembley triumphs.

Holtby who was the architect of our victory on Tuesday with three assists and a much more measured performance talks of the momentum and confidence that a win against Chelsea at the weekend will bring. He doesn't indicate what could happen if we lose. 

As President of the 'Take a Draw Now With Our Top Four Rivals, Home or Away Society' I would gladly do just that. And I suspect that Jose Mourinho in his pragmatic way would do so too. All the more reason for us not to do so you might argue.

 And this is not just football it's personal on all sorts of levels. As the silly adverts for BT Football; say, Master v Apprentice especially after Chelsea said 'You're Fired' to our man. The gun fight at the White Hart Lane Corral draws nigh once again.

But the Premiership is, as they say and I am fond of repeating, a marathon not a sprint and no single game is a 'must win'. AVB is quite pragmatic in his own way and as long as we can maintain our run of clean sheets both me and Andres might be happy to settle for 0-0.

But this is the second big test of our credentials and having failed the first against Arsenal can we afford to fail again? A win would certainly be a big boost but a spirited draw would surely suffice at this stage.

Our recent record in all competitions gives us confidence and hope: Played 9; Won 8; Goals scored 20; Goals against 1. and gung ho for glory glory supporters might just want us to do just that. It might just work but is the upside of winning bigger than the downside of losing?

Oh bugger it, I resign my Presidency and hand back the pathetic baubles of self appointed office. I'm off down to Paddy Power's to see what the odds are on Spurs winning 2-0 and Soldado scoring first. No make that Spurs winning 3-0 and Soldado scoring the hat-trick he might have had last week.

Ah, I see that we're slight favourites to win but I'm reading that we've only beaten them three times in 42 Premiership games and that Chelsea have not failed to score in three successive away games for 11 years. Remind me what's our motto?

League (Whatever it's called) Cup:

Against a somewhat inept Villa side we controlled the game without too much trouble. Defoe set up twice by this weeks favourite Musings player Holtby scored his 5th and 6th goals of the season. He in turn released Chadli for his first goal and was only offside four times. Things are looking up.

Paulinho scored his third of the season which is as many as Dembele has scored since he came to us but as my Granny used to say:' Jimmy we can't all be good at everything'. I can't remember exactly what prompted this remark.

Chiriches was nervous and can only get better and there were some good signs; Fryers  is not a big improvement on Naughton; Friedel made an important early save and then joined Hugo's relaxation class for under employed onion bag defenders. Once again Walker didn't do anything silly.

Highlight and let off on the night was Verts debagging of Helenius in the area and in full public view. The referee tactfully ignored it to spare all our blushes but it should have been a penalty and possibly a red card. If he had grabbed his shirt or had the player gone down it certainly would have been.

But perhaps the FA regulations don't mention the on field removal of an opponent's shorts. What they get up to in private is obviously their own affair.

So a friendly draw at home to Hull in the next round and progress, though not to be taken for granted, will be odds on at Paddy's for sure. But all eyes are focused for now on the early kick off against Chelsea on Saturday.

Jimmys Video Spot:
One of the finest movie scenes of all time from 'On the Waterfront' with Rod Steiger, (brother Charlie), and Marlon Brando who he forced to take a dive and bet against him. Steiger is supposed to kill his brother but relents from guilt and departs probably to his own death at the hands of the mob.
It's not a matter o f life and death against Chelsea but win and we are well on our way to being somebody once again. We have the class. Lose and it's not a one way ticket to Palookaville but only a temporary setback on our journey to contention.


Anonymous said...

This could apply to Tom Huddlestone. Palookaville is Hull.

Anonymous said...

I'm fully up for the league cup. For starters, this team are gelling and if holtby is anything to go by really enjoying themselves. So a little day out at wembley would be just what the doc ordered. Winning mentality and all that. I really hope we give it our all in everything we play for. Avb always looks switched on and wants to win everytime. Its rubbing off on the players. Yiddo yiddo. Coys

Anonymous said...

this squad has not begun to gell yet. and look how well they have done, wait till when they can pass fractions quicker, and more confidently, due to having more understanding of fellow players movement and ability, we are going to scare teams, we just have to learn how to get rid of buses, because we will face many of them this season, when the opposing teams park their bus to stop us, as arsenal did.

Anonymous said...

JG2, has there ever been a better time to be a SPURS fan ? Great assessment, love the humour too, and the movie reference was class...

I've waited a long time to "look forward confidently" to games ahead, Jose will be looking for a draw as he did at OT, so I agree that'll be fine, but to bag a win will have a seismic impact on confidence.

I also fancy Soldier Boy to get in the mix, would love to ee a hat trick out of him, if it doesn't happen here it will surely happen later when a lower div team comes and has an "off day" at teh Lane, as they are going to get truly "spanked"....

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
I lived in Hull for quite a few years and couldn't possibly agree..

2nd Anon.
Five games and you're in the final. What's not to like?

3rd Anon.
It's a sign of the times when Arsenal park the bus. Pity about the result.

4thrd Anon.
Looks as if Paddy Power is going to take a caning.Nothing personal Paddy is just business.

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