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Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Magnicent Seven: The Spurs Remake.

The Magnificent Seven.
Spurs new signings relax at the training ground.

The JimmyG2 Column.
So here we are with a few minutes, hours or even days on our hands before the Norwich game to catch our breath and mull over the events of a hectic summer transfer window and start to the season. Nothing between us and the brave upward March of Destiny than a couple of England qualifiers.

New supporters may think that it's quite normal to sell our best players and clear out the dead wood, as our surplus players are lovingly referred to, and reinvest the money in better players and thus upgrade the squad paying particular attention to any gaps therein.

If only friends, if only. The first part is certainly true: we routinely sell our best players starting with Carrick, Keane, Berbatov, Modric and recently Bale. However this year we reinvested the windfall under the direction of Baldini even before we got the money. A welcome break with tradition.

Usually we dither and haggle our way over the deadline, fail to land our key targets, upset players expecting to leave and fall just short of all our aspirations. Not this year. We had a veritable bonfire of the dead wood and signed the Magnificent Seven.

 First up Jose Paulinho. Midfield, box to box, powerhouse
(Artwork by Alon Berg)

Levy revealed his hand early and despite rumours of the availability of funds and proceeds from sales it was pretty clear that Bale was going from the start. It all got very messy in the end but without inside knowledge it is hard to assess where the blame lies.

Levy certainly has form on the gentleman's agreement front and on the gentleman to right bastard continuum is closer to the latter than the former. But as movie mogul Sam Goldwyn once remarked, a verbal agreement is not worth the paper it's printed on.

He kept the deal going until the last day but left just time for Arsenal to conclude the deal for Ozil which must have been pretty much in place. Real recouped half the Bale money and Wenger got a world class player but not in a position he really needed.

Anyway Gareth has now left the building and has moved on and so should we. He was with us for six eventful years and was nearly sold for small change under Harry but ended up the most expensive player in the world. This has allowed AVB to rebuild his side in his own image and Levy to balance the books.

He went from seven stone weakling beset by injuries and hairband issues to the scourge of Maicon and Milan; from club jinx to footballing genius. Third best player in the world? Probably not. Even most expensive is being questioned to keep Christiano happy.

Fans have split between the ' Thanks, Good bye and Good luck Gareth' faction and the haters who with their customary dislike of anyone who shows any perceived slighting of the shirt are referring to him in terms which a family friendly blog cannot possibly repeat.

But until we get Champions League on a regular basis and possibly a new stadium to increase the income flow we will be a second tier team and our up and coming players and even established stars will move on to one of several European clubs above us in the hierarchy.

Punching above our weight which we have done over several seasons will get harder as the richer clubs scoop up more of the available talent simply because they have the financial clout to do so.

Most of our new signings were in crucial positions especially Soldado. We seem to have a little threadbareness hovering about the left back position which makes the loan of Benny a little puzzling.

We may encounter problems at centre half where Kaboul is not fully fit; Capoue is out for at least a month and Braveheart Dawson is judged not good enough. Jan might be required to fill in at left back as the available cover for Rose is even more inexperienced.

We haven't yet adapted to Soldado's strengths and rely for back up on Adebayor and Defoe who failed to deliver last year. But I am certainly not unhappy about the turmoil over the summer. We clearly have an upgraded squad with a wide range of strength and skill.

The obvious problem may prove to be that bringing in 7 newcomers and selling several current members of the squad will prove to be too much change in too short a time. Lamala and Eriksen are talented but young and none of the Magnificent Seven have any experience of the Premiership.

A kindly opening fixture list and an easy Europa encounter has raised hopes and the setback at Arsenal will hopefully be a temporary blip. We haven't scored at all in open play in the Premiership but have only conceded a single, though crucial, goal in five games.

AVB must get a grip on the squad and settle them down into his ways and systems quickly. Otherwise this will become The Year of Transition 2. A movie unsuitable for many Spurs fans of a nervous disposition. The sub text will be, 'We sold Bale for this!'

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
Ok, I'm in the, Thanks, Goodbye and Good Luck camp. All Gareth's 31 goals for Spurs and Wales. 13 minutes of class. We're gonna miss him no doubt but we can take a lot of the credit for his rise to fame and fortune. I hope he stays in Spain for a long, long time.


lieutenant lamb said...

LOL magnificent seven c'mon! u spurs 1882 outlaws - casuals yid army! ...GOALS OLE'!

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy with the magnificent 7. But I'm also firmly in the 'Bale is a tosser' camp. COYS

Anonymous said...

hope we have a first choice buy back clause implemented during sale otherwise we'll see him playing for manure when it goes bellyup for him.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

It's a smashing deal for Spurs and Bale. Levy tried to look after Spurs' interests and Bale and his advisor looked after theirs. I wish Bale well there as long as his interests do not conflict with ours. And that's how I feel about his sale. Spurs first. Sad to see him go, but I feel we are now stronger.

The problem is so are Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, so it'll be even harder to reach 4th. We've sort of blown it these past three seasons imo.

It's a shame it ended with a little rancour, but I do think Bale cares about Spurs, tho' not as much as his own career. That's understandable.

I too was surprised Benny was let go, esp on loan. He'd still be the best left back at the club.

Happy new season to you too Jimmy.

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